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Marlins postponed; DH Tuesday

     MINNEAPOLIS -- An approaching winter storm that could dump as much as eight inches of snow has led to the postponement of tonight's game between the Marlins and Twins at Target Field.

     The two teams will now meet Tuesday in a split, day-night doubleheader, with the first game scheduled for 1:10 p.m. (2:10 EST) and 7:10 p.m. (8:10 p.m.).

     Ricky Nolasco and Jose Fernandez are expected to start for the Marlins, but the order remains unclear for now. 


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Can't MLB just count this as a W for the fish?

Rondell White Jr.

Counts as a win in my book.

These pusillanimous pussyfooters.


If the Astros could transfer to the American League, why not transfer the Marlins to some Class A league where they might be a little more competitive?


The Fish have been competitive this season aside from a couple games. Also they are competing for the #1 pick in the MLB draft.

Sunny Dee

Why not just save travel costs and forfeit both games? I'm surprised Loria isn't just forfeiting some of these road games.

Marlin Fan

Some dubious records for the Marlins to shoot for ,...
2093 Tigers 43-119, 1935 Braves 38-115, 2004 Diamondbacks 51-111, 1942 Phillies 42-109 , 1988 Orioles 54-107 , 1916 Athletics 36-117 , 1962 Mets 40-120, and the 1899 Clevland spiders 20-134


Shucks, MF, I think the Fish can beat all those records if they just FOCUS on the task at hand. Yes, the Spiders could make it tough on them. I mean, with the expanded schedule, it's hard not to stagger and stumble into at least 20 wins a year, but these motley Marlins have an honest shot at the record books. Again, it's just a matter of concentration. Then Lou collects his bet from the Vegas bookies, the potbellied bandit pockets a hefty paycheck and Marlins fans will have memories that will last them a lifetime.
Thanks for the research. At least now we know what we're shooting for.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

I predict the snow postponement will be the highlight of the MAAArlins' week.


Sorry. I believe I promised not to post until after the Twins series. I don't think any games will be played in Minnesota for awhile so I came back now. I was wrong on my prediction made about 10 days ago. I said they would be 3-18 coming back from Minnesota so I obviously blew it. They will probably come back with 4 wins. To win 63 games(avoiding 100 losses) the Marlins need to go 59-84. This is over 40% wins. Before a season starts if a team wins 40% of games it will win almost exactly 64. Does anyone ALIVE believe this team in this year in this reality will win 40% of its last 143 games? I'm telling you the people in Las Vegas REALLY messed up the over/under nymber when it came to the Fish. I'm saying they are going to lose some big money. Just think of the concept of betting against the Marlins every single game. Of course you will need to bet around 220 to make a 100 but more and more people are going to become aware of what is happening down here. It still has not really gone national,however,they are certainly capable of tossing a 36-107 at us to finish at----DRUMROLL----40-122!!!!!!!!!! That 40 wins would be 29 wins under the Marlins wins number in Vegas. 40 wins,25%, anyone willing to bet his or her life this team can win 1 of every 4 games?


Lou, I have changed my over/under to 50, originally I was thinking 60-62 but they're even worse than I thought and the injuries aren't helping. Yeah 50-112 sounds about right. Hopefully there's a Harper Strasburg type available in 2014 though I don't put it past Loria and Co. to draft the more "signable" guy.

As an aside I was in Vegas for the Super Bowl weekend and laid a whopping $30 on the Braves to win the WS @ 18-1, not looking like a terrible bet right now. And now it would have been eway better to have laid the farm on the Marlin's under!

Rondell White Jr.

did someone here mention 15day dl for rauch??

Flav C.

I will stick with my original forecast of 65 wins.


Dear Flav, Let you and I do something for charity. IF the Marlins win at least 65 games I will send an agreed upon amount made out to the charity of your choice. Will send the check to Clark and he can verify and foreward it to the charity. If the Marlins win fewer than 65 you can send a check to the charity of my choice again using Clark as verification. This would not be gambling and would be akin to Governors betting on the Super Bowl. The charities must be known and reputable. To win 65 games the Marlins must win 42% of their remaining 143 games. Tell me if you wish to do this.

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