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Kearns dischaged from hospital, but Stanton still not ready as Marlins remain in limbo

The good news: Austin Kearns has been discharged from the hospital.

The bad news: The Marlins remain in a state of short-handed limbo because neither Giancarlo Stanton (left shoulder) nor Kearns has been cleared to play or placed on the disabled list.

Kearns, taken to a local hospital Sunday morning after showing up to Marlins Park complaining of an irregular heartbeat, was on his way over to the ballpark Monday afternoon but still has has a couple tests to do Tuesday according to manager Mike Redmond.

Stanton, who hasn't played since last Wednesday, told Redmond his shoulder is "still pinching him" and was seeing a doctor again on Monday. Redmond said he hopes to have a better idea on how long both players will be out soon.

"Like I talked about [Sunday] we're playing short-handed," the skipper said. "We can't play short-handed for too long. It's too tough. That's something we have to figure out and try to evaluate -- how long these things are going to be.

"We don't want to put guys on the DL if we don't have to -- if we feel its just going to be a couple days and we can overcome it. That's just kind of where we're at."

> Backup first baseman Joe Mahoney, recovering from an intercostal strain, is still working down in Single A Jupiter. He's played in two games thus far and is 5-for-8 with a home run and an RBI. Redmond said he would be playing again Monday night against Bradenton.


> Nationals (7-5): 1. Denard Span CF, 2. Jayson Werth RF, 3. Bryce Harper LF, 4. Ryan Zimmerman 3B, 5. Ian Desmond SS, 6. Tyler Moore 1B, 7. Steve Lombardozzi 2B, 8. Kurt Suzuki C, 9. Jordan Zimmerman RHP.

> Marlins (2-10): 1. Juan Pierre LF, 2. Chris Coghlan CF, 3. Placido Polanco 3B, 4. Greg Dobbs 1B, 5. Justin Ruggiano RF, 6. Rob Brantly C, 7. Adeiny Hechavarria SS, 8. Donovan Solano 2B, 9. Wade LeBlanc LHP.


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Before my pessimism, sport's results matter little when compared to the tragedies that occurred today in Boston and a few months ago in Newtown.

And now.. at what point if your Mike Redmond do you conclude that Pierre is no longer a capable leadoff guy, if he ever was? He has never been a guy to walk much but at least he always was able to get a bit more no?
Yes, it's still early but a guy needs to have better than a .200 OBP batting leadoff.
Okay, Lou, I apologize because now I'm picking wings off a fly since the whole lineup for the most part has been dismal. Can Polanco bat leadoff?

Poo Poo Platter

Stanton is clearly milking this injury. He wants no part of this train wreck and I don't blame him. He has probably demanded a trade already and will be gone by the ASG. What a shame


Watching this blow out brings back memories of a particular football game many years ago featuring the Houston Oilers. As Rich & Tommy chat along & the tv camera pans among some of the Marlin fans sitting in their seats all alone…..one of these fans is going to realize they are on & flip ‘em the bird. That’s what happen during a classic Monday night telecast of a Houston Oilers game in which the Oilers were being blown out of the Astrodome. The quick response from Dandy Don Meredith….”he’s thinks his team is number 1”!!!

Camera Mike

No fan should flip off the Marlins players or announcers. What's happening this season is not their fault. The blame lays higher up the ladder.

SamSpade Private Detective

Rich & Tommy have said more than once, "the Marlins are struggling right now". I don't think so. I think this is as good as they are going to be. The great pitching will come down to earth as they realize they need to pitch no hitters and shutouts in order to have a chance to win. Sad, very sad. Where the hell is MLB to remove this ownership?


At least they scored more than 2 runs this game! The offense is on fire!

Marlin Fan

What a defensive battle . Holding the Nats to a field goal on the last drive was impressive . Too bad the marlins had to settle for a Fg . All joking aside , at least Coghlin got TWO hits in the SAME game , and Skipworth drew a walk . It's difficult to find positives. Let's bring up Yelich an Osuna . They surely can't do worse than this bunch , and they might just provide a spark .

Stan M

Also Cox and Dietrich. And let's see what Maloney can do at 1B. Let's at least go nowhere with some of our future showing. I never really thought that Selig would do anything. But if this keeps up, he just might have to step in...before the union really causes a runkus.

Camera Mike

Stan, if Loria is meeting the minimum payroll requirements under the revenue sharing rules is there anything the union can do? I agree that the odds of Selig stepping in are about as close to zero as it's possible to get, but unless the payroll falls below the limit after they dump Nolasco's $11.5 million I don't see the union being to do anything. Though I would love to be proven wrong,

Stan M

Camera Mike, I think that the union's concern would be more about how the revenue rharing money is used. I believe that it must be used for other than pure profit.

Camera Mike

Stan, personally I completely agree with you and as not just a Marlins fan but also a baseball fan I want the union to go after all owners profiting off of revenue sharing. However I also remember that in the past they didn't go after Loria until they discovered his payroll was too low according to the rules and I fear history having to repeat itself for them to get involved. Though I do hope you are right and the union will cause a ruckus if this continues.


Samson looked for the union label in his panties. Didnt find one. Nothing to fear.

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