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Giancarlo Stanton takes batting practice; return still uncertain

Giancarlo Stanton was not in the lineup for the fifth consecutive game Tuesday, but took his first batting practice since suffering a bruised shoulder.

Stanton took several swings hitting the ball often to the warning track. Stanton also did some throwing and catching pregame.

Redmond did not give an exact timetable on when Stanton would return, but said Stanton told him he felt good after swinging the bat.

"We're just going to wait and see how he responds," Redmond said. "He hadn't done anything in five days so we'll see how he feels the rest of the day and look at him tomorrow and go from there. I'm hoping he shows up tomorrow and feel even better."

Redmond said he wasn't leaning toward automatically giving Stanton another day off if he felt a lot better Wednesday.

"We don't want to push him. We want to make sure everything is good."


Outfielder Austin Kearns underwent his follow-up medical tests, and was cleared to play Tuesday night. Kearns was hospitalized Sunday after complaining of an irregular heartbeat.


The Marlins made a tweak to the top of their lineup Tuesday putting Chris Coghlan in the leadoff spot with Juan Pierre batting second.


Marlins: Coghlan rf, Pierre lf, Polanco 3b, Dobbs 1b, Ruggiano cf, Brantly c, Hechavarria ss, Solano 2b, Sanabia rhp

Nationals: Werth rf, Bernadina cf, R. Zimmerman 3b, LaRoche 1b, Desmond ss, Moore lf, Lombardozzi 2b, Suzuki c, Haren rhp


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mlb odds

Over/under on Marlins runs scored tonite is 3

Poo Poo Platter

Thats an offensive explosion for this team. After scoring 3 last night, they're due for a shutout tonight... 2 hits


Yeah, I'll go under but I guess that's a cheat since they have a donut thru 4


And a couple of minutes after...

Sometimes I enjoy being wrong and talking out the wrong end!

Marlin Fan

Marlins actually looked like a major league team tonight . Amazing what happens when a team hits with runners in scoring position . Good win

Flav C.

Mahoney reactivated from DL and Skipworth optioned to NOLA. It means a little bit more of power in the lineup (possibly). And it also means Lou still having the upper hand over Skipworth, even though Skip had a BB the other day. Can a BB be considered as good as a hit for Skipworth?


This is the beginning of a huge winning streak. I won't be surprised to see the Marlins at 11-11 after the next 8 games.

Camera Mike

Flav, I'd have to vote no on the walk counting as a hit, even for Skipworth. Though I have a feeling Seth believes its as good as a grand slam.


Seth, so what does Samson Sausage taste like? Almost as good as Loria's rear end you say?


Samson sausage tastes the same as vienna sausage,also being the same size.Loria's rear end not as good. Tastes like a penny,to me.

Sunny Dee

Eight runs.... in ONE GAME! This team is really pulling it together. Loria was right - he's put together a "winning" ballclub. What a magical season this has been.


Fake Seth, that is not nice to represent me in such a fashion. I am sorry folks that I believe in the Marlins. They have a good team and are just starting to put it together. I believe there are big things in store for them this year!

William S.

Real Seth...Methinks thou dost protest too much...

Stan M

Cox is hitting very well in AA ball. Bring him up. Hand is pitching very well in AAA ball, although a little wild. Bring him up too. Two kids in high A ball, Rieger and Gallaway are hitting very well and I had never heard of either. Both are one year older than they should be at that level, but .340 is .340. Have to keep an eye on them. Anyone hear anything on Yelich or Marisnick? I read somewhere that Marisnick was playing again, but he has no stats on any minor league team as of today.
With the possibility of a big PED scandal involving a multidude of players breaking, the Marlins have nothing to worry about. These guys have demonstrated that they are most decidedly not on anything that could enhance their performance.

Flav C.


Marisnick and Ozuna were transferred from DL in AA and sent to A+ in Jupiter to start playing again. Ozuna played last night. Marisnick is expected to play tonight.

Galloway is playing his 2nd season in high class A. I saw him playing in Jupiter last season and didn't impress anyone. Sample size this season is very little to see where he's heading too. Another outfielder.

Rieger is younger than Galloway. 1B converted to OF. Not much power, but makes good contact.

Cox is hitting well, on a nice streak, but have in mind it's been only 10-11 games, and they faced some bad pitching. So, give him some time to see where he is heading to. Cox is far from being a good fielder, so must have a good bat to prove he belongs.

And Hand...be patient. He has ups and downs, and right now, there are about 2-3 other pitchers in AA with better stuff than Hand. He can still be valuable, maybe out of the bullpen, since he can't keep good command of his pitches for more than 4 innings.

Keep your eyes on Raudel Lazo, Edgar Olmos, and Brian Flynn. Those 3 southpaws are the future of the Fish bullpen (Flynn maybe as part of the rotation).

Stan M

Thank you so much, Flav. May I respectfully suggest that each week you give us an update on a few key happenings in the minors. I wish Tommy and Rich would do this on TV because, let's face it, the minors are this teams future. I must really compliment you on the "type" of info you provide. It's more than just stats. I've also been watching Flynn and Lazo, and at your recommendation, will start to follow Olmos. Things have been horrible for the Marlins, but as some is the result of injuries, there is still some hope that this team can at least fight for 4th place this year. In my opinion, there is no reason to keep Yelich down after Fernandez was brought up. Let's see what happens when the guy is healthy again.


Hand will end up getting a helping Hand...out the door...Nobody fears the Hand , anymore. It will be Na Na Na Na...Na Na Na Na...Hey Hey Hey, Good-Bye...

Stan M

What a scintillating, erodite, comprehensive, and thought provoking post. Raises the level of everything around us. Brilliant, Steam...well, maybe not!


Old farts like you wouldnt get it


Maybe Glenn Miller,the Dorsey Brothers,Benny Goodman and the Andrews Sisters is more your speed.


or in honor of your boy Stanton.."Catch a Falling Star"...by Perry Como

Stan M

Gotcha, huh, genius!

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