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Redmond provides injury updates; Hechavarria expected to be ready when DL stint is up

Manager Mike Redmond showed up for his daily press conference with reporters in the Marlins dugout Thursday with a list of health updates on injured players.

The best news: shortstop Adeiny Hechavarria, out since April 17th with a right elbow contusion, is expected to be ready to go when his stint on the disabled list is up May 2nd. Hechavarria said he played catch from about 70 feet Wednesday and felt good. He took grounders with the team Thursday.

Redmond said the team would like to get Hechavarria in some games in Single A Jupiter next week before he returns to the lineup.

> Right-hander Henderson Alvarez (right shoulder inflammation) is throwing a 45-pitch simulated game on Saturday and the plan is to start him with a 60-pitch game next Thursday in Jupiter.

> Right-hander Nathan Eovaldi, on the 60-day disabled list with right shoulder inflammation, is progressing with his long toss Redmond said. 

> First baseman Casey Kotchman told Redmond his hamstring is feeling better, but he's still is a couple weeks away.

> Catcher Jeff Mathis -- out since early in spring training with a fractured right clavicle -- is shooting to participate in his first rehab assignment next Wednesday, Redmond said.

> First baseman Logan Morrison (knee) still isn't running the bases, but the team is shooting for a rehab game on May 10th.

> The Marlins picked up some left-handed pitching experience Thursday when they claimed 27-year old Duane Below off waivers from the Tigers and optioned him to Triple-A New Orleans.

Below threw 46 1/3 innings in 27 games with one start for the Tigers last year. The 6-foot-3, 220-pounder was 1-2 with a 2.10 ERA in four starts at Triple-A this season. In 25 2/3 innings, he has 15 strikeouts and four walks.


> Marlins (5-16): 1. Juan Pierre LF, 2. Placido Polanco 3B, 3. Giancarlo Stanton RF, 4. Joe Mahoney 1B, 5. Justin Ruggiano CF, 6. Rob Brantly C, 7. Chris Valaika SS, 8. Donovan Solano 2B, 9. Kevin Slowey RHP.

> Cubs (6-14): 1. David DeJesus CF, 2. Starlin Casro SS, 3. Anthony Rizzo 1B, 4. Alfonso Soriano LF, 5. Nate Schierholtz RF, 6. Wellington Castillo C, 7. Luis Valbuena 3B, 8. Darwin Barney 2B, 9. Edwin Jackson RHP.


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Stan M

I'm still not posting with my opinions, but below is a fairly good summation of the Marlin's financial travails:


Also, if you go to "sports illustrated.cnn.com" and go toward the bottom of the page where all 30 teams are listed, click on the Marlins box and there are some pretty topical articles on the Marlins there. I was especially interested in the report on Brian Flynn who was moved from AA to AAA. He is the 3rd guy we got in the Anibel Sanchez trade and is doing just fine.

Rondell White Jr.

“We have forty million reasons for failure, but not a single excuse.”

Sucks to be Samson.

Flav C.


Bringing Flynn to AAA is a clear indication the Marlins will get rid of one of the guys in the rotation sooner than later (trade). I personally think it is very early to move him to hitter-friendly Pacific League, but looks like the Marlins is in a rush.

Flav C.

Also, it means that Turner will remain in the farm system for a while. All his starts with NOLA have been horrible. All of them, without an exception.


Dear Flav, People associated with the Tigers had long been concerned with his diminished velocity in last couple of years.With the Marlins now at 5-17, this means they have completed about 14% of season and they are on a pace for 36 wins. To avoid losing at least 100,the Marlins need to go 58-82(about 41%), When is the earliest date a deam has ever been mathematically eliminated from finishing 1st in a division? The Marlins have so many opportunities for "Firsts." They can't waste this opportunity.

You don't think Stanton would, Nah!!!!!!!!

Flav C.

Lou, you are "that" close from convincing me to change my forecast of 65 wins. But fear not: if you are not able to convince me, the Marlins ineptitude to lay down a bunt will do it.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

Memo to Giancarlo: I'd seriously want to know... who told you that when the pitcher is ahead in the count in the ninth inning of a one-run game and the opposing team's ONLY legitimate hitter is at the plate, that the pitcher won't throw a waste pitch in the dirt???

This is getting more difficult to witness every day. The Miami Habaneras... the HAs Beens And Never wAS.


Flav, I don't want you to change your win estimate. All I want EVERYONE to do is enjoy this for what it is---an historic season that I firmly believe will make Loria a national name. He will be ridiculed from Seattle to Key West and from San Diego to Presque Isle. and he will become the subject of jokes on every late night talk show in America. And he is not the type person who abides ridicule and the ridicule will be epic IF this team can produce a 40 win season.Does it really matter if they win 67, 69,63,58? NO!!!!! 40 will be a lot more fun and much more entertaining. We will be a team for the ages and I rarely disagree with DT, but in this instance I believe a season like that might spark action. You can't have a part of your product line be a disgrace. You can have a team be bad--and for a long tome--but you can't have it be a laughingstock even for a short time.

Stan M

With apologies to rbleigh, should Heath Cishek be replaced?


Just think how skewed the standings will be at the end of the year for the teams that play the Marlins? Maybe this will prompt some pressure from the players association and other owners. I mean you can roll into Miami and be guaranteed of a sweep for the most part right? So you basically have a product on the field that is so horrible with no signs of any real improvement and if there is a close race at the end of the year and a particular team gets to play the Marlins for three that could certainly change the outcome of a playoff race. And you have to figure that Ricky Nolasco and Strikeout Stanton will be shipped off by the end of the year. We could have several historic years from what I've seen so far. Heck if we win 38 this year what will next year look like? There is no Bryce Harper lurking in the minors for this organization.

Seth on Meth

Loria is a genius. JJ ,Buerhle ,Bonifacio all suck ,Reyes hurt and Buck will end up sucking too.


Flags, I have nothing but respect for all but 2 of the bloggers. For the very high majority I consider you guys(girls) to be witty, knowledgable and fine communicators. The only thing I continue to question is how everybody can't see the only redeeming opportunity to lie in about a 38 win season? I don't care about boycotts or protests. I believe we need a tsunami of losses, unprecedented in the Modern Era. We need this----Stan, NO "m" word----gentleman to be shamed,humiliated and held up to ridicule. We need a product so deplorable that the rest of the owners will find it to reprehensible to be associated with on any level. I would actually like an insurrection--but they are not good enough to protest anything. What can they protest, that they are on a Major League roster? Nolasco's agent should be encouraging him to become bellicose in his comments to get out of there. My sympathy for Stanton is abating as I find his performance to be commensurate with those around him.Eventually this MUST garner some national ridicule. It;s too good of a story to ignore. Too many ways to sell it. "Let's Keep It Under 40" should be the new motto. By the way, there should no longer be any tolerance for the Bobbysy Twins who broadcast these games. They have proven themselves to be hacks without enough confidence to believe they could find other work if they were to tell the truth. Craig has always been a clown and I trust that Wilson certainly doesn't need the money to sully himself with this product.


Youre right. Minervini is an assclown so much so that his ex-wife woke up and dumped his clownass act after he lost his gig on TV to Buckethead no talent Cefalo sucking Joe Rose. Preston Wilson is another joke especially when he wears his Farrakhan costume. And how about Chuckles Hutton who laughs at everything he says. They all belong in the unemployment line for no talent TV jagoffs.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

Lou, I can certainly see your pov on whether Loria can be run out of here based on a record-setting W-L record, and becoming a nationwide laughingstock... believe me, if it turns out like that and we're rid of him, great!

But the reason I have my doubts about it is because there are always scapegoats who are made to fall on their sword, even though everyone knows who is really responsible. Potential scapegoats for the upcoming winter are Beinfest, Sampson and, as always, ANY of the coaches or scouts. For example... team finishes at or near the bottom in runs scored? Then it'll be "Fire Tino! Let's get another coach in here who can do the job"

Dionysus Thelxinoe

Shame Loria? It's not possible, imho.

Carpetbagger robber barons like him have no shame. That's why they're capable of lying to an entire community, then turning right around and justifying it by blaming everyone else for his fiasco... even us, the fans!!!

That doesn't sound to me like someone who can be shamed into action.

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