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Marlins call up Kyle Skipworth

     NEW YORK -- The Marlins are calling up catcher Kyle Skipworth to fill the roster spot of first baseman Casey Kotchman, who was placed on the 15-day disabled list.

     The Marlins didn't have many options. Three of their primary first basemen are on the disabled list and Skipworth and outfielder Kyle Jensen were the only two healthy position players left on the 40-man roster that they could select from.

     Skipworth, of course, if a former first-round draft pick -- taken one spot behind Giants catcher Buster Posey -- and received plenty of playing time during spring training after Jeff Mathis went out with a broken collarbone.

     Skipworth, along with Rob Brantly and Miguel Olivo, gives the Marlins three catchers on the roster. But Olivo could fill in as a back-up first baseman for Greg Dobbs, who is expected to receive the bulk of playing time there in Kotchman's absence.


     The Marlins are the eighth team since 1916 to score only one run in their first three games. (No team has ever been shut out in their first three). Along with the Marlins, the following seven teams scored just once in their opening three: 1988 Baltimore Orioles, 1969 Houston Astros, 1968 Los Angeles Dodgers, 1979 Atlanta Braves, 1937 Boston Bees, 1963 New York Mets and 1933 Boston Braves. That Orioles team lost its first 21 games.


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Oy vey!

But I am still proudly attending many home games.

Jeffrey "Madoff" Loria

As long as Bernie Madoff is owning the team, they will not see a dime from my wallet. This team and ownership group is a disgrace to Miami and a disgrace to professioanl sports in general. Like Chavez, Loria's time will come.


First let me say this is not a condemnation of Kyle Skipworth. The man was drafted behind Posey and took the bouus. Anyone would have done that. It's not his fault that he can't play. i will go on the record right now and say Kyle Skipworth will NEVER get a hit in the Majors. This prediction is with the knowledge he will obviuosly play. IF I'm wrong, I will be the first one on here to admit my mistake. They will never have to stop a game to toss the ball out of the game after Kyle's first hit.


This has gotten so ridiculous, it doesn't even hurt anymore. If you get cancer, that's bad. If you get leprosy, that's bad. If you get your deep-V diver (I call mine Long John) cut off in a pickle slicer, that's bad. But if you get cancer and leprosy and then get your kickstand whacked off in a pickle slicer, you'd better have a sense of humor or a very reliable drug dealer. I have both, so the pain is starting to ebb.
I was so bored during yesterday's game, that I started trying to come up with an "all-Fish team." I mean, Tim Salmon, Mike Trout and Catfish Hunter were easy. Then I thought, maybe Gill (yes, I know) Hodges and Steve Finley. Maybe even Bobby Scales. After that the lake ran dry. If anybody else wants to pitch in, maybe we can get nine of them and put me out of my misery.

Camera Mike

LB, How about Mike Carp and Sid Bream?

Stan M

What would it be Worth to Skip over Kile?

Camera Mike

Just a thought on baseball teams over the last 20 years as this is the anniversary of the first Marlins game. We have had more then our fair share of lean years, but during the entire time the Marlins have existed the Pirates have not had a winning season. As hard as it has been to root for the Marlins some years my heart does go out to the fans in Pittsburg.

3 down 159 to go

A pickle factory worker was home from work early on a Friday. His wife asked him why he was home so early.He sheepishly told her "I got fired for having sex with the pickele slicer".She quickly pulled down hubbies pants to see a full,intact member. Relieved,she asked her hubbie "so what happened with the pickle slicer"?Hubbie said "Oh,she got fired too".


Camera Mike...Perfect! I knew you guys could do better than I did.
Does anybody know if there was ever a player named Flounder, Anchovy, Blowfish or Sardine?


3 down...Thanks. I truly believe that bad jokes are more fun than bad baseball.


They may not be able to hit a lick, but this team can pitch and play defense with the best in the league. Just a pleasure to watch a team play competent baseball. They may not win the world series this year, but the Marlins will give teams fits all year and that's all I can ask for. Love this team already!


Hitting a baseball isn't easy, that's why I'm typing instead of playing but I wonder if the young Paul Bunyan has already lost interest in this team.

Fish getting their 1st win tonight would be a nice little load off but I can't expect this rag tag staff to keep throwing up so many zeros.

Marlin Fan

6 runs !!!! In one game !!!!

Marlin Fan

I like how Brantly and Ruggiano have been swinging the bat. Looks like Stanton is falling back into habits of old . ... Quells looked like Bell in appearance and performance .

Flav C.

Polanco not doing that bad with the bat considering his age and 200 injuries.

It is still very early but refreshing to see how well the starting pitchers did over these 4 games: 2.01 combined ERA.

In the meantime, future 2B (or 3B) Dietrich scored 2 more RBIs (4 in 2 games), Raudel Lazo pitched the 9th for the save, and JAX suns got a 5-3 win over the Generals. This is what we call a great opening home series.


You guys should be proud of me. I REALLY want the Marlins to win when they play even though I have told everyone they can't play and even put my money where my mouth is. I would rather lose the bet and see these poor guys play well. I hope that says a little about my character. Once again for all those whom I may have offended(except for Marlins' management)with my previous intemperate remarks--I sincerely apologize. Just saw the stupidity of my ways and said the Hell to it. I always told people UNLESS someone permanently harmed you physically or emotionally or ruined your reputation to the point where it was irreparable and now you believe the person is as sorry as he or she professes you should accept the apology. I don't think I did that with anyone here and hope you can accept my apology. I still don't ever believe Skipworth will get a hit.


Congrats to the Marlins & Mike Redmond for their 1st win.

Stan M

Forget those piscine names, LB. That was a ball game!

My worry about Sunday. The kid grew up in Cuba, pitched HS ball in Miami, minor leagues in Southern cities and having to debut in very cold climate. Ouch!

Buehrie (hard name, bad dog, nice guy)was really knocked around by a mediocre Cleveland team a couple of days ago.

This team really misses Randy Choate. Much more valuable than we realized.

Stan M

Pierre: too many outs in the air, but these are
different games with LoMO in LF.
Polanco: all we could ask for
Stanton: disappointing, no make that very disappointing
Bogg: professional hitter and some good plays at 1B
Ruggiano: even his outs are hit hard. Looks good.
Brantly: this kid can flat out hit. Great throw to
nab Harper at 3B. Huge improvement at catcher.
Solarno: he better improve very quickly in the field
or it's time for Coghlan or that kid from Tampa
Hach...: I got MLB.TV for a month to watch Spring game
and this kid is amazing in the field. But I'm
surprised how comfortable he looks at bat as well.
He'll damn sure outhit Buck in the 8 hole.
Starting Pitchers: could we ask for more? A special
caveat to Sanabia for making the game so interesting
Relief Pitchers: let's talk about something else

Stan M

Special to Camera Mike,
Looks like you were right about Redmond learning from mistake. He would have brought in Cishek if Ramos didn't get that 3rd out. Good call!

Camera Mike

Thanks Stan, and I was basing that belief on the rave reviews Redmond got from people all over the baseball world. Hopefully he has learned and will continue to do so throughout the season. Though Cishek did look a little shakey there in the ninth so it's probably a good thing he wasn't needed for the 4 out save.

Also did you guys hear Rich and Tommy's conversation in the first inning today about how well David Wright hits Nolasco? Rich asked Tommy about how well he hit off Tom Seaver in comparison. Was he really comparing Nolasco to Seaver?

Camera Mike

It's official, our bullpen is still horrible.

Marlin Fan

Agree Camera Mike. ......Buck looks like Bench . He already is reaching his RBI totals for all of last year . Lol . Agree with your assessment Stan as well. Some positives , but it's still going to be a loooonnngg season

Stan M

Rich and Tommy have been nice enough to tell us when to turn off the TV go and do something else. It when they say, "It's a call to the bullpen."

5 down 157 to go

Mets fans are raving about Buck and think he's the second coming of Piazza. Wait a month,and Mets fans will see the second coming of...Buck.

Flav C.

Turner with an impressive performance playing with the Zephyrs in Nashville today: 4 innings, allowed 7 hits, 1 BB and 5 earned runs. Guess he'll stick around in AAA for a while.

5 down 157 to go

Clark...saw you in todays Capozzi twitter you-tube,when Red was given the line-up card from his 1st win yesterday...dont update your picture in the fish-bytes blog.

Mark Twain

Religion began when the first con man met the first fool

Stan M

Flav, Conley,one of our top 10 prospects, had an excellent outing in first AA start. No runs and 8 Ks in 5 innings. The kid I was following last year, Keys, seems to be out of the oganization. Hand also had a good start in AAA ball. Now if we can just keep them off the DL, who knows?

Guess Who

Loria traded Brent Keys without telling anybody


Stan M,
The Grasshoppers site lists Keys on the 7-day DL. But there's a rumor that Loria's trying to trade him for two katydids and a cricket.


Speaking of which, does anybody else miss the old Lubbock Crickets? Guess not, huh? I had to root for them after I found out they were named for Buddy Holly's band. But alas, they're currently as dead as Buddy, the Big Bopper, Richie Valens and the Miami Marlins.


Fernandez might make me have to get a MLB.com scrip. Dang MLB, they want to spread the game but won't allow the local stations to stream their radio broadcasts.

ready to puke

Rich and Tommy repeating themselves ad nauseam. We already know the kid defected from Cuba

m krebs

That young pitcher defected from Cuba?

chico escuela

with Elian....they sang row row row your boat,gently down the gulfstream

m krebs

Elian who?

irv svartz

Elian Goldstein

m krebs

Saphire Ming-toi Goldstein?


Sapphire came on a different boat with Amos n Andy

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