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Stanton belts first home run and unleashes a monster -- 472-foot shot 3rd longest of his career

It took him longer than he wanted, but when Giancarlo Stanton finally belted his first home run of the season Saturday night he really got into it.

The first inning blast off Cubs left-hander Travis Wood soared over the left field video scoreboard and only stayed inside Marlins Park because it bounced off the sliding glass doors behind it. The ball traveled an eye-opening and estimated 472-feet -- third longest of his career.

“It hit the windows," Stanton said afterward. "Window damage.’’

According to ESPN's hittrackeronline.com, which keeps record of home run distances, Stanton's blast fell three feet shy of the longest in baseball this season. That record still belongs to the Cubs' Anthony Rizzo, who belted one 475-feet last week against the Rangers at Wrigley Field.

The homer was also the longest home run at Marlins Park. The previous mark was a 462-foot shot by Stanton last May 21.

Cubs manager Dale Sveum was impressed by the shot.

"“I guess if you are going to give one up, you don’t want to give up any cheapies,” Sveum said. “That’s as far as I’ve seen a ball hit. As strong as he is and getting a 3-1 fastball …”

When told that the shot was measured at 472 feet, Sveum said: “I think that’s a little bit short.”

According to hittrackeronline, Stanton's two longest career blasts have come at Coors Field. His longest home run -- and longest by anyone during the 2012 season -- was a 494-foot blast off Rockies pitcher Josh Roenicke It was 29-feet longer than anyone else in the game last season. Stanton's second longest blast traveled 474 feet at Coors back in 2011.

Could Stanton remember hitting a ball better than he did Saturday?

"That one was pretty good," he said. "Here I’ve hit a few of those foul. So it was nice to finally get it on the right side of the pole."

By hitting Saturday's home run, Stanton ended a run of 72 consecutive at-bats dating back to Oct. 1 of last season without a long ball. It was the third-longest stretch of his career without a long ball. Last season, he opened the year without hitting a home run until his 69th at-bat.

His longest career streak without a home run is a run of 97 at-bats from the end of the 2011 season (29 at-bats) to his first home run in 2012 (68-at-bats). His second-longest career streak without a home run was a span of 83 at-bats from June 11, 2011 to July 6, 2011.


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They now must go 64-73 in last 137 games to win 69. Translated--they need to play 9 games under in next 137 games after playing15 games under in first 25. On the way to being worst team in MLB history. Get on the bandwagon or whatever you would call it under these circumstances. By the way, to finish at .500 for the year they need to go 76-61. Nobody had them playing at .500, did they??


Just checked. The Mets were 7-18 after first 25 games in 1962. I'm telling you, we can do this!!!!!!

Clark, how about posting a 62 Mets score for every Marlins game as they move through the season. Right now:

Marlins 5-20
Mets 7-18 Games Behind-2

Stan M

Had to use Chicago feed to watch game. Announcers felt Stanton should have caught fly ball that eventually led to 3rd run. Was he dogging it, or afraid of getting hurt again. Also when Pierre led off 8th with infield hit, he didn't steal 2B. Why? My guess is that if he had done so, Cubs would have been able to walk Stanton after they got 2 outs. Definitely not the way to play the game. He ended up on 2B when Stanton was up anyway. If Pierre isn't going to run, he shouldn't be playing for he now has few other skills.


After Stanton's home run it must be time for Loria to trade him. When one considers all of the players that have been given away by this excuse for an owner it is enough to make South Florida the laughing stock of MLB.

In fact if you watch the MLB network as I do that is exactly what they think. This past week they spent one night discussing which team Stanton will go to.

It is as if baseball in Miami and nothing more than a feed stock for other teams.

The question is how do we forced the sale of the team to an entity that is committed to wining and has the dollars to do just that?

I don't know about the rest of you fans but trading Stanton a 23 year standout for "prospects" is insane and not justifiable.

So it comes down to Loria or Stanton: which one go first?


I guess it's all a matter of perspective.
At our church service this morning, the sermon centered on Jesus' command that we love one another. On the way out the door, I stopped to shake hands with the pastor, a new arrival from Pennsylvania and a rabid baseball fan.
Knowing he would understand, I jokingly asked him if it were truly necessary that I love Jeffrey Loria.
"Why not?" he said without missing a beat. "Phillies fans sure do."

Dionysus Thelxinoe

rfdtd, I don't you realize how truly disliked Loria is. Stanton or Loria? How about Loria or the lowest scrub on the lowest minor league team? Loria would lose that one too... easily.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

An entire post about Stanton's first HR of the season, as the team suffers its 20th defeat in only 25 games???

Manny, does Loria tell YOU what to write, same as he dictates the rotation for Redmond? Cause you couldn't be playing any more into his hands if you tried.

Seriously, man, grow a pair!

Dionysus Thelxinoe

correction... 19th defeat in 24 games.


DT..Give them a couple of hours.

Marlin Fan

Great line up. Stanton sandwiched between. Coughlin and Dobbs ???? The only other players with any hint of power ( Ruggiano and Maloney on the bench ) .


Maloney has a hammy. That makes three Fish first basemen out with injuries.


I actually also made a mistake in the losses. I got ahead of myself. I'm amazed--well, not really, they haven't won since 1908----they are pitching to Stanton at all. It's obvious he is in one of his zones.

Flav C.

Great day to spend at the ballpark. Gorgeous weather. Finally able to see Stanton at his best. Bad thing I tried to take a picture of it but couldn't pull the trigger on time.

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