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Slowey remains upbeat even as a W continues to elude him

As heartbreaking as Thursday's 4-3 loss was for Marlins starter Kevin Slowey because he let a 3-1 lead get away from him and failed to pick up his first win since Sept. 18, 2010, there was a positive.

He threw a season-high 112 pitches over six innings of three-run, five-hit ball and felt good afterward.

"For a pitcher like me who has come back from some injuries to know my manager and my pitching coach have faith in me that my pitches 105 to 112 are still going to be competitive it's a great thing," said Slowey, who didn't pitch all of 2012 because of a fractured rib and missed the rest of the 2011 season with an abdominal strain.

"I felt like I was still commanding the ball where I wanted to. The [game-tying home run] pitch to [Nate] Schierholtz just didn't execute it in where I wanted it. But those next couple batters I was able to continue to let it go. I didn't feel winded or exhausted."

Marlins manager Mike Redmond said he felt "totally confident" having Slowey continue to work in the sixth even though his pitch count was high. Slowey hadn't thrown more than 93 pitches in a game this season before Thursday.

"We need to get this guy a win," Redmond said. "He's pitched his butt off. He deserves it."


Turns out the Heat jersey with the No. 1 hanging in the Marlins' clubhouse doesn't belong to Chris Bosh. It belongs to veteran left-fielder and longtime Heat fan Juan Pierre, who said he received it as a gift from the Heat during his bachelor party three years ago at AmericanAirlines Arena.

Pierre said he's had the jersey hung close to his baseball locker since he got it and brings it out during the playoffs. But he won't wear it.

"I wouldn't wear it with shorts and kick it," Pierre said. "Once you get past 30 you cant' wear jerseys. That's just the rule. You pass 30 years old you can't wear it. When I became a man I had to put those away."


> Marlins (5-17): 1. Juan Pierre LF, 2. Placido Polanco 3B, 3. Giancarlo Stanton RF, 4. Joe Mahoney 1B, 5. Donovan Solano 2B, 6. Rob Brantly C, 7. Chris Coghlan CF, 8. Chris Valaika SS, 9. Wade LeBlanc LHP.

> Cubs (7-14): 1. Dave Sappelt CF, 2. Starlin Castro SS, 3. Anthony Rizzo 1B, 4. Alfonso Soriano LF, 5. Wellington Castillo C, 6. Scott Hairston RF, 7. Cody Ransom 3B, 8. Darwin Barney 2B, 9. Scott Feldman RHP.


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Anibel Sanchez just struck out his 17th Atlanta Brave to set the all time Detroit Tiger record.

Flav C.


Are you implying that the Marlins was gypped once again by Dombrowski, by sending a serviceable catcher, a future lefty reliever, and a bust of a pitcher, and the Marlins sending a gold-glove caliber 2B and a pitcher with Cy Young type of stuff?

You absolutely cannot be implying that.

Stan M

OK, Mr. Loria. I get it that the team had no future and was better off being gutted. I also undestand that this is a transitional year and wins and losses are largely irrelevant. What I don't understand is why we must watch several players who will be no part of this team's future. If we must lose, let's lose with players who have promise and can learn at the ML level. Ozuna s killing the ball, bring him up. Cox is hitting .339; can he be any worse than what we have? Brad Hand had given up no runs in 4 of his 5 AAA starts. Can he be any worse than LeBlanc? Dietrick has good, not great, stats, but his ABs show power. Let's see what he can do. Yelich needs another week or two, but he damn sure is needed and can outhit Coghlan. You must know by this time that it is impossible for you still to be part of this team in 6 years when free agency would loom for these kids. Why should you care? Do something, man, this is dreadful and you will ultimately be the one to pay for it via the powers that be. As things now stand, somebody is going to have to come down on you, and hard. It could even cost you money...think about that!

In these days of advanced coaching and filming techniques, you seldom see a hitter with a pronounced hitch in his swing. Watch BJ Upton. No wonder the guy can't hit for an average.


Agree with you Stan. I am so tired of watching Pierre and his worthless AB's this year.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

Not too worry, Stan. Before this season is done, many players will be called up, ready or not, in a vain attempt to stem the flood of losses. The old "throw stuff against the wall and see what sticks" method. That's about the extent of their baseball knowledge. It's what they did over the winter, bringing in guys like John Maine, Pierre, et al.

Marlin Fan

Agreed Stan . It's also time to get Leblanc out of the starting rotation . He did well last year A's a SPOT starter and middle relief . Also maybe time to go with closer by committee .what little opportunities we have for wins this year, we can't have Chisek blow . ... Even though I rout for him, I don't think Coughlin will be anything more than a fourth OF.... I do like Valaika and Maloney , they could have potential . Yelich should have started the season with the club .

Dionysus Thelxinoe

If Slowey is looking for W's, boy did he pick the wrong spot!!!


As Flav points out above...the Marlins management from ownership on down, do not know how to evaluate MLB talent...& the other 29 teams know it. The Marlins generally get the worst end of any trade they make.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

Actually, while Flav may point it out above, the MAAArlins crack management points it out with every move they make.


Infante with a 2 run homer, rbi double and another hit to be 11 for last 22. Maybe it's something in the air down there. It's hard to believe Mahoney and Infante EACH has more homers than Stanton. Michael, NO WAY to get your butt out of there.

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