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Marlins power drought reaches 8 games, one short of team record

          If and when the Marlins trade Giancarlo Stanton, it might serve them well to find someone else capable of putting the ball over the fence, at least once in a while. By coming up short again on Sunday, the Marlins have now gone eight straight games without a home run, making it the second-longest power drought in franchise history -- by one game. The 1993 expansion Marlins hold the mark with a nine-game homer-less streak.

          The last Marlin to homer was Greg Dobbs on April 5 at Citi Field in New York. The team's two homers puts them last in the majors. The Home Run Sculpture is supposed to light up and whirl, spouting water and so forth. But the gigantic contraption has remained lifeless this season.

          "I've heard it's great," manager Mike Redmond said following Sunday's loss. "I've heard it's quite a sight. I just haven't seen it yet."

          Stanton has not only failed to homer or drive in a run, he remains sidelined with a shoulder bruise. Stanton said he doubts he'll play Monday when the Washington Nationals send out Jordan Zimmermann to start the three-game series. Stanton has three career homers against Zimmermann.

          On top of that, ESPN's Buster Olney reported that the Texas Rangers are starting to pay closer attention to Stanton. Wrote Olney: "The Rangers are poking around and doing some early reconnaissance on how they could put together some kind of deal for Giancarlo Stanton."


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SamSpade Private Detective

it would be a blessing for Stanton


hope Stanton takes the Home Run contraption with him


Close your eyes and picture this. Are they closed? Okay. It's hulking Giancarlo Stanton, standing at the plate in his new home digs, the most-hitter friendly ballpark in the American League. Down the left field line, 334 feet. Down the right field line, 325 feet. Enough humidity in the air that you and I could drive the ball to downtown Dallas.
Now, in your mind's eye, is Stanton smiling or drooling?

Marlin Fan

I'm sure we'll get more " prospects " who if and when they develop , will be traded to another team so A's not have to pay them. I feel sorry for the PROVEN major leager involved in the deal . Most likely he'll have to endure the disfunctionalism only a yr two before he is sent off .


I forgot — you guys couldn't read my question because you had your eyes closed. The answer is C) All of the above.

Marlin Fan

Interesting stat the other day , WITH Stanton , Marlins have a winning % of 46 , WITHOUT 40. WITH 4.1 runs a game , WITHOUT 3.9 . this is if course for his career not this yr

Dionysus Thelxinoe

I'm curious... who's advertising this 2010 (?!?!) Florida Baseball App over here <--- on the left ... the Marlins or the Herald?

Can you say ... update?

Stan M

LB, we talked about this last year. Do you notice how many commercials are Marlin team oriented and there are fewer commercials sponsored by outside sources It seems to me that even the sponsors are jumping ship.
The only thing we have to look forward to is the law of avrages. And when the team starts to hit even a little, the starting pitching, which has exceeded all expectatons to date, will naturally fall apart.

Poo Poo Platter

I don't mind them trading Stanton if we had a scouting dept that I could trust. You just know we're going to get back another Maybin, Miller or Jacob Turner. Regardless, this is the worst run franchise in sports.

Poo Poo Platter

If they ever film a sequel of Horrible Bosses, I think having Beinfest as one of the lead actors would be great.


Stan M,
I guess you're right — it makes sense that sponsors aren't going shell out big bucks for commercials nobody's watching. Prior to this year, Marlins TV viewership was always surprisingly strong. But now, with competition from quality new programming like Wives With Knives and that show where rednecks catch catfish with their bare hands, I'm sure Fox is having to fight for every advertising dollar it rakes in.
Somehow, it seems appropriate that vaseline would help sponsor the Marlins broadcasts, since so much of the stuff is being used on us fans.


If the Marlins have any chance of regaining any fans they have to make an offer of somewhere around 10 years $200 million to Stanton. That's to say he accepts the deal. They don't need to go out and sign everyone all at once like last year, but they need to start to add pieces slowly, like Statnton. Look at the pitchers they traded. Buerhle and Johnson's era's are above 10. They were smart for getting rid of those guys. Now they need to add pieces little by little. Letting this team embarrass itself everyday is not the solution. Funny how that chick@#3% Loria hasn't showed up at any of the games. He won't sell the team until after 2015 because if he sells prior to that he has to share some of the profits with the city of Miami.

Lawrence Frank

I am a season seat holder of great seats I might add, and I may not go to a single game this season. For sure I won't renew. Loria has soured my love for the team by sucking the blood out of it. I would love to bet him the team doesn't score 400 runs this year. I had a two year commitment for the season seats but it seems to me Loria had a two year commitment to the fans to field a competitive team. A very sad story for such a beautiful ballpark. If an owner could be fired, Loria would be a prime candidate. He owes every season seat fan an apology as well as the city of Miami. We deserve better.


I keep asking the same question: why do the people of South Florida have to endure the like of Loria?

The MLB is not of a free market and Selig and the owners can force Loria to sell.

Trading Stanton would be an outrageous act signaling that the South Florida baseball marketplace is irrelevant.

Which in english means that the fans down here have been left for dead by the baseball barons.

Given the high percentage of latin players I do not understand this given our demographics.

So once again Loria or Stanton isn't the answer clear?

jorge rodriguez

What does "given high percentage of latin players" mean? Are you assuming that Latins are supposed to go to games,just because the players are latin? If thats youre assumption ,you are a brain dead moron. Latins will not pay to see bad baseball ,any more than other races would. That assumption makes an assoutofu.Idiot.


My point is baseball has become very much a game of latin players and therefore should have a big potential latin fan base!

And like all fans will not spend money on an inferior product. The Marlin franchise has great potential given these and other factors but not has long as Loria is in control.

Get it?

jorge rodriguez

According to your thinking ,how come the stands at Miami Heat games are'nt filled with alot more black people...Get it?


Simple:basketball tickets are too expensive for most people regardless of race.

Baseball is still cheap in comparison.

But you are making this a racial issue and that is not my point.

jorge rodriguez

What is your point? You brought up Latin players and local demographics. If Marlins Park held the Special Olympics,would the stands be predominatly filled with fellow handicapped people cheering on the participants?


They and their families, yes.

jorge rodriguez

If they had a Chinese ping-pong tournament would the stands be filled with mostly Chinese people?


They and their families, yes.
And if they had a dwarf-tossing contest, the stands would be filled mostly with dwarfs and their families.
And perhaps a few of us normal folks who have spent our lives dreaming of and practicing for a career in dwarf-tossing.

jorge rodriguez

Guess the reason that the Marlins arent drawing is because the Latins wont go en mass to the ballpark to support a predominatly Latin team. Loria guessed wrong again. He picked the wrong demographic to support his team....Yeah right.

Stan M

MR. LORIA...in case you ever get this
You have a public relations problem that is without precedent. Is there a way to rectify all or at least part of it?
It is hard to fault you for your preparations for the 2012 season. You did spend the money. And one can even understand how remaking a team that was not going anywhere and seemed to have little future was logical from a baseball standpoint. The problems arise with your actions after the team was so drastically revamped. Here are my suggestions for healing at least some of the wounds that your actions have created.
1) We should start with the premise that you are 72 years old and that without sufficient attendance, you lack funds to spend large sums on free agents, etc. Considering both that and your age, within the near future, it will be necessary for you to sell the team. Therefore, it should be of little concern to you what the salaries are once you are gone. If prospects are advanced and lose a year of team control, that is the problem of future owners years from now. Ditto on any salary given to Stanton.
2) Riddng youself of Nolasco's salary would immediately free up about 10 million dollars. The CA Angels desperately need a starting pitcher while we desperately need relievers. Make the trade
3) With the money saved, offer Stanton a contract commenserate with his skills, utilizing the 10 million you just saved and backload it as much as is possible. Make it public. Should he refuse, then no one can really blame you if you trade him. However, if he refuses and is traded, you must spend that 10 million you saved on Nolasco or sink even further into disapproval.
4) As this team is going nowhere and is in a transitional year, bring up some of the prospects to create at least some fan interest. That lost year of team control will never affect you anyway.
5) If you don't do something, and attempt to maintain the status quo, the players union is sure to cause pressures that you don't want. Even the commisioner might do what he did with the Dodger owner. In short, you darn sure better do something or face unpleasant consequences.
5) Gradually dispose, via trade or outright release of the players that are not expected to be around as the team improves in 2014 and beyond.

Irv in Boca

Loria shoulda had a stadium built closer to where the white folk live. He would get more fans to go to the games.


Stan that was good logic. That's the problem though it's "logic" and that hasn't been the path that the Marlins have ever taken. If Stanton is offered a contact the Marlins need to change their philosophy on the "no-trade clause".

ex season ticket holder

Dont waste your time trying to use logic and common sense with Loria. Loria is just in this game to line his pockets as fast as he can before he sells after 15'. thats it .Period. You fans are just wasting your time hoping for anything different until Loria is gone.

Stan M

Of course, Flags, and what would he care for one way or another, he's gone before too long. He can give away the house as long as the results fall on the next owner. Did we release that 3B-1B veteran with the Russian name beginning with K? We need him now. I see where that "other" 1st baseman (Mahoney?) is 5 for 8 w/ a HR in his rehab. We must at least see what he can do. Dobbs has been more than satisfactory around the bag, but hits with no power. I'd also like to see the team leave that Valaika at 2B and se what he can do. I kind of like the guy so far. Any word on Yelich? He has no stats at AA ball yet. I've tried and can't find how our starters rank in ERA. They must be close to the top although in honesty, some of these guys are doing it with smoke and mirrors.

Dr. Feelgood

They should try doing it with just smoke. They should all claim to have a medical codition to get some medicinal weed. They would play more relaxed and play better. Why not,cant get any worse. Talk about PED's. The Marlins could use some.


They should hire A-Fraud and have him teach the team how to use PED's. Heck they can "Shop-Local" in Miami for the good stuff. JP can bat 4th after a few months on the juice. Thank goodness Loria is 72. He'll probably live forever.

Let them all use PED's

Heard that A-Roid bought all the evidence from the clinic in Miami...HaHaHa...take that Pud Selig


Any news on Austin Kearns?

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