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Giancarlo Stanton on 1st RBI: "Hallelujah" (w/photo)

    CINCINNATI -- It took him 13 games and 48 at bats, but Giancarlo Stanton on Sunday finally drove in his first run of the season with an otherwise meaningless single in the ninth inning of a 10-6 win by the Reds. The slugger's response, which dripped with sarcasm: "Oh my gosh. Hallelujah."

    It's been a horrific April for Stanton. Not only is he hitting just .188 with no home runs, but was charged with three fielding errors in the Cincinnati series, including one on Sunday.

    "I probably could have batted left-handed and done the equivalent of what I've done so far this year until my last at-bat," Stanton said. "I could not play worse if I tried."


    His ego bruised after being lifted for a pinch-runner on Saturday, Miguel Olivo challenged Rob Brantly to a foot race before Sunday's game -- and won. Brantly was sent in to run for Olivo the day before.

    "It surprised me a little bit," Olivo said of being replaced by Brantly after he singled in Saturday's 10th inning.

    On Sunday, Olivo challenged Brantly to a race on the field at Great American Ball Park.

    "I told him if he beat me, I'd give him $1,000," Olivo said. "But I beat you, you take care of all the luggage for everybody in the hotel. And he will. He will carry the luggage for the whole team."

    Olivo didn't just beat Brantly once in a race that was about 90 feet in distance. He beat him once more for good measure. The result: Brantly will have to carry each player's suitcase to his room when the team gets to Minneapolis later tonight.

    [UPDATED: Brantly paid up on the wager. And here's the photo to prove it]



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Brantly will probably get a hernia or pull a hammy toting everybodies luggage , giving Olivo more playing time..way to go..then they'll have to call up Shitworth again,another waste of space.

Rondell White Jr.

The Duke of Norfolk: Oh confound all this. I'm not a scholar, I don't know whether the marriage was lawful or not but dammit, Thomas, look at these names! Why can't you do as I did and come with us, for fellowship!

Sir Thomas More: And when we die, and you are sent to heaven for doing your conscience, and I am sent to hell for not doing mine, will you come with me, for fellowship?

Paper Lion

more jibberish above from screwy Louie


It is only baseball, but what a travesty to see a young talented man like Stanton be in the middle of a mess created by Loria.

Once again I hold MLB responsible for tolerating Loria. After all baseball does not operate in a free market and because of that it could have prevented Loria from raping the lineup. But alas it didn't.

Apparently the South Florida market is just nor important to MLB. Meanwhile Stanton must be praying to be traded-I know I would; and I would not be surprised if he finds himself injured once again upon his return home!

Carlos Fernandez Blanco

...Why suppose that MLB is not interested in South Florida's baseball market? Marlins' Park
crowds are divided between our fans, and transplanted Northerners, who come to cheer for their old hometowns' squads, and it adds to a healthy ballpark crowd, and spectators flush with delight. It may be a unique piece of Americana.

Baloney Central

a unique piece of americana? spectators flush with delight? utter bullllshitttt...

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