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Yelich reassigned to minor league camp

JUPITER -- As the Marlins prepare for a night contest against the New York Mets, the roster dwindles down even further. Christian Yelich's tear on the spring will come to an end; he's been reassigned to the minor league side of camp along with RHP Jonathan Albaladejo and catcher Jake Jeffries. RHP Tom Koehler has been optioned to triple-A New Orleans.

38 players remain in camp.

Starting lineups for 7:05 p.m @ Roger Dean:

Marlins: 7 Juan Pierre, 5 Placido Polanco, 9 Giancarlo Stanton, 8 Justin Ruggiano, 3 Casey Kotchman, 6 Chris Valaika, 2 Rob Brantly, 4 Nick Green, 1 Ricky Nolasco

Mets: 4 Jordany Valdespin, 8 Collin Cowgill, 9 Mike Baxter, 7 Andrew Brown, 8 Anthony Recker, 3 Brandon Hicks, 6 Omar Quintanilla, 5 Brian Bixler, 1 Jonathan Niese 


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Camera Mike

Can't say this comes as a surprise. With 2013 most definitely being used to build for the future there was no way the team was going to bring up Yelich before June and start his arbitration clock this season no matter how well he plays. Though it was great to see him tear it up in spring training and hopefully he brings some excitement and energy to the club later this season when they are in the dog days and far from the playoff race.


the Marlins Dog Days start April 1st



Sea Bass Joe

I despise Loria and Samson as much as the next guy, but I honestly think that the team is set for the future... That is until they trade everyone away.

Yelich, Masirnick, Stanton, Brantley, J.Fernandez, Nicolino, Ciszhek, etc. They have some building blocks. Hopefully Nolasco has a nice 1st half and we can trade him for a couple of top prospects. Another guy that could be trade bait is Coghlan. I honestly think that he will have a breakout season in CF. Ruggiano will not hold up and Cogs wil hopefully take over. Pierre is another guy that with a nice 1st half may get us a young bullpen arm from a desperate playoff team. Who knows.

poet laureate

Sea Bass Joe...dont you know...the Marlins will be losers..till Loria & Samson go...


There is only one way to deal with owner. Don't go to the games. Eventually he will be forced to leave town!

We as fans have some rights and one of them is just saying no more.

m. krebs

Everybody stop kidding yourselves. Loria's not going anywhere and boycotting the games will just make him more tightfisted, driving the team even further into the cellar. He's got us by the balls, so just go to the games and enjoy them. The idea that staying home will somehow drive Loria out of town is very misguided. That will play right into his hands because he justifies cutting payroll by citing lack of fan support.


That is one of the most absurd, twisted comments I've seen. Totally devoid of any logic, just mental masturbation convincing yourself that its ok to support Loria, because that is what you want to do. I imagine battered women apply similar logic when they choose to stay with their abusers.

You don't have anything better to do with your limited time on this earth than sit in an empty stadium, watching a minor league squad, pumping your hard-earned cash into Loria's felonious pockets?


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