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Juan Pierre: "Ugliest day of the season"

     CINCINNATI -- Juan Pierre was blunt about his performance Saturday.
     "The ugliest day of the season," Pierre said after going 0 for 6, striking out three time for the second straight day, missing a fly ball in left, and failing to drop down a critical bunt in the fourth.
     Manager Mike Redmond said he would sit the slumping veteran on Sunday.
     "I'm not sure what's going on," Redmond said of his slumping leadoff hitter. "He's just in one of those funks."
     Pierre went down looking in all three of his whiffs Saturday. It marked only the third time in his career that he struck out at least twice in consecutive games. Perhaps even more troubling to the Marlins: Pierre's .225 on-base percentage is the worst in the majors among leadoff men with at least 50 plate appearances.
     "It's been ugly," Pierre said. "It's been ugly throughout the whole season, and this capped it off right there. It's one you've got to have amnesia on, for sure."
     On the season, Pierre has struck out 10 times but drawn only one walk.


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Tuff day for JP....he may be finished once his bobble head day is over on June 1.

Rondell White Jr.

koehler pitched nicely. another blown save for cishek. i see that heath has 11k's in 6inn for arz but has a super high era.

Flav C.

How can it be a blown save if the game was tied?

And to blame Cishek for the ineptitude of the lineup is a bit unfair.

Rondell White Jr.

To be fair they all stink. Still counts to me as a blown save. another bad outing by cishek.

Rondell White Jr.

Slowey the mvp so far. happy for him. i just hope it lasts for an entire season and a consistent number 3 or 4 guy for the next few years( i believe he's 28)

Flav C.

Agree on Slowey.

I like AJ Ramos a lot too. So far, the guy pitched the most relieve innings in the NL(11.2)and is tied with the most strikeouts with Chapman (16 SOs). His ERA is pretty decent too (3.09).

Who's on first base

How bad is JP's season? Last year, JP struck out every 15 at bats. This season, he's struck out every 6.5 at bats.
Whoa, Nelly....

Steve Lombardozzi Sr.

Ugliest day of the season? Might be tomorrow...Bullpen is shot and Senabia will be hung out to dry

Rondell White Jr.

Loria must have payed that south african judge. Austin Trout almost pulled it out.

seth ...unchained

marlins will call up all their top prospects in june and shock the world by making the play-offs.


Pierre is how old? I guess he thinks its 1998 ? One tends to have bad days at his age. Thanks again Loria for this walk down memory lane.


Dont blame JP ,he's doing the best he can. Besides if Loria offered any of you 1.6 million this year to play baseball,even though you know your skills have eroded with age,who wouldnt take the money and run. Or like JP ,stroll off into the sunset.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

Pierre's been around a long time, but when he calls this his "ugliest day of the season," did he forget that NINETY PERCENT of this season remains to be played?

On a different note, if they had a voice, I'm certain that the Florida marlin population would object to being associated with this putrid owner and his cheap team.

A more appropriate team name, all things considered, would be the Miami HABANERAS... a shortened version of the root phrase "HAs Beens And NEveR wAS"


DT...Like your definition of habaneros, 'cause there is nothing hot about these peppers. I have to ask, are you the siren formerly known as Thelxiepeia? If so, I think I met you on a rock one time.


Samson, I don't think any of us are "blaming" JP for his struggles or hating per se but the man is no longer a capable leadoff hitter. This is purely on the FO who have assembled this exhibition of a MLB team. Its funny, the bullpen is already shot which most of us on the blog speculated would be the case early on because the SP management would be throwing out there every day weren't MLB ready. Its odd that the SP has been effective and the meager batting production has necessitated pulling starters early in hopes of pulling out a run with one putrid pinch hit or another.

These guys stink

Marlin Fan

Marlins have the worse plate dusapline ever . They very rarely make a pitcher throw a strike . Also bunting is horrible . If your short on talent , the little things mean that much more . Valaikia needs to be in the lineup more .

Marlin Fan

Stanton not only strikes out , he butchers balls in right . Coghlan misplays one in left . .... There is NO pride in this team . Someone somewhere needs to call a player only meeting and light a fire and hold people accountable for hustle and fundamentals .


And in other news after needing more than 40 pitches to get out of the 7th inning Jon Rauch placed on the 15-day DL with inflammation in the shoulder and elbow, MRI results from Dr. Andrews are pending.


Broken Record syndrome: This is not a MLB team, this is an exhibition split squad team at best. The triumverate need to be ashamed for fielding this club to the masses.

Camera Mike

I think it is seriously time for a Frankenstein style mob with a full compliment of torches and pitch forks to chase Loria and Samson out of town. If nothing else such a sight would provide good entertainment.


Ugliest day of the season? Nah..Plenty of uglier days ahead.


Am I wrong for starting to question Stanton's effort on the field. He's not quite Hanley-esque but he looks horrible in RF. Maybe he's always been this bad but was masked by his batting. Maybe it's a cry for help. Who knows.

Camera Mike

Glags, it might just be selective memory on my part but I do seem to remember him sprinting through the large outfield in Marlins Park last season chasing down hard hot fly balls and then making good catches on them. I think you're right to question his effort right now, though unlike Hanley I think it's Stanton's frustration bubbling to the surface more then ego and laziness.


We should all agree on one thing... What Loria, Sampson, Beinfest & Hill are good at....putting together bad baseball teams. Not only are they very good at it...they're best.

Rondell White Jr.

Hey, at least we're not the Dodgers.

Paper Lion

rather be the Dodgers

Rondell White Jr.

I've got a beating heart. Where do i sign?


Sucks that we all have to wait for 2015 for there to be a possibility that Loria sells this god-awful team. I think there are plenty of possible owners who would want to get their foot in the South Florida sports scene with the Heat and Dolphins doing what they are doing. These guys should be ashamed of themselves. Actually, I think Loria is becuase I haven't seen him at any games this year.

Paper Lion

You havent seen loria at any games this year? Next game , look at the bottom of your shoe.

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