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Marlins work to rid Jose Fernandez of pitch-tipping habit

        Jose Fernandez's two previous starts weren't nearly as impressive as his first two, and the Marlins think they know why. Manager Mike Redmond said Fernandez was tipping his pitches.

        "Hopefully that part of it has been cleaned up," Redmond said Monday before Fernandez was set to face the Mets' Matt Harvey in a showdown of two of the majors' top young guns. "Those are things we're always looking for."

        Redmond said Fernandez was tipping three of his pitches in the way he held the ball in his glove just before starting his delivery. Both the Reds and Twins put up big innings against the 20-year-old rookie with Minnesota hitters often going after Fernandez's first pitch.

        "He was holding a fastball here, a change-up was out here and the curveball was up here," Redmond said, demonstrating to reporters. "There was like three different spots. The good thing is we caught it."

        Redmond said simply knowing what pitch is coming doesn't guarantee success for a hitter.

        "Johan Santana tipped his pitches, too, and nobody ever hit them," Redmond said. "It was so obvious. But he still give up two runs on four hits every game. And everybody knew what was coming, but still couldn't hit it."


        Marlins: 1. Pierre, lf; 2. Solano, 2b; 3. Stanton, rf; 4. Polanco, 3b; 5. Dobbs, 1b; 6. Ruggiano, cf; 7. Brantly, c; 8. Green, ss; 9. Fernandez, p.

        Mets: 1. Baxter, rf; 2. Turner, 3b; 3. Murphy, 2b; 4. Duda, lf; 5. Buck, c; 6. Davis, 1b; 7. Tejada, ss; 8. Valdespin, cf; 9. Harvey, p.




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Hard to believe..Cubans , generally speaking , are lousy tippers...


Whoever called Stanton's injury please post the first six numbers that pop into your head.


Was Brantley holding his hip? Cursed.


By the way, I am not commenting on the Marlins anymore. It was obnoxious on my part and I apologize. When they call up some of their "good" players from the minors I will comment. Actually think this game will go unttil a position player needs to be brought in to pitch. It is compelling in an odd sort of way/

Stan M

It turned out to be a great win, Lou. My suggestion would be to keep up the comments but try, once in a while, to find something positive to say. Who was the elderly gentleman who thought that Fernandez was tipping his pitches? Hint: his last name starts with an "M". Positive thought for tonight...you can't trade a guy who is out with a bum hammy. Let's hope they bring up a kid, but we all know it will be Diaz.

Ralph Fragoso

When I was living in South Florida, my wife and I had partial season tickets. I now live in the Orlando area and follow the Marlins on FSN. It is a disgrace what Loria and Co have done to this team. Most of these kids should still be in double A learning to play the professional game. Te team is now made up of "has beens" and "never was". I wouldn't be surprised by a 100 loss season this year. This comes from an always POSSITIVE ardent fan whoo is heartbroken by what they have done to my Marlins!

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