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Jose Fernandez K's 8 in MLB debut

    NEW YORK -- Rather impressive debut by 20-year-old Jose Fernandez, who whiffed eight Mets before departing after the fifth.

    According to baseballreference.com, since 1916 only six other starting pitchers under the age of 21 struck out as many in their MLB debuts: Dave Morehead (10 in 1963), Rudy May (10 in 1965), Curt Simmons (9 in 1947), Denny McLain (8 in 1963), Gary Nolan (8 in 1967) and David Clyde (8 in 1973).

    Fernandez retired the first 10 batters he faced before giving up a one-out single to Daniel Murphy in the fourth. The Mets got to him for a run in the fifth after Ruben Tejada reached on a one-out single and scored on Anthony Recker's double on a 1-2 pitch.

    The rookie right-hander finished the day allowing a run on three hits and a walk over five innings.

    Other notable MLB debuts by Marlins starters:

    Josh Beckett (9/4/2001): 6 IP, 1 H, 0 ER, 3 BB, 5 K

    Dontrelle Willis (5/9/2003): 6 IP, 7 H, 3 ER, 7 K

    Livan Hernandez (6/15/1997): 5 IP, 3 ER, 6 K

    The Marlins, who have Fernandez on a pitch/inning limit, allowed him to 80 pitches, 53 for strikes.


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Camera Mike

Ok is there a new rule declaring the Marlins closer must blow more saves then any other closer in the game?

Cleveland Spider

Steve Cishek blows the game for Fernandez. This team is terrible. You just knew that the kid was not going to get the win. The hapless Mets come back to beat the Marlins after being down 3-0.

C-Shack blows by the C-Shore


Camera Mike

Cishek's era for the season right now stands at 17.14 with two horrible outings in a row. How many more bad performances do you think Redmond will give him?

Marlin Fan

Impressive by Fernandez . I also like the 13 Marlin hits . I didn't like bases loaded one out and NO runs , nor 2nd and 3rd one out and NO runs . People get used to the worse bullpen in the league . We saw it all season long last yr . I would like to see Stanton snap out of his being lost at the plate .

Camera Mike

The only good news today was Fernandez look incredible. His breaking ball was just down right nasty.

I know this team is horrible but they need at least one mediocre pitcher in the pen and need to learn how to hit with RISP.


It seems like years ago that I would have been angry about something like this. Just a few points:

(1) Everyone in North America(including Jimmy Hoffa's varied body parts) with the exception of Juan Pierre knows he couldn't throw out a cadaver from shallow left. Pierre is a very nice guy,however, he does not belong on a Major League roster and especially a roster going with youth. He no longer has any tangible asset that makes him a candidate for a roster. Once again, it's not his fault if he takes a spot if offered one.

(2)Fernandez is fortunately still too young to care about what has transpired around him. He will not lose interest in playing baseball at his age. It is becoming very obvious that Mike(I call people by the name they went by for years) Stanton is trying to play his way out of there OR he has just given up. I'm NOT condoning either possibility I'm only giving an opinion.

(3)That ball was FOUL and subsequent replays--at least in the NY market----will demonstrate that. I found it unprofessional for Redmond to not even get off his butt and stick up for his team. The 3rd basemam was playing 2 feet inside the bag and dived for that ball in foul territory. How could it have been fair? I find the lack of competitive juices on the part of Redmond after only 6 games to be somewhat disgusting.

Thank You.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

Lou, I found it hard to believe, even watching the replay, that it was fair. But the ump was well positioned., so it's hard to argue from a camera angle up in the stands.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

Cishek didn't lose this game for the Marlins... Pierre did. Every ball hit to LF is now a probable double, or a guaranteed first to third if there's a runner on. It will cost the MAAArlins all season long, if he remains out there. He's a good guy, a great 4th or 5th OFer, but he throws worse than my sister.


Dear DT, Jim Joyce(James Joyce died) wanted to go home. The ball was foul. They were discussing it in New York. There is no way the 3rd baseman could have been playing that far in and then dove over the foul line and have that ball be fair. How could a guy playing in front of the bag dive into foul territory to field a ball and have it called fair? The Marlins treat their followers like amoeba and MLB treats the Marlins with the same contempt. It will grow worse.

Cleveland Spider

You are right that Pierre's arm is a liability but CIshek was awful in this game. He got rocked. He gave up 3 hits and 2 runs in that inning.

6 down 156 to go

Riddle me this Marlins fans. How come Red didnt intentionally walk Byrd with 1B open,to load the bases with one out and move the infield back to play for the DP? Anyone?


Answer is Redmond screwed up.


Redmond is a nice guy but we all know where they finish.

Stan M

Your resident optimist is disgusted. My anguish is directed directly at Stanton. This is his 4th year and he's still swinging at balls and taking strikes. I don't want to hear that it's still early. Nor do I buy the "he needs pretection" crap. There have been lots of times that there was a man on first and they had to pitch to him. But the guy is jelly in their hands. Yes, he will always be a big HR hitter. Yes he's only 23. But yes, he can so easily be pitched to. If a team is willing to give up half of their farm system for him, I'd send him off. And I wouldn't have said that last month. He is simply too easy an out to stake the francshise on him. I don't feel that Harper can be pitched to...but Stanton can. Hell, even Boggs can adjust each AB. This team is going nowhere and is building for a terrific future, so if he wants to overswing at everything, and pout about his dilemma, send him to Texas and raid their marvelous farm system. Right now he is nothing more than a rally killer.

mvp larry

Stanton = Dave Kingman


Dear Down 6, You are of course correct about the intentional walk. I'm disappointed in myself. Have been following baseball since 56 and I can't recall a time I wouldn't have thought of that. In my case what is happening involves a sense of foreboding that they will find a way to lose and therefore am not thinking in a rational manner even when they do have a chance. I don't think that has happened to Redmond, I just don't think he is that smart. As a former catcher the base on balls should have immediately popped into his head. I said he was not that smart, I did not say he was stupid. It's very possible he may already be overwhelmed by realizing what little he has to compete. You're still discussing strategy and even though I don't believe having Steven Hawking--as a baseball fan---as manager will help. However, he still should have done the right thing.

Stan, I really don't believe Stanton gives a damn. His agent needs to tell him that the only way to get out of there is to start posting numbers. Again thought of how Kiner was always a gamer. Ralph was on the broadcast today--don't listen to the resident Bull Pushers---and it was sad to hear him. He may have had a stroke. He was still a GAMER though, even today.

t listen to the resident bull pushers


Wow, great posts today. And Stan, I'm surprised at your very negative turn on Stanton but yes it is early. I don't doubt that Stanton is disinterested already despite his age Lou, which is not much older than Fernandez. I've said ad nauseum that the FO should havve traded Stanton already since they're obviously not trying to win this year and have shown zero willingness to give a long-term contract with a no-trade clause to a player. And that's why I say it doesn't matter if the FO all of a sudden offers huge dollars to Stanton because without the NTC who gives a turd.

Interesting, that I initially thought the same thing about Pierre's signing as Lou does but then thought maybe a veteran presence could be good for this team. But even that is a lot of horse poop. Even when Pierre was an above average player he had no arm and isn't the ideal leadoff batter because he fails to take BBs. Great guy but I have to agree he doesn't belong on this current roster. The Mets like the Marlins are going no where and this club failed to win a game that they should have. On the positive I look forward to seeing Fernandez pitch again. Lastly, there is no such thing as a "closer" unless his name is Rivera and maybe Kimbrel. Anyone else is a guy who pitches primarily with a lead in the 9th.


As each game goes by, my 55-107 prediction is rolling on. I really prefer it not come to that. This team has a very bad bull pen & it will be a big challenge for them to hold any type of lead all year. How can we blame the players????.....it's the FO, i.e. Beinfest, who traded, signed & picked these players. As for Stanton...he really looks like he doesn't want to be on this team.


Spitballer, I find it remarkable that I got 69!!!!!!as the over and under figure in Vegas. Laurel, no wise guy comments. By the way, my last post should NOT have had that last line about the Bull Pushers.


Baller, As much as I believe Stanton should be a pro about all this, there is something in me that says he is probably displaying sound mental health and doing all in his power to extricate himself from a malodorous situation.However, I am not sold on which way is the best way out of there. If he really rips it up they may keep him as the only drawing card. On the other hand I believe they will not trade him unless they can break the bank and to break the bank he needs the numbers. This is a real conundrum, and NO!!! I'm not discussing a birth control method.


What' does the "crowd" look like tomorrow? I will only get the Braves feed and they will not hesitate to pan the entire stadium. I'm saying about 26,000 REAL people. Now that is assuming they are selling tickets and not going to homeless shelters with vouchers for free food and the right to spend the night--then they probably get 30,000.

SamSpade Private Detective

I agree that Byrd should have been walked to load the bases and set up a chance for a double play. There was nothing to lose as his run was meaningless. The winning run was already on second base.

Camera Mike

Lou, I think you are being optimistic. I predict about 15,000 actual attendance tomorrow with an announced attendance of 26,000. There was a news story on ticket brokers not even carrying opening day tickets as they believe them to be a losing proposition, and one where a news crew purchased tickets and a Little Caeser's pizza and then offered either one to people with far more people taking the pizza.

I have a feeling there are many people in Miami who want to watch baseball and the Marlins but will stay away tomorrow and this season in an attempt to send Loria a messege. Unfortunately with revenue sharing he will turn a profit no matter how many or few people attend the games.

After the trade I was talking about a boycott on the team but now that I have had time to calm down I realize it would not work. I currently live in California but if I were in Miami I would want to attend tomorrow just to let the players know I am there for them.


Lou...your logic about Stanton should be right...but if Stanton starts to miss balls in the outfield, then there is a BIG problem. Look, we have all worked for a boss we have not trusted or liked & sometimes it shows in our work performance.


Attendance for tomorrow should be decent. They've been giving away tickets on 790 for about a month now. They also had deals on Groupon which I'm sure some people took advantage of. Ironically, I said I wouldn't be going to any games but my bro who works for them gets free tickets.

richard lee deanno

Stanton isn't disinterested, he's just embarrassed each time he stands up there and humiliates himself in front of thousands of people. He got out of whack like this a couple of times last year and straightened himself with no help from the world's worst batting coach. This year he actually has a hitting coach and he'll be fine.
Every time he strikes out, he slinks back to the dugout like a dog with his tail between his legs. That's not disinterest it's embarrassment.

Flav C.

The Marlins should ride who is hot right now.

Keep Solano # 2, this is where he produces the most. Move Dobbs or Ruggiano to the # 3 slot. Dobbs is a prolific situational hitter and Ruggiano is the guy driving the extra-base hits. I would go a step further and put Dobbs # 3 and Ruggiano # 4, with Stanton and Brantly coming next. Hechavarria #7 and Polanco #8.

Eventually, Stanton will go back to his old form and he can move up to # 3 and # 4. Obviously, Dobbs' hot streak will not last forever since he is better suited for a pinch-hitting situation, but at this moment, the team cannot afford to waste critical situations with man on base. Stanton has no RBIs and 10 strikeouts in the # 3 spot. And Dobbs and Ruggi are the RBI guys right now. This should be a no-brainer.

Redmond must make some adjustments in the lineup for this next series.

seeing is believing

Cishit is not a closer. Cishit is a 7th or 8th inning guy

Sunny Dee

Incredible that Redmond didn't intentionally walk Byrd yesterday. Did anyone ask Redmond what he was thinking after the game? I understand he is a rookie manager but that is no excuse for such a poor decision.

Has anyone asked why Stanton isn't running hard to second and sliding to try to break up the double play?

Dick Young's Ghost

No,nobody asked because the beat reporters are weak dick lapdogs ,afraid their perks will be taken away for second guessing the mighty Marlins .


I have developed a lot of sympathy for the Herald beat writers,however, you are right and the questions must be asked. In fact asking stategy questions may be the most enjoyable part of this year. Does anyone else here also think that after a certain period following baseball(closely!!) let's say 20 years that you know as much about strategies as the guys "who played the game?" I certainly do. We must remember this is a game without the strategic machinations of checkers , let alone chess. I'm sure all of you know who a pinch hitter should be in a certain situation, the "complexities" of lefty-righty matchups, the "formula" for 7th and 8th inning set-up men and the inevitable arrival of the CLOSER, AND when to issue intentional walks. The announcers santified Tony LaRussa because of his ability to employ a double switch. If you ever heard George "Sparky" Anderson speak or watched Charlie Manual or Joe Torre in a dugout then you know this isn't quantum physics.

not a genius

Exhibit A...Ron Washington...not mensa material


Casey Stengel, Walter Alston, Kirk Gibson,Davey Johnson--Hell, this lost is too long. I'm trying to think of the exceptions. In football Bill Walsh was seen as a "genius" and he majored in Renaissance Literature in college. You know Renaissance Literature? Want a soft course while taking quantitative analysis or differential equations, there is always a Renaissance Literature course lurking.

not a genius

Art History for Loria at Yale...Business at Columbia

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