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Stanton to have MRI on left shoulder, likely to miss rest of weekend

The Marlins, who fell to 1-9 and remain on pace with the 1998 team for the worst start in franchise history (1-11), could potentially be in even bigger trouble if the pain in slugger Giancarlo Stanton's left shoulder turns out to be worse than expected.

The All-Star right fielder was scratched from the lineup an hour before the start of the game Friday -- a pain he says has been escalating since he made a diving catch last weekend in New York. He's scheduled to have an MRI on Saturday and will at the very least sit out a few days.

"I wasn't too sure if it was the weather or the dive or what not," said Stanton, who took batting practice before the game. "I felt it [during batting practice] and I didn't like it."

Marlins manager Mike Redmond said the Marlins are in a wait-and-see approach for now.

"I would say it's fair to say he's not going to play tomorrow," Redmond said. "We're going to reevaluate him tomorrow."


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Damaged goods. Any takers? Old Giancarlo might be made of glass.

Marlin Fan

Lifts too much , not enough stretching ??? Who knows, been hurt alot in his short career . Maybe the injury has nothing to do with that . Hopefully nothing serious .


Its the old idontwannabehere injury


Trade me to a real team injury.


Jose Reyes carted off the field with a sprained or broken ankle. Fish aren't the only ones hurting.


Who among the crowd out there would want to play on the field with arguably the worst offense ever in MLB history?

Stanton 23, gifted and full of Ruth like power finds himself in a Loria induced hell. The camera shots last night tell the story: get me out of here.

And so the stage is set for the egomaniacal incompetent Loria to dump Stanton and once again to provide another team with a great young player. And it is not like Loria has not already down this before.

Why must South Florida centered by the great city of Miami put up with this? Why is Loria allowed to owned a MLB team?

The MLB is not an example of the free market and therefore Loria is subject to being pushed out.

Folks it really comes down to Stanton or Loria and while yes it is only baseball in question, our dignity as a major metropolitan area is truly in question.

Loria is an embarrassment that must go.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

I think with Stanton it's nothing more than an unwillingness to take any risk whatsoever with his career so he can play on a debased MAAArlins team which will finish in last place regardless. I don't think anyone can really blame him.

I'm more concerned with Jose Fernandez. I know they have him on a pitches and innings limit, but I don't trust their judgment at this point. At his age and with his inexperience, there will be times when he rares back and overthrows to pitch his way out of trouble. IMHO, one season of A ball is inadequate to build up his arm strength for this level. And he won't pace himself. If it wasn't for Loria's team-wrecking winter and desperation for cred, the kid wouldn't (shouldn't) even be here yet. I hope it doesn't cost him.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

On a less serious note, Redmond needs to seriously work on his propensity for stating the obvious. I haven't seen this many understatements since Tony Perez tried his hand at managing (such as it was).

Stan M

Considerig the CA Angel''s talent level, they're in much worse shape than the Marlins with a 2-8 record. They are currently desperate for a starting pitcher. I'd trade Nolasco in a heartbeat if it would be a favorable trade. They really need a pitcher and we aren't going to keep him anyway so he might be at his maximum worth right now after two good and one excellent outing.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

Stan M, respectfully, that's not a fair statement. The Angels have their issues (what team doesn't?), but they are perhaps one key piece or two from being a well-manned Series contender. The MAAArlins, otoh, are one key piece or two from being the worst team in baseball history.

Poo Poo Platter

This franchise run by that slithering snake oil salesman Loria is the biggest embarrassment in sports. That ponzi schemer will get his. What that is, I don't know, but it can't be good. How MLB even allows this criminal to run a team is beyond me, especially after what he did in Montreal.

There has to be dirt, scandal, or something that the media can dig up to bring that scumbag down. He belongs in a cell right next to the Shapiro's and Madoff's of the world. The key is for Scamson to be involved as well, so he can get his as well


Hope they finish with the worst record in MLB so Loria has to shell out Big $$$ for the 2014 #1 pick. As it stands now the Marlins have the 6th overall pick this June and 4 picks thru the first 80 players chosen. Washington spent big $$$ on Strasburg and Harper to help get them to where they are. Of course Loria would have to deal with Boras,who has his prints all over the roster in DC, with six players as clients. Hope the Marlins losing forces Loria's hand to spend Big$$$ on the draft,as long as he owns the team.

Stan M

DT, my point is that right now the Angels are in more trouble. That's simply because so much more is expected of them. Of course they have far more potential and will do much better than the Marlins in the long run. I'm talking about this point in time and their 2-8 is serious indeed. They do desperately need one or even two starting pitchers and why not have one of them be Nolasco...if it's a favorable trade and fills a need for the Marlins. People are talking about the Mets trading their two top prospects as part of a deal for Stanton. That would not fill a Marlin need. We have Brantly and a plethora of young pitchers. Better a trade with Texas if one must be made.

Oscar Greenberg

With all due respect, I do hope Stanton is not traded anywhere. It took the Marlins so may years to draft a hitter of this caliber, and trade him for more prospect is awfully stupid.
As Mike Lowell said the other day on the radio, when asked about trading Stanton for more prospects: "How much younger can this team get?".
An outfield with Yelich, Stanton, and Marisnick would be wonderful.

Stan M

Agree with everything you say, as usual it seems. Hope we keep him. Reality says it ain't goin' to happen. Love that OF you pose. If LOMo can't come back, I'll take Ozuna in LF and Yelich at 1B if necessary. Maybe, just maybe, if Nolasco is moved the team would have the $ to at least try to sign Stanton. If you were he, would you accept a long term contract under Loria. To be honest about it, I'd move on.


Its not so much about the Marlins signing Stanton its about being able to stamp a no trade agreement on it as well. Loria has never shied away from being the original signer of the deal but I'd be shocked to see said player play out the contract with the Marlins, Nolasco being an abberation up to this point and I believe that's because teams don't feel he's worth the current terms. As Stan points out perhaps the Angels in their current situation decide otherwise.

Oscar, while I'd like to see those guys play at the same just to see what they do together its hard to think that all 3 of them marterialize. At some point proven talent has to be assembled and allowed to "play" it out. At some point you get sick of being the nurturer for everybody else.

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