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Talking Jose Fernandez, Marlins with ESPN's Keith Law

    WASHINGTON -- Dealing with a nasty head cold and haven't left my hotel room on what is an off day for the Marlins before they return to action Wednesday against Gio Gonzalez and the Nats. Kevin Slowey will be on the hill for the Marlins, seeking his first major league win since 2010.

     Jose Fernandez was scheduled to throw a 50-pitch "sim game" at Nationals Park this morning in preparation for his big-league debut on Sunday in New York. There's been quite a bit of debate surrounding the Marlins' decision to have Fernandez start the season with them rather than have the 20-year-old first gain some additional seasoning at Double A and, perhaps more significantly, push back the start of free agency by a year. I spoke about Fernandez and other Marlins-related issues this morning with ESPN's Keith Law. Here's the podcast of that discussion. I begin talking at about the 19:20 mark if you wish to fast forward.

      Along those lines, here's an opinion piece on the matter in which Jeff Moore of The Hardball Times argues that the Fernandez decision was a bad one by the Marlins.

      Tell us what you think. Should the Marlins have had Fernandez, who has never pitched above high A, gain more seasoning at Double A Jacksonville before bringing him up? Or did they make the right move?


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except for stanton their a minor league team anyway


Clark, if the Marlins feel he's as good or better than what they have available why not. Am I surprised they're speeding up his Arbitration eligibility by at least a year, well yes, of course. Overall I think it doesn't matter a whole lot though being that their no. 2 starter hasn't pitched a MLB game since 2010 and he's facing a guy who won 20 last year.

say NO to Loria

Clark , great analogy comparing the inaugural season at Marlins Park to the maiden voyage of the Titanic. Also in pointing out the Fernandez call up as a PR move for an organization that is clueless and doesnt care about good Pub. Loria's motto is screw em I'll get my money if they show up or not.


This kid is overly confident not arrogant like Harper, though. If he comes up and gets rocked and loses his confidence that could potentially mess him up in the long run. I don't think the risk is worth the reward.

The risk being that he may be mind bleeped and the reward is, well, I'm not sure what the reward could be. If he's as good as advertised what's the difference if the team will lose 100 games. Not sure he'll get me or anyone else to stadium anymore or less.

Flav C.

If anyone here has read anything about Fernandez's preparation (mental, physical, etc) with his personal coach of several years, you would know his success at this early age.
Orlando Chinea has been helping Fernandez since high school on every single aspect (mechanics, delivery, posture, discipline etc) and his words were exactly "Technically, he is ready to pitch in the big leagues right now". If Orlando thinks that, and Chuck Hernandez (who also knows Fernandez since high school and actually drafted him to play at USF) agrees, who am I to disagree.

Camera Mike

I also think there is more risk then reward here but with two injuries and the team deciding they still didn't want to start with Turner in the rotation (and that is something I would like to know why they didn't do) it wasn't like there were a lot of other options. For me I think the larger risk is losing him a year earlier then need be. We all know Loria's history of resigning players when there are due for a pay raise and with Scott Boras as his agent you know his next contract could be a hefty one.

I hope Chuck Hernandez is better than Randy St. Claire and can help Jose with this transition and make sure his confidence doesn't get shot if things don't work out quickly.

Flav C.


If you can, take a look at the pitchers both Chuck and Orlando (Fernandez's personal coach) helped develop.

They are better than St. Claire, no doubt about it.

Orlando Dolphan

Fernandez will be worth watching.

I still don't understand why Ruggiano did not start opening day and why he is not the every day starter. It is obvious that Coughlan's rookie year was a fluke. He is a bench player at best. The Marlins lineup is the most anemic in baseball. Why not put in one of your better hitters behind Stanton and put Polanco back in the 2 hole?

The Marlins may break the record for the worse regular season in baseball. Slowey is your #2 starter and Donavan Solano is your #6 hitter, Yikes!

deja vu all over again

Heath Bell just made his 1st 2013 appearance in relief entering the top of the 7th for the D-Backs who were down 3-1 to the Cards. HR ,single, HR..D-Backs down 6-1..exit Bell to a cascade of Boo's in Arizona. Sound familiar Marlins fans????

Oscar Greenberg

Blue Jays fans already panicking LOL...Arencibia (catcher) had no clue on how to handle a knuckleballer...tons of PBs (passed balls) who ended up being critical to the result of the game...
I wonder if they are regretting the trade with the Mets by now..


Flav, his make up hasn't been tested. He dominated A ball hitters. He hasn't encountered failure playing professional baseball. I wouldn't be willing to test it so early in his career and at the MLB level. No one came into the league with as much as hype and expectation as Strasburg (in recent years) and even he pitched at several levels before being brought up.

I'm not a praying man but I am hoping all goes well for this kid.

Oscar Greenberg

hey Glags, sorry for chime in...after trying to defect from Cuba 4 times, going to jail in the process, being separated from his family...I guess Fernandez is ready mentally to fail or succeed in professional baseball...

Stan M

If makeup is a major criteria, the kid will probably be fine. The feeling that I get is that Loria knows that he won't be owning the team much longer so that extra year of saving salary money on Fernandez didn't factor into his decision. Should this be so, and if Yelich shows well in AA ball, we might also see him much sooner than expected.

Oscar, you got a taste of Laurel Bowie yesterday.

Can this team experience any further bad luck with injuries. We lost our two best outfield prospects (other than Yelich) to hand injuries, and now two of our better pitching prospects as well. Ouch!


Oscar, valid point. I'd forgotten what he had to go through just to get here.


I wonder how Fernandez would've enjoyed playing for Ozzie. The kid probably would have eventually kicked his Castro-crazy caboose back to Cuba, but now we'll never know. One more missed opportunity in a season of missed opportunities for the Marlins. (Insert long sigh here.)


Whoopee!!! All you Gorkys fans rejoice. Nobody wants him and he gets to stay with the Marlins.Same with Cox.and Maine. Whoops..Ethey lose Evan reed to the Tigers...Oh well ,they get to keep 3 outa 4 stiffs.


Stan...I was kind of reading between the lines too on why bringing Fernandez up early really doesn't matter....if Loria is going to be out of here sooner rather than later...we can only hope!


Stan M, Spit, et al...The story is that Fernandez will make his major league debut on Sunday in New York. But I wonder whether the sphincter-in-chief is actually planning to start him in the Marlins home opener on Monday. It might be his only hope of selling out the new ballpark and saving face with his cronies — assuming the potbellied bandit has any cronies left.

Carlos Fernandez Blanco

...Orlando's Fan, we grow wistful when we read your posts. You see we weren't born in the 1930's and not until the last entry for the 40's, and know " agent-provocateurs " only from history books. Anyone who can consistently smack the hell-out of MLB pitchers, lefties or righties isn't a fluke, he's a game maker. If you've ever had a muscle pull near your collar bone, you'd know that it makes it very difficult to have any strength in that arm's side, even to hold a paint-brush.

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