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Stanton will attempt to loosen his aching left shoulder up, take BP before Tuesday's game

Marlins All-Star right fielder Giancarlo Stanton, who has missed the team’s last four games with a sore left shoulder, will try to loosen up and take batting practice Tuesday.

Stanton said he’s still experiencing a “pinching” pain when he tries to raise his arm, but will try to give it a go Tuesday if he's able to take batting practice pain-free.

“It's gotten significantly better,” said Stanton, who injured the shoulder making a diving catch against the Mets two weekends ago. “Before I couldn't even lift my arm up at all. It's one of those dead arm, dead shoulder type deals.

"It's where the bone connects. That's where the bruise is."

Stanton, who took an MRI over the weekend, received a doctor's checkup in the Marlins clubhouse Monday.

"I told him where I was at. It's gotten better. But it's still there," Stanton said "The plan is to warm up tomorrow and swing and see where its at. To bring [my left arm] up, forward [my shoulder] doesn't like that. It feels like its being compressed. It hurts putting a shirt on. We'll see."

Stanton said it stinks having to watch his teammates struggle.

"I don't like it," he said. "To sit there knowing I can't do anything at this point and I didn't even do much [before] when I was there. At least I could give something to them [before]. It's not fun to watch. I'd rather be participating."

> Marlins closer Steve Cishek, who comes from Falmouth, Mass., spent most of the day Monday checking up on friends back home who may have been injured in the bombings at the Boston Marathon.

He told The Miami Herald after Monday's 10-3 loss to the Nationals that a girlfriend of an acquaintance was injured in the blast and was going to have surgery, but it was not believed to be life-threatening.

Cishek said he never attended the Boston Marathon when he lived in New England, but obviously has a lot of friends and family back home who have in the past. 


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ex season ticket holder

Loria says "I'm not here to be invoved in losing baseball" on Outside the Lines on ESPN. Loria didnt say what he IS here for. Guess.

Marlin Fan

Everything out of Loria's mouth is BS . Stanton realizes that in order to have other teams interest in him for a trade , he has to prove he's healthy and at least TRY to play . Otherwise I think he would milk this much longer .


"Stanton said he’s still experiencing a “pinching” pain when he tries to raise his arm"
yeah right: Stanton is 23, 6'4" terrific specimen that has one pain and one pain only and that is Loria.

And sitting out at home games sends a practical message to his "owner". Stanton has no intention providing one fan to line Loria's pockets and so he sits with a pain in his arm.

Once the team is back on the road the pain will be gone.

The bottom line none of this should be happening. Loria destroyed the team leaving nothing on the field for a transition.

MLB and Selig are at fault, as much as Loria for tolerating his reckless off season trades. If you, as I do watch the MLB network, it becomes clear that Miami has been left for dead.

In enough words South Florida when it comes to baseball is a joke and represents nothing more than a Win for opposing teams.

Is it any wonder that Stanton the "Ruth" like wonder has a pain in his arm?

Flav C.

Brian Flynn with another good outing last night in AA. 6 IP, 3 Hits, no earned runs. His ERA through 3 starts is now 1.06.
Another pitcher who is performing really well out of the bullpen is Edgar Olmos. So far this season he pitched 7.1 innings in relief with an ERA of 0.00. Going back to last season (when he was promoted to AA) along with this year's results, his total ERA is 0.35. Detail: He is lefty too.
So here you go: Flynn, Olmos, and Lazo. 3 southpaws who are pitching brilliantly in JAX and hopefully will be part of the roster sometime later this season or next season.


Just put Stanton on the DL...get it over with and call up Petey ,who can play RF

Dionysus Thelxinoe

Manny inadvertently edited out the end of Stanton's quote in describing his injury... It should have read, "It's one of those dead arm, dead shoulder, dead desire-to-play-here type deals."

Manny apologizes for any inconvenience to the readers.


Heightend security at Marlins Park last nite. Two bomb sniffing dogs came upon Samson in his pink shirt. One rolled over in it's back and started licking its balls, the other tried to hump him. Their handlers had to pull them away,much to Samsons disappointment.

Sunny Dee

At this point, I want the Marlins to lose as many games as possible this season. The more games the Marlins lose, the more scrutiny Loria will receive, and the more likely he will be forced to sell the team or spend money.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

Sunny Dee, like most every other robber baron, Loria is shameless. He'll blame the media, or the manager, or even us the public, as the reason for his losing. But negative clamor will just bounce off him, he's already shown is that.

The only chance we have of ridding ourselves of this lying thief is if he loses money. Only then will he and MLB listen and act. So long as he makes money, which he's done every year (I challenge anyone to demonstrate otherwise), he will stay put.


The Marlins as a team sux....What in the world has Loria done to a team trading or getting rid of prime players. My attitude toward the Miami team has lost me as a fan and I will not blame anyone but Loria as the DEVIL who burned up the entire team.I also will not attend anymore games they play anywhere. Seem's to me the team is headed for a disaster and a huge losing season....H

Dionysus Thelxinoe

Re: the use of the term "robber baron" to describe Loria... Merriam-Webster's definition: " a business owner or executive who acquires wealth through ethically questionable tactics."

Miami fans should petition Merriam-Webster to slap Loria's photo next to that entry. It might at least serve to warn the next city that this lying weasel thief criminal picks to victimize.

Eddie S

When Alverez and Eovaldi are healthy- Senabia and Slowey should go to the bullpen Qualls and Rauch to the minors . We picked Qualls and Rauch from the scrap heap.Should have left them there. Rauch blew 2 games in a row and Qualls has had bad E.R.A. for years. Maybe keep Slowey in the rotation and send Leblanc down.



Slowey to the bullpen? Eddie S. ,you just provrd you are a freakin moron and dont know shittttt about baseball.

Stan M

Bob, you don't look too good on that last post. First, why must you call a fellow poster names? Second, be sure that you have your facts right before attacking a another Marlin fan who simply wants to make his ideas known on this blog. Eddie said that Slowey should go to the bullpen initially, then corrected himself later And he's certainly got a point about Rauch and Qualls. Look again. He said LeBlanc should be the one to leave the rotation. There is no reason for name calling. Hell, half the people on this blog think I'm an old fool and have some strange opinions. But with very rare exceptions they even treat me with respect. Apologize!

Camera Mike

Just read that Skipworth is being optioned back to AAA and Joe Mahoney is coming off the DL tomorrow. Lou, it looks like you were right. Zero hits for Kyle.

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