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Tino Martinez, Mike Redmond no match for Jose Fernandez

     WASHINGTON -- Five days before he faces major league hitters for the first time, Jose Fernandez impressed a couple of former players with his stuff when he threw a 50-pitch simulation game at Nationals Park.

      Marlins manager Mike Redmond and hitting coach Tino Martinez stood in the box against Fernandez, who got in his final work before his major league debut Sunday at Citi Field in New York.

       "I didn't get any hits," Redmond said. "It took me three at bats before I made contact. But I figured that was pretty good since I hadn't had an at bat in three years."

       Perhaps no one was more impressed with Fernandez than veteran catcher Miguel Olivo, who was behind the plate for Tuesday's mound workout.

       "I was surprised," said Olivo, who only joined the team a few days ago and hadn't seen Fernandez in person, much less catch the 20-year-old hurler. "It's amazing. When you see a young kid like that, 20 years old, and he has the control that he has, and the look on the mound like he's been in the league for five years. It was amazing."


       With left-hander Gio Gonzalez taking the mound tonight for the Nationals, Olivo will be making his first start for the Marlins since the end of the 2007 season. Justin Ruggiano is in center.

        The lineups:

        Marlins: 1. Juan Pierre, lf; 2. Donovan Solano, 2b; 3. Giancarlo Stanton, rf; 4. Placido Polanco, 3b; 5. Justin Ruggiano, cf; 6. Miguel Olivo, c; 7. Casey Kotchman, 1b; 8. Adeiny Hechavarria, ss; 9. Kevin Slowey, p.

        Nationals: 1. Denard Span, cf; 2. Jayson Werth, rf; 3. Bryce Harper, lf; 4. Ryan Zimmerman, 3b; 5. Adam LaRoche, 1b; 6. Ian Desmond, ss; 7. Danny Espinosa, 2b; 8. Kurt Suzuki, c; 9. Gio Gonzalez, p.

         Umpires: HP Eric Cooper; 1B Paul Schreiber; 2B Chad Fairchild; 3B Jeff Kellogg (cc)


        The much-celebrated trio of outfielders for Double A Jacksonville -- Christian Yelich, Jake Marisnick and Marcell Ozuna -- are all starting the season on the disabled list. The Suns' season-opener is Thursday.

         Yelich has a stone bruise on his left heel, Marisnick is dealing with a broken hand and Ozuna has a fractured left wrist.

         Yelich isn’t expected to miss much time.


          Gorkys Hernandez, Zack Cox and Scott Maine have all cleared waivers and were outrighted to Triple A New Orleans. But the Detroit Tigers claimed one of the other four players the Marlins designated for assignment -- right-pitcher Evan Reed -- on Wednesday.

          The four players were designated to make room for additions to the 40-man roster.


         Heath Bell’s debut with the Arizona Diamondbacks on Tuesday was reminiscent of many of his outings last season with the Marlins. Bell, who entered in the seventh inning with Arizona trailing 3-1 to St. Louis, gave up a home run on the first pitch he threw, walked a batter, and then gave up another first-pitch home run.

         All told, Bell went one-third inning, allowing three runs on four hits and a walk.



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Well, at least ONE move in the offseason makes sense. Heath Bell is stinking up the place somewhere else now.

Stan M

Evan Reed was one of the two young pitchers we got for Cantu a couple of years ago.

Somehow, I feel no pity for Heath Bell. He threw too many others under the bus.

We can't trust the FO to tell the truth, but Tino, Oliva, and Redmond are believable. It certainly sounds like Fernandez has the stuff. For any of you who didn't hear, he had two assignments after being sent down this Spring, both against AA farm clubs. In one he struck out 8 in 4 innings and in the other he gave up no hits in 5 innings. The big question remains...how will he get hurt? It's like a plague with our prospects.

LB, some late night I'd like to hear if you have any take on the Carter Malaise speech that Pat Caddell is up in arms about. I'm pretty sure you wold have been in Wash. around then. If you didn't see, Lou is definitely not banned.

Poo Poo Platter

Watch Evan Reed become a stud with Detroit, while Jacob Turner becomes another bust in a long line of terrible trades by the worst run franchise in sports.

Stan M

Dear Poo Poo,
We could never has signed Anibel so he would have been lost. Infante was only negligibly better than the much younger...and cheaper...kid at 2B now. Turner is 21 years old; give him a little time, everyone in baseball says the talent is there. And if we had only received Brantly, it would not have been a terrible trade as things are working out. The FO is guilty of many sins, but this isn't one of them...in my opinion.

Orlando Dolphan

Poo Poo,

I could not agree with you more. The Marlins are an embarrassment of a frachise. They always get raped in trades. How can you continue to trade good major league talent for hope. I still remember the Miguel Cabrera trade. To trade a guy that just won the triple crown for a bunch of garbage is sad. All of those players turned out to be busts.

I completely disagree with anyone that says that the Infante and Anibal Sanchez trade was a good one. To site that we would not be able to sign the players anyways as an excuse of why this was a good trade tells you how sad this franchise is. It is not like you have to pay these guys Albert Pujols or Jose Reyes money. I heard the same things about Miller that I am hearing about Turner. Turner looks terrible, the youngster Fernandez is already ahead of him. I like Brantly but the jury is still out on him. I need to see it consistantly. Any player that turns out to be good here will be traded. Stanton, Fernandez, and Yelick will eventually be traded if Loria owns the team.

Orlando Dolphan

The 2003 Detroit Tigers lost 119 games. The question is will the Marlins lose more games than the Tigers.

I don't think they will break the all time record of the Cleveland Spiders of 20 wins and 134 losses. However, the Marlins are one of the worst teams I have ever seen. Donavan Solano, Chris Coughlan, and Echevarria should all be in AAA. Polanco will get hurt soon. Pierre is one of my favorite Marlins of all time but he has a couple of years left in the league. It is so frustrating to be a Marlins fan.

Orlando Dolphan

Well back to the Football blog. It is apparent that there are no Marlin fans anymore.

Camera Mike

I hate to ask this question but it may become pertinent soon. Does anyone know what the record is for the longest a team has gone to start a season without scoring a run?

Cleveland Spider


I was thinking the same thing. This is embarrasing. this may be the worst baseball team since the Detroit Tigers of 2003. At least we may be part of history with a lot of bad records.

I was analyzing this roster and there may be 5 or 6 true major league players on it. The rest do not belong in the big leagues or are border line.

Line up: 3- Stanton, Polanco, Pierre. Stanton would be the only player that would start on every team in baseball. Polanco and Pierre would be on most team's bench.

Bullpen- 1 Cishek Could be a closer on bad teams and would make most MLB bullpens

Starting Pitching- 1 Nolasco- Would be a #3 starter on bad teams, a #4 on good teams, and would compete for a # 5 on great teams.

How does major league baseball allow one of their owners to do something like this. To basically have a AAA team playing against major leaguers should not be allowed. This is an embarrassment to the league. I feel so bad for the Marlins TV announcers, it is like they are not even major league announcers. They are broadcasting for a AAA team. You have to be dumba$$ if you paid major league dollars for Marlin Season tickets. Bud Selig DO SOMETHING!!!!

Flav C.

Philadelphia Athletics in 1906 and Chicago Cubs 1968, both teams scoreless for 48 consecutive runs. But I don't think it was to start a season.

The Nats in 2007 started the season with 21 scoreless innings, i remember someone saying at the time it was the most to start a season, but dont quote me on that.


I may not be banned but the anger has dissipated. There is really nothing to say. I had my buddy in Vegas take the under for the Marlins as far as wins are concerned this year. I really believe the oddsmakers really overestimated the "ability" of this team. Stan and Laurel will both remember the 62 Mets and i bet both agree by comparing the starting lineups of both teams, the Mets had a discernibly better lineup. Now they had nobody like Stanton and Brantly(who has potential) but for one season I believe the Mets had a more productive lineup. Pull up retrosheet and have a look. There will be no bashing of Loria or Samson from me as you guys are doing fine. Stan, if you wish to go to Atlanta during the season, make it to Greenville and I'll drive rest of the way. By the way, my posts really were disappearing for awhile.

Flav C.

Lou, welcome back.


Spider, Good post. I have what I believe is a valid question. For purely entertainment purposes would you prefer the Marlins win something like 61 or really go for it and hope for 40. Everybody here seems critical of what has transpired and if you really believe that there should be no doubt as to your choice in win totals.

Ceveland Spider


As bitter as I sound in my post, I simply can't sit here and hope to lose games. I really like baseball and I would hate switch teams . For now, I am watching on TV and once again hoping to see some of the young players develop. However, unlike past Marlin fire sells, I don't see a lot of young talent. There are a lot of has beens and young players that don't belong in MLB on this team. I am looking forward to seeing Fernandez and Yelick when he comes up. Stanton is still special and Brantly could turn out to be very good young player.

Other than that I read the paper every day hoping to see a headline announcing that Loria is selling the team. Loria is the worst owner in sports and one of the worst in MLB history. Selig worst commisioner in sports history too.

Camera Mike

I'd have to go with winning 61 and hopefully more. I have certainly spewed my share of venom towards Loria, the FO, and the moves this offseason, but at the end of the day I am a Marlins fan and cannot cheer for them to lose.

Camera Mike

Thanks for the response Flav. I haven't been able to find anything and there is a good chance you are right since your posts have shown you really know your baseball. I have a feeling if we get shut out tomorrow ESPN and MLB network will be telling us.


I'm not saying to cheer for them to lose. I'm wondering what the impact would be from MLB---probably positive----if this team wins 40 games. I just can't believe they would allow the situation to continue with current owners. I understand this isn't England where they relegate bad teams to a lower level for not performing,however, it certainly would be interesting to see Selig's reaction to a farce being part of his product line. I actually watched this game and wondered how long before Stanton goes ballistic? I'm thinking it won't be long. If they are on a 54 inning scoreless streak going into the Home Opener, they better take a long look at how many concessions they have on hand. Last year it was Ali. Let's hope we don't see Ingemar Johannson and Ezzard Charles wheeled in there.

Cleveland Spider

Everyone always talks about how bad Marlin fans are because we don't go to the games but who can blame us? No other fans in the last 20 years have been abused as much as Marlin fans by owners. They think they can have one or two good seasons and then tradition is built. You have to build tradition over time. Fans need to fall in love with players. Will there ever be a Marlins hall of famer? The answer is no, because good Marlin players don't stick around long enough. You need to have a Miguel Cabrera for 10 + years and winning seasons for fans to look forward to the baseball seasons. There will be a lot of cameras focusing on the empty seats this year and analysts saying WOW S. Florida does not support baseball but can you blame us? Tampa Bay has had a less supportive fan base yet they still put a competitive product on the field.

This garbage that these clowns are putting on the field is ridiculous. Loria if your pockets are not deep enough then do us all a favor and sell the team. Does this guy have any pride? He is seen as a joke of an owner and yet insists on owning a team. Sometimes I wonder what is Bud Selig's job? Would any other commissioner allow his sport to be embarrassed like this?

Cleveland Spider


The negative impact that Loria is having on baseball in Florida is going to make it so that the next owner is going to have a lot of winning seasons before they trust him. In addition, I bet that there are a lot of fans cheering for other teams because they have given up. Can you blame fans for swtiching alligiance to the Rays?

Bud Selig WAKE UP MAN!! Your sport is dying in S. Florida.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

Your posts have been disappearing because Loria traded away the blog administrator (who was due for a bump in pay) in exchange for a middle school student who works for minimum wage.

Clark Spencer

It was announced after the game that the Nationals became the 13th team since 1900 to record back-to-back shutouts to start a season. According to baseballreference.com, it's happened 11 times since 1916. Here's their listing: http://tinyurl.com/cu5c8h3 No team has ever started out with THREE shutout wins, so we could be on the brink of baseball history tomorrow when Jordan Zimmermann takes the mound against the Marlins -- Clark S.

Cleveland Spider

Dionysus Thelxinoe LOL!

Flav C.

Clark, to add to that, the Nats in 2007 had their first run in the 4th inning of their 3rd game of the season against our very own...Fish!
So, the Nats still holds the title of team with most consecutive scoreless innings to start a season - 21 innings. We could also look for breaking other records: most shutouts allowed in one season.

Clark Spencer

Actually, I just looked up the records of those teams listed with 2 shutout losses by baseballreference.com and, of that group, the 1943 St. Louis Cardinals went the longest 26 straight scoreless innings -- to start the season. Didn't seem to slow them much, though. That team ended up winning 105 games and the National League flag. -- C.S.

Liberace Loria

Who will score 1st? The Marlins or Rosie O'Donnell at a gay male stripclub on South Beach?

Camera Mike

Nice work Clark. Although now you have given the Marlins a lot to live up to this season.

Cleveland Spider

Thanks for the information Clark S. See guys our first bad record of the season will be coming tomorrow.

The Miami Heat were chasing the history recently by trying to get to 33 consecutive wins (they won 27). The Marlins 3 games into the season are about to make history. What can you do except laugh.

This was the worst fire sell we ever had. This team is beyond bad. After the last fire sell, we had Hanley, Ugla, Willis, Sanchez, etc, so there was some hope. The cover is bare now. The Marlins have to clean house starting with the owner. They need to build a new organization from the ground up.


Clark, Thanks for the info. I have reformed and become a kinder and gentler Lou. Assuming you were a betting man(and I know you're not) what would you have advised someone to do on a call in show if he had asked you IF the Marlins would win 63 games this year? I really don't--and I'm not being an agent provacateur-----see how they can get to 54 with the current cast. They say great teams and bad teams will automatically win 40 and lose 40, however, it's the other 82 games that will decide a season. In the Marlins' case I'm just not seeing where anyone will be an 8 game winner--Nolasco will be gone soon. I say Stanton starts getting real bellicose--not as bad as North Korean President---by May 1. I guarantee the 2003 Detroit Tigers were not this bad on paper before that season started.


The more I think about it and especially since being competitive is the only thing that counts anyway, why not just start the season off with 54 scoreless innings going into home opener. The team will be the "butt" of attention on Leno, Letterman, Fallon, Stewart, Colbert and maybe Meet the Press. Won't that be a lot more fun than just some run of the mill really bad team? Let's do this!!!

Stan M

Of course this team's front office has done us fans a lengthy disservice. However, that doesn't mean that a particular trade was bad. You must stop and understand that there was no possible way that Loria would keep Anibel; he was simply too expensive for this franchise at this time. What would have happened if the team didn't make that trade? Anibel would has garnered us a first round draft choice, but as it would be the Tiger's, it would be one of the last first rounders; about the 28-30th player chosen. And that is assuming that Loria woud have tendered him so that he would get a draft choice. Infante, to the best of my kowledge, had a two year contract and also would have been gone and the Marlins would either have received a late 2nd round draft, or nothing. Would you rather have Turner, Brantly, and don't forget Brian Flynn who we also received, or those draft choices? The chance of them being on the same level as the players we received is unlikely.
I don't know if it was just sentence structure, or whether you think that the Marlins traded a triple crown winner in Carbera. What they traded was an overweight, out of shape, alcholic who had become a negative influence on the younger players. Yes he changed, but there was no way to know how he would have turned out if he had stayed in the Miami environment. And at that time, most baseball pundits thought that the Marlins did well in their return. In retrospect, that trade was a disaster, but it is unfair to judge it by todays standards.

Anibel pitched 5 innings of 2 hit shutout ball today. Yes, we were shut out twice, but that was done by 2 of the best pitchers in the league. And on a positive note, our staff has averaged giving up less than 3 runs per game against a team that most consider the best in the league. And who was our most dissappointing player? He plays right field and looked awful. Overswinging and showing horrible pitch selection. He is a 3 year veteran and we should not see these rookie mistakes. And please don't lecture me about frustration and/or a lack of lineup protection. The man is a professional and didn't play like one...period!


Stan, You are absolutely correct about Stanton,however, let's assume that he is going to be fraustrated with the lineup(Polanco hitting cleanup)and let's assume his youth and immaturity prevents him from getting past what has gone done around him in the last year, what will this team be like with a disinterested and bored Stanton who may have never heard of Ralph Kiner but still realizes even if he hits 58 dingers and drives in 140 that the team he plays for is going nowhere. Kiner could keep fighting the good fight but he was a veteran. This team without Stanton would be in a dogfight to win the Pacific Coast League Championship.
By the way, Maybin and Miller were considered a good haul at the time. IF Maybin would have been the 5 Tool guy expected and Miller would have been the dominant lefty that trade would not look like a reprise of Ruth to the Yankees for the money to finance a DOG of a play.


By the way, I would rather have Brantly, Turner and Flynn for all the reasons you stated. I would also rather have a plate of bad hominy grits if I was starving but would rather not be starving and have a filet mignon at Peter Lugar's.


how long do you beat a dead horse ?

Stan M

If we are going to talk about a bad trade, let's discuss letting 'That Hopper" go to Tampa for an obscure catcher who is so bad that he wasn't even considered as a replacement for our 2nd string void this Spring. Or what about letting DeAsa go for nothing. But the worst was sending Dominguez to Houston for that statue we played at 1B. Even dumping Miller (understandable) was unfortunate for he is now an excellent lefty specialist and we got nothing in return. Choate just might have been our most telling loss last year for his special situation fell to Dunn and it wasn't pretty.

When we talk about how bad this team should be, I would like someone to do a little homework. Glags, this is right up your alley. Find out what the team's winning percentage was from the day of the Toronto trade till the end of the season. Then extrapolate that percentage over a 162 game schedule. Then compare each position on that team with today's team. We are better at 1B, 3B, LF, CF (Ruggiano was hurt and out), and C. We are about the same at 2B and RF and poorer at SS. Our starting pitchers are poorer, but our bullpen is improved. Our defense is tremendously improved, out attitude is in a different ethereal zone, and our manager is better and our coaches are a tremendous improvement. Therefore, I would postulate that this team should have a better winning percentage than last years team from the Toronto trade forward. Deduct a few wins because the Nats and Braves are much improved and Houston is gone; but add a few wins because the Phillies are ancient and the Mets are a disaster. I predicted 72-90. But I have no idea what that winning percentage was that I am asking about. Lou, baseball is much watered down since the 62 Mets so I don't think any comparison is valid.

Camera Mike

If you are looking for a good laugh follow this link.


al z heimer

Hey Genius....the Toronto trade was in November


His extrapolations and postulations are askew. Never mind.

Marlin Fan

I Agee Stan with your analysis of the trades , however I feel your being over optimistic with 72 wins . I'm hoping 62 .

Rod Serling

Come Come now...his extrapolations and postulations are not eskew. They are just in a different ethereal zone. The Twilight Zone.

Oscar Greenberg

Camera Mike, thanks for the post! It was worth a few laughs...that fatso, oh boy...

Stan M

al z heimer, sorry I meant the Detroit trade of Anibel. But you are right about old age screwing me up.
Tried to stay awake for the entire Cardinal-Arizona game. Turned it off after 15 innings. Was hoping for another Heath Bell fiasco as he was only AZ pltcher left. Announcers were from Cardinal team and they kept reminding us that Gibson had lost confidence in Bell and was waiting for a non threatening situation to help restore his self esteem. Didn't we hear something along those lines last year? They let that winning pitcher go 5 innings in relief rather than bring in Bell.
Marlin Fan, you are correct as usual about my optimism.
I'm just as discouraged as everyone else (especially about recent injuries) but try to show a different perspective, sometimes just to stir up the crazies. It's part of my nature to be contrary and I don't think there is anything wrong with posting a contrasting view, especially if it has at least a little merit. There is enough bashing here by others; most of whom are undoubtedly and unfortunately right.



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