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Loria denies report he meddled in pitcher flip-flop; Redmond said it was organizational decision

Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria denied a Yahoo! report Friday he personally mandated the lineup card change that flip-flopped starting pitchers Jose Fernandez and Ricky Nolasco before a doubleheader Tuesday in chilly Minnesota and did not sit well with the clubhouse.

“I had nothing to do with the decision,” Loria told FOXSports.com on Friday. “I was informed of the decision by the baseball department. I told them it was their call.

“I don’t make decisions on who to pitch and when, how to go about it — that’s not my role. Sometimes they call me and tell me what they’re doing. But I don’t call them up and say, ‘This is what is going to happen.’ That’s not true.”

Loria told FoxSports he was discussing his primary business -- art -- at the time he received a call about the pitching changes from general manager Michael Hill. “I was engaged in discussions in the world about pictures, as in paintings, not pitchers, guys who can or can’t paint the strike zone,” he said.

Citing three unnamed sources, Yahoo! reported Loria insisted Fernandez, the team's prized 20-year-old rookie, pitch in the first half of the doubleheader at frigid Target Field instead of the scheduled Nolasco because the day game was expected to be warmer. The temperature at Fernandez's first pitch (38 degrees) was actually colder than at the beginning of Nolasco's start (42 degrees).

For doubleheaders, it is normal protocol to allow the pitcher with the most seniority to have his choice of games. Nolasco is the team's all-time wins leader and its opening day starter. Fernandez had made only three big-league starts going in to Tuesday.

Nolasco's agent Matt Sosnick told The Miami Herald Thursday: “I know it wasn’t the manager’s decision, and [front-office executives] Larry Beinfest and Mike Hill have too much integrity to make that type of call. Whoever made the choice would have to have so little social and emotional awareness that would totally have a lack of understanding of how it would affect Ricky and the manager.”

Marlins manager Mike Redmond, who was reportedly embarrassed by the decision made above his head, was asked about the new reports on Friday.

"We were all on the call," Redmond said. "It was an organizational decision. I'll leave it at that."


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First, kill all the lawyers

Who cares what the agent Matt Sosnick says,hes just another blood sucking scumbag like the rest of them


Man, only 20 games in and already Loria is contradicting the manager. I wonder if Jack McKeon is coming back again this season.


At some point names have to be named. I don't doubt that it went down as its being reported but its just to easy and slimy to quote an anonymous source and write a story. I will punch anonymous source in the throat.


Loria should be the new manager. Let him find out how hard it is to be a manager.

Fan looking for a Team

loria denied that he lied to Reyes about buying a house in Miami, that he wouldn't trade Burhle or Reyes, now that he didnt give the order to change pitchers???? Looks like loria is the only guy who tells the truth...NOT!

Dionysus Thelxinoe

Manny, are you new at this internet thing? Or is it that no one has yet taught you how to drop a link to the story that YOU are referencing?

Also, interesting use of the word "pummeled." I switched away from the game late last night, certain that the MAAArlins could not overcome the late two-run deficit, only to wake up to a headline about their being "pummeled." I thought, Geez, how many runs did they give up in the 9th??? And I see that the final score remained 4-2! They lost by ONE SWING OF THE BAT, Manny!!! You call that getting pummeled?

Did you write for The National Enquirer before this?

Dionysus Thelxinoe

Of course, Loria made it happen. He didn't HAVE to order them to do it, he just has to make his wishes known, knowing that a 1st year manager who wouldn't otherwise even be in the big leagues will not oppose him 20 games into his tenure.

Personally, I think the story was hyped by Nolasco's agent as a way of ensuring his exit sooner rather than later. If that's the case, look for more Loria headlines involving Nolasco between now and the trading deadline.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

Come to think of it, if it works for Nolasco, look for Stanton's agent to follow suit, planting stories about Loria's ego and meddling. Everyone knows that aside from being a liar, he's impetuous and doesn't tolerate criticism from anyone on his payroll.

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