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Too Awful to Watch: Marlins TV Ratings Take a Dive

It used to be that no matter how mediocre the Marlins were, TV ratings pretty much held their own. Bad baseball is still baseball, after all. But that isn't the case with this year's team, which fans have figured out rather quickly is both bad and boring. Attendance is down. Way down. And so are the ratings

From our own Barry Jackson:

    Marlins TV ratings have been dreadful, with the first two home games this week generating a 1.8 and 1.5 – numbers comparable to daytime game shows – followed by Wednesday’s embarrassing 0.8 – equaling .8 percent of Dade/Broward homes with TV sets. Conversely, opposing Heat games on Tuesday and Wednesday drew a 9.4 and 6.7...

Watching grass grow is more interesting than watching the Marlins' anemic lineup hang up zeroes, inning after inning. If the Marilns are shut out again tonight, they'll set a major league record for most blankings -- five -- in a team's first 10 games (at least since 1916, according to baseballreference.com).

My guess is rookie sensation Jose Fernandez, who takes the mound again on Saturday for his second big-league start, will nudge the ratings meter up a hair every five days. But if the hitless wonders continue flailing the way they have been, there could be a lot of empty screens in South Florida homes this summer whenever the Marlins are playing.        


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Still watching and will still go games.


Same here Stuntmanmike, this team is an exciting bunch of kids with great personalities and baseball skills just starting to blossom. I love the energy they bring every night to the ballpark. It might be hard to experience from watching on the TV but there is a definite "buzz" in the air at Marlins Park when these guys are playing. You get that feeling that you know you are watching future All Stars and World Series champions at the beginning of their careers. Gives me chills at times. If you can't get behind this team, they I guess there is no hope for you to enjoy baseball in South Florida.


I'm a long time baseball fan that grew up with the Yanks and their great announcers.

The Marlin's TV announcers are second to none and every bit as good as the Yanks WPIX guys of old.

But the team is a travesty and all because we have an owner that doesn't have the money to be an owner.

MLB, the city and the state must step in and stop this. Loria will trade Stanton and then what?

South Florida is an important area to the our country and deserves better.

Baseball matters to our culture and can be expanded to our south. The Marlins have that opportunity but nothing but embarrassment will be our future as long as we have Loria.

I do not know who the announcers work for but if it is not Loria they should speak up and begin the process to remove him!


Yes, the excitement generated by a team that has lost 8 of their first 9 games, 4 with no runs scored. This is not something that is expected of a major league baseball franchise. If this does not change dramatically, more and more fans, and potential fans, will simply drift away.


I want to watch the Marlins, but stupid Cox Cable in Gainesville never carries the games. So then I want to watch the Marlins on MLB.tv, but since Gainesville is supposedly in the Marlins' coverage area, I get blacked out, despite the fact that Cox Cable refuses to air more than 90% of Marlins games. So I have to do a lot of technological trickery to convince MLB.tv I live in Kansas, not Florida, and finally watch Marlins games.

Are they counting MLB.tv subscriptions with TV ratings?

Stan M

I can believe the dire ratings. I'm a die hard fan who has watched nearly every inning for years, yet I've turned them off after 5 innings twice now. Agree that the announcers are excellent, especially when compard to some other teams via Direct TV. Met announcers are the only team I'd rate over the Marlins. Vince Scully is in a class by himself and defies comparison.

My primary hope is that the team that is fielded after the All Star break has an entirely different look. Bring up the kids, we're not going anywhere this year anyway.

Would I trade Stanton? It darn sure doen't hurt to listen.

The real story right now is the PED examination in South Florida. To hear that at least one player and probably more are trying to literally buy their records from that lab says that this isn't going away soon. And now that ML baseball has also bought the records and paid former employees to tell all means that a collision is coming.

Marlins, baseball's version of communism

I read a rumor that the Phillies are making a strong push to trade for Giancarlo Stanton.

Is this True??

Marlins, baseball's version of communism

I have watched every game so far also.


How did we get off the subject of hermaphrodites and back onto baseball already? As I tried to say earlier, I don't really know much about hermaphrodites, but I understand they come with the basic characteristics of both sexes. And that sounds terrific to me. I mean, wow — a human being with both a v**gina and a brain! It doesn't get much better than that.

Who's on first

there are rumors of 10 different teams making a push for Stanton...by June there will be rumors of 20 teams making a push for him...

Camera Mike

Only 20 teams? I could see it easily getting up to 25 teams if not 28, and it's only 28 because with Houston's payroll we can eliminate them as a possibility.

Dale Bowlin

You are a real dumbas-. Do you have any idea how much agony these people go through trying to cope with this problem. It may be quite funny to you but be assured its not funny to those who suffer with condition.


Go Jays!


If I have offended you or your friends in the hermaphrodite community, I sincerely apologize.

Dr Ruth

do hermaphrodites know if they're coming or going?


Brunettes and redheads do

Stefan - still a fan

hahaha, Seth, in the second post, DEFINITELY works for the marlins in some capacity. I still consider myself a fan and I still watch games....but there is NO buzz or excitement on this team. Of the current lineup, only Stanton, brantly and potentially Hechevarria have a future with us...everyone else is old or average or terrible (though I like Ruggiano). Of the current rotation only Fernandez is a keepr (yes i kknow Tucker, Eovavldi and Hernandez are either injured or in minors). This team tries hard, sure...but they are not exciting in the least...it's really, REALLY hard to watch....but I still do. Marlins, Si. Loria, NO!

Who's on first

Seth writes the best stuff in this blog. I know he doesn't mean what he writes, but he does a better job than all the P.R. Machine the Marlins hired to clean-up their image.


@ laurel I got it man. I got it. I mean really how much baseball talk can we really get into right now? Hermaphroditism it is. It must be brutal agreed.

Eddie S

Redmond should continue to use all righties against a lefty. Give Olivo a chance to show his power which the Marlins have very little of. When ALVEREZ and EOVALDI come back ,please send WEBB and QUALLS to the Minors and put SENABIA and SLOWEY in the bullpen. They deserve to stay.


Seth is Buzzed

Camera Mike

Eddie, I agree with you're pitching calls. Sanabia has had one bad inning and Slowey has pitched far better then most, including myself, expected. Once Alvarez and Eovaldi come back I hope we do move Sanabia and Slowey to the pen to be middle to long relief options.

However I do disagree with your take on Olivo. He does have experience and has showen power in the past, but so far this season Brantly has been one of our better bats and as this is a throw away season I would much rather give the playing time to Brantly so he can get his experience and get his learning mistakes out of the way in games that won't matter in the long run. Though if you can make a strong case on why to go with Olivo I would love to hear it.

Eddie S

Miguel Olivo last yer hit 12 homers in 87 games played. He is also one of the fastest catchers in the National League. Also he is a good defensive catcher.Homeruns are a tough commodity for the Marlins therefore against lefties he could add power to the lineup. Of course Brantly is an excellent player but he also struck out 3 times in a row against a leftie Mohalland who is not a strikeout pitcher.

Sunny Dee

Predictions for attendance tonight??

For announced attendance, my prediction is 14,550. Keep in mind the Heat have a home game and the Big 3 are playing. Actual fans in the seats will be less than 10K.

Tomorrow, with Fernandez pitching, attendance will be up a little. Next week, expect record lows - 10K average.

Predicting attendance may be the most exciting thing about the Marlins season!


If you want Loria gone go to rageagainstthemarlins.com

Stan M

Camera Mike, I completely agree with your analysis of the catching situation. However, sometimes catchers develop any hitting ability in their mid 20s. For that reason I would send down Skipworth so that he plays regularly. However, and I have always liked and admired his gumption, Sanabia has been one lucky pitcher to date. It seemed like every inning he was leaving 2 on base.
If the team keeps Stanton, our outfield in September will hopefully be Stanton, Marisnik and Yelich. With an infield of LoMo, Solarno, Hach..., and the kid from Tampa at 3B with Brantley catching. A pitching staff of Fernandez, Eovaldi, Turner, Alverez and one of Slowey, Sanabia, and LeBlanc. Of the regulars, LoMo would be the oldest and no one would be 30. I'd move Pierre, Polanco, and maybe Ruggiano later in the year for relief pitchers. Now that's an exciting team to watch. If Stanton goes, it better be to Texas so we can put their top prospect at 2B and Olt at 3B. However, I don't think we should give up on Cox just yet. And after all of that, we would still have several top notch pitching talents almost ready and Ozuma learning the strike zone or trde bait.

Flav C.

Brantly is a very disciplined hitter...both on majors and minors, his strikeout percentage is less than 18%. He only had 4 SOs so far this season, 3 in one game.

Olivo is a free-swing hitter, with a career strikeout pctg of 30%. This season is no different, he's already struck out 3 times in 10 at-bats.

Brantly will give you an extra-base hit at every 8 at-bats. Olivo will give you an extra-base hit at every 13 at-bats.

I'd limit Olivo to play at hitter's ballparks, where he hit more than 70% of his HRs. Also, the advantage he used to have in the past as a good hitter against lefties has dwindled over the last 2 seasons.


rage against the marlins.com ...Loria must go

Eddie S

If the Marlins get shut out tonite it will set a record.No team in Major league history has been shut out 5 times in the first 10 days. I hope the Marlins win of course but Maybe then Loria may decide to sell the team. Wishful thinking


Eddie, when did Olivo become a good defensive Catcher? I must have missed that one but if you think so okay and I hope you're right. I just seem to remember Olivo being bat shy back there behind the plate.

Seth reminds me of the Iraqi Information Minister of 10 years ago, "there are no Americans in Baghdad!"

Flav C.

rbleigh, completely agree with you. I love Seth's posts!

Robert LaGrassi

just checked out the Loria must go website rage against the marlins.com...its run by the kids that Samson had kicked out of the stadium on opening day . a must read for all Marlins fans.These guys are great


How come no ones mentioned the Greinke/Quentin "fight." Mattingly is an idiot for calling for 4-6 week suspension. He'll be suspended for charging the mound not because Greinke got injured. I hate when everyone overreacts when a high profile player gets injured.

Who's on first

Greinke is no saint.
Bad for the Dodgers for paying a stupid contract for an overrated pitcher.


This team I a disgusting disgrace. I have been a Season Ticket holder since the start, except this year. I will not step foot in that Stadium, buy merchandise or support Loria in any way, shape or form. Hopefully he will sell or pass away soon.


I'm still watching. If you support a team that means through good times and bad. There are enough far-weather fans out there.

Camera Mike

Have you guys seen the creative custom Miami Marlins license plate one driver has? He or she ordered it to say "ierda" which when combined with the Marlins "M" logo to the left spells out a not so nice spanish word. If you haven't here is a link: http://www.craveonline.com/sports/articles/477897-best-marlins-fan-response-youll-ever-see

My hat does go off to this creative Marlins fan.

Stan M

Oliva has a terrific arm. Runs extremely well for a catcher. Has occasional HR power, but a horrible OBP. Defensively he is avarage to slightly below. He should catch 3 games every two weeks and leave the rest to Brantly...in my opinion.


Miami has a professional baseball team? Since when?

Stan M

Nicolino, the lefty pitcher we got from Toronto (listed as our #4 or 5 prospect) got knocked around in both of his starts in high A ball.

Both Pererson and Gorkys are hitting well in AAA ball. Hope the FO doesn't get any funny ideas and bring either of them up. Trade fodder in my opinion.

Waiver Wire Retreads

Petersen and Gorkys are AAA lifers and no other MLB team wants them,except to fill out their AAA rosters

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