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Stanton, Mahoney to DL; Marlins call up Ozuna, Hand

       The Marlins have placed Giancarlo Stanton and Joe Mahoney on the disabled list, each with right hamstring injuries, and are calling up outfielder Marcell Ozuna from Double A Jacksonville and pitcher Brad Hand from Triple A New Orleans.

        Stanton is scheduled to undergo a MRI on Tuesday.

        "We'll find out more tomorrow," Stanton said. "But anytime you go down, it's not good."

        Stanton suffered the injury in the 10th inning while trying to beat out a nubber hit in front of the plate. He grimaced after crossing the bag at first, reached back for his leg, hopped twice, and fell to the ground. He said he heard a "pop," just as first baseman Casey Kotchman did when he suffered a hamstring injury the second game of the season. Kotchman remains on the DL.

        "Not good," said Larry Beinfest, Marlins president of baseball operations, standing outside the clubhouse following Monday's morning, which ended early Tuesday morning. "He's hurting. It grabbed him pretty good."

         Manager Mike Redmond said Ozuna would likely take Stanton's place in right field. Ozuna, 22, is one of the organization's top prospects, and he's off to a hot start at Jacksonville, where he's hitting .333 with 5 home runs and 15 RBI in only 42 at bats.

         Because the bullpen was used hard (11 innings) Monday, Hand was brought up as insurance. Hand was scheduled to start Tuesday for New Orleans.

         "Obviously a big blow losing Stanton," Redmond said. "We're enjoying this win tonight. But at the same time tomorrow the reality will set in that he's not in the lineup anymore. But Ozuna's an exciting player and hopefully he'll come up and provide a spark."

         -- In terms of innings, Monday's 15-inning game was one of the 10 longest in franchise history. Elapsed time of the game was 5:31. The longest game was the Marlins' 20-inning affair against St. Louis in 2003, which lasted 6:07. 



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luvin it

more mullets for this fish fry


Stanton is never going to stay healthy.

Who's on first base

Take a look at Brantly's stats with RISP, high leverage situations, and RISP with 2 outs this season. You might be surprised to see who the real clutch hitter on this team is so far.

levarage this

clutch hitter? yeah,they're scoring alot of runs

Who's on first base

hitting .400 with risp. 8 out of 20, with 8 rbis.
not bad if you only played 20 games in the season.

Sunny Dee

Just as the Marlins were beginning to turn their season around, a stroke of bad luck strikes. Loria's plan was coming to fruition and this team was primed for a run. A two game winning streak marred by a devastating injury to a star player. I feel bad for Loria.

Stan M

Brantly has hit a number of line drives that have been caught. I believe he has thrown out 5 of 7 attempted stealers. But those past balls are troubling. If he didn't have a passed ball in ninth, that score tying infield single would only have advanced the runner from second to third and game might have ended right there with next batter whom I believe made an out.
Am very pleased with the call ups. I it had been my choice, they were the two players I would have advanced as well. Hand has been superb in 4 of his 5 starts, yielding no runs. The other start he was hit hard. Ozuna seems more advanced from his injury than Yelich. He's going to strike out a whole lot, but so did Stanton. When evaluating Stanton's worth, his brittleness must be taken into consideration. It will deplete his trade value at least a little bit.


LOL...Sunny Dee obviously a Loria family member or employee.
"Beginning to turn their season around"
"Poised for a run"
"Feel bad for Loria"

What a joke!

Flav C.


The next batter in the 9th only made an out because it was the pitcher who was hitting. The Mets had a pinch-hitter ready to at-bat, but since they scored first, they decided to keep the pitcher in the game.
Also, that was a wild-pitch by Rauch, not a passed ball. Brantly definitely had a hard time to locate the ball, but still, it was hardly a passed ball. It went as a wild pitch.

If there was one single thing this team should work on (specially now that Stanton is out) is their execution when the lead-off man is on base. It's been horrible. And they had plenty of chances so far.

There were a total of 72 opportunities where the Marlins lead off man reached base. The Fish only scored in 21 of them. In 11 times, the leadoff was on 2B, and the Marlins scored only 6 times.

In 6 different opportunities, the Marlins had 2 men on base, nobody out. No scores. 4 of those times, the marlins lost by 1 run.

So, here is an opportunity to improve their basic skills: Stealing base, running bases, bunting, etc..bottom line: making productive outs.

Sunny Dee

TC - I was being sarcastic, although I believe it will be Loria's excuse for this season if he ever takes questions from the media again. I despise Loria.

Poo Poo Platter

This is Karma folks fr that scumbag of an owner. When was the last tie that this team was healthy? This team has been ravaged by injuries for years now, even at the Minor League level.

Poo Poo Platter

The sad part about Stanton is that we will not get as much in return for him once we trade him, but I guarantee you that he will not be injury-prone once he is traded. Some team will give up a couple of Minor League pitchers that don't pan out for us and then Stanton wil end up having a hall of fame career. Watch!

Marlin Fan

Agreed Flav , been saying that . Like the Ozuna call up. Other than Yelich ,maybe Cox , is there anyone else down there who looks ready to help AND build a future with??
Looke like the bullpen is getting their act together . Some nice outings . Chisek still worries me. His delivery is tailor made for Lefties . Hopefully he gets the consistency he had last yr .

Stan M

Flav, thanks for the clarification.I was watching on TV and will just say he could have had it, not he should have had it. In point of fact, I'm very pleased with Brantly. Completely agree with your evaluation of the team's lack of small ball execution. Part is manager's fault in my opinion. A player should be put in a position where he can do what he does best. And if a guy can't bunt, the team shouldn't waste an out learning that. Red is new, but he should have an experienced bench coach offering advice. Letting Fernandez hit was incredulous and I don't care who he had on the bench. To date our new manager has melded the team well, but is a horrible tactician. Maybe the coaches should be more vocal, we're not there to see what is happening in the dugout.

Flav C.

Nick Green has only 4 walk-off hits in his career as a major-league player.

Now he can add his first walk-off sac fly in his resume.

Marlins Fan,

Agree on Cishek. Eventually, the Marlins should start trying AJ Ramos to close some games. He has a nasty Fastball on its mid 90's, throws lots of strikes, and has pretty good secondary pitches (slider/change-up).

Stan M

What do you folks think of this Koehler guy? I was led to believe that he had AAAA stuff. But I was very impressed with the way his ball moved last night. It wouldn't upset me if he became one of our starters to see what he can do in that role. I also think that Ramos should be our closer before too much time passes.

Flav C.


Completely agree with you on Red's decision to let Fernandez hit. Just like I didn't agree with his decision to have JP hit and not bunt on the bottom of 14th, with 2 men on, nobody out.
On sports, some coaches/managers should use less of their "instinct" and let the probabilities take control once in a while.

Stan M

Flav, the infielders were crawling all over Pierre there in the 14th. I thought it was a perfect time for one of his "push punts" right by one of them. Any time he hits the ball in the air, he has failed. But whether intentional or not, the guy deserves immense credit fot taking that fastball on his elboe in an earlier inning. He seems to be coming around a little and let it be said that he had an awful lot to come around to. He had been dreadful.

Flav C.

No doubt about it. That was a nasty hit in the elbow.


Stan M...The sad truth is that EVERY player should be able to bunt well enough to lay down a simple sacrifice by the time they reach the big leagues, and the manager should be able to call on any one of them to do that. Somebody is not teaching these players the fundamentals on the way up and that is not Mike Redmond's fault. He has enough handicaps to overcome. The big leagues should not be an earn-while-you-learn situation. I watched an entire collage baseball game the other day which I seldom do, and those college kids were excellent bunters. I counted five sacrifice bunt attempts, all of them executed perfectly. I was thinking the Marlins should hire one of these kids to teach their players how to bunt BEFORE they get to the big leagues.


Stan, actually the charts--YES!! I do read them----on Pierre are amazing. He consistently(when he hits the ball in the air) put the ball in play in about a 20 square foot area. It's amazing when you see it, and somewhat compelling that he be benched as soon as he puts a ball in the air in a game. hand had to be brought up because the bullpen is going to begin to be "disabled" to a serious extent. Redmond has to force the Mets'hand with the pitcher on deck in the top of the 15th. They had absolutely nobody warming up and they weren't about to bring in another starter. It would not have been surprising if both teams had been shut out for about 5 innings by a position player who had to take the mound. The Mets announcers are so refreshing. A joy to listen to them.


Sunny Dee-Don't you hate it when you try to make it clear you are joking and someone just doesn't get it. You should not have to write LOL all over everything just to clarify things for the dunces in the room.


Mets announcers are the best.They make the marlins announcers sound like a high school production

Stan M

Rachel, there should be no world hunger and everyone should get along, too. Unfortunately, reality is that many, perhaps a majority of ML players can't and won't learn to bunt. If they can't/ won't, etc., it is craziness to ask them to and lose an out in the process. Whereas Red isn't responsible for this deficiency, he should be aware of those who are deficient. Pierre, who flied out to LF, is generally considered to be the best bunter in the ML.

I love to listen to Tommy and Rich, but not when the Met announcers are available. Hernandez and Darling are terrific analyists, and that bald headed guy is an encyclopedia of Met lore. We also get a more realistic view of the Marlin's plight. Love 'em!

Carlos Fernandez Blanco

...Correct our error, but I don't think Boog Powell, or Willie Stargell were very pressed to run-out nubbers!

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