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Marlins players, coaches not worried about negative feedback from fans on Opening Night

The roof will be open for Opening Night tonight at Marlins Park. 

How many fans actually come into the building to watch baseball remains to be seen. But Marlins players and coaches say they are not worried about any of that. They're job is simply to win games.

"We were wondering if we were going to get little Brazlilian girls bringing us out today," joked right fielder Giancarlo Stanton, obviously making a reference to last year's Opening Night when players were accompanied to the field by women wearing carnival outfits.

"[As for the fans] they're not going to be negative towards us. I don't know how many will be here. But I expect a positive reaction."

Unlike Ozzie Guillen who got a chance to manage few a games at Marlins Park in the preseason a year ago, skipper Mike Redmond will be managing his first game at Marlins Park tonight. He said his club is excited about making its home debut -- regardless of the negativity the franchise has faced since the dismantling of last year's club.

"I know it's tough," Redmond said. "All I can do is focus on the 25 guys in the clubhouse... I feel like we can get this back in the winning direction, the direction we're all use to and accustomed to. I just want them [the fans] to hang in there and watch the Stantons and these exciting young players -- the [Jose] Fernandezes."


> Braves (5-1): 1. B.J. Upton CF, 2. Jason Heyward RF, 3. Justin Upton LF, 4. Evan Gattis C, 5. Dan Uggla 2B, 6. Juan Francisco 3B, 7. Chris Johnson 1B, 8. Andrelton Simmons SS, 9. Paul Maholm LHP.

> Marlins (1-5): 1. Juan Pierre LF, 2. Placido Polanco 3B, 3. Giancarlo Stnaton RF, 4. Greg Dobbs 1B, 5. Justin Ruggiano CF, 6. Rob Brantly C, 7. Adeiny Hechavarria SS, 8. Donovan Solano 2B, 9. Kevin Slowey RHP.


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Marlin Fan

Why sit Ruggiano and not Pierre ?????


It's not the players or the coaches fault! Needles to say, it's Loria! The guy is an absolute joke and a disgrace to the game!!! He destroyed the Expos and is doing the same with the Marlins!! He simply doesn't care about this community, the franchise or the fans, period!! Until he and his puppet (Sampson) are here, nothing will change! 1-7??? GM Beinfest was on the radio yesterday claiming the players are underachieving???? Bologna!!! The players can't compete because they are either too young (lack experience), over the hill or simply not talented enough. Go up and down this roster and you might find 5 (maybe 6) players who belong in the majors, the rest should be in the minors (at least for now)!! It's the ownership that has underachieved (and that is a major understatement!!!), plain and simple!

s cullen

Hopefully in time the ownership will sell and some new owners who want to see this franchise win will come in...right now they'd be hard pressed to compete at a AAA level

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