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VIDEO: Redmond says offense has to start taking the pressure off the pitchers

Here is what manager Mike Redmond had to say after the Marlins fell to 1-8 and were swept by the visiting Braves on Wednesday.


> Alex Sanabia became the first Marlins starter to give up more than three runs in an outing this season. The staff entered Wednesday's game with the fourth-best ERA in the majors (2.56).

> Placido Polanco finished 2-for-4 with a double and is now 9 for 22 (.409) with two doubles and three RBI over his last five games.

> Chris Valaika made his first career start at first base and finished 1-for-3 at the plate with a double and a walk. He was charged with an error on his first fielding opportunity, but rebounded and finished with five putouts and two assists.

> Kyle Skipworth made his major league debut as a pinch-hitter and bounced into a double play in the seventh inning.


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This franchise used to put low payroll teams on the field that had talent and always overachieved. Not anymore. They're not even mildly interesting. Who wants to watch Stanton hit a bomb every 30 AB's? Pierre with rollers to the pitcher? Or play the great "who's on first", literally. All that's left now is to guess the over/under at home games.


Charles Barkley says, "that's just pitiful."

I'm not sure if anyone else has pointed this out but in the best case scenario the talent that's at Jacksonville eventually becomes bonafide big leaguers, but the Marlins are in the wrong division because the Braves and Nationals who are light years better than them this year are young. The core of both those teams are in their mid 20s and are solid already.
The Braves run an excellent organization and I only wish the Marlins FO triumverate are taking notes. Wait, I mean the dictator that is Loria.


Almost forgot: Lou 1 & Skipworthless 0

Peter Gammons Dog

Marlins,once again ,are touting their minor league system over their MLB product.Last time they did this was with Gaby,Coghlan,Lomo and Stanton.How did that work out for them. Anybody that expects the future to be brighter with the Marlins minor leaguers, better look at the past before getting too excited. Reality says they are an extremely poor judge of talent. Fact is they will never sniff the play-offs again until Loria and his FO group are gone.But MLB realists already know that. The Marlins blind faithful are too ignorant or simply don't care and won't admit to it.

SamSpade Private Detective

the Nationals and the Braves have permission to improve their teams. apparently, the Marlins do not have that permission. this team is not even a good AAA team. Double A might even be questionable.


The thing is the starting pitching has been great for the most part but who really expects the starters to continue pitching this way. When have Slowey and LeBlanc ever shown they could pitch this well. Nolasco is the #1 starter who at best is a 4th or 5th starter on any other team. The newspaper just north of Miami wondered who would win more games Heat or Marlins and a friend of mine wondered if the Marlins would outdraw the Heat this year. I think I'll take the under on both.

Sunny Dee

This offense is not capable of doing much better. Trying to motivate the players will not work. The talent simply is not there. Minor adjustments may help a little but this lineup is simply awful. Unless Loria decides to spend some money on hitters, this team will be one of the worst of all time.

The thing that is confusing to me is that Sampson insisted this team would be exciting to watch and that it would be better than last year's team. Since Sampson always tells the truth, I am at a loss as to how this team could be this bad. I feel sorry for anyone that purchased season tickets. Fortunately, it was not many.


I really wish the beat writers would have more fun with this. They could be on the vanguard of the national attention to soon be affixing to this "team." There is no reason to cover this entity as you would a normal team. This situation is not normal. Someone mentioned the Pirates and their long string of losing seasons,however, no matter how bad The Pirates were you didn't watch them contemplating if they would set the single season strikeout record or finish 50 games out. They were still a team who would have dominated at any level of Triple A. The Marlins are not that team. It is past time for the Herald to begin to MOCK them as they should be mocked. What is Loria going to do, cut off access? So What. Buy a ticket and sit in the first row and cover them. If they kick you out of the stadium, that is another way to destroy them. Clark should be endeavoring to get on national shows and describing what it is like to cover a minor league baseball team in a 600,000,000 stadium with 3,000 people actually in attendance. I could see Clark as a weekly guest on Letterman telling funny stories about Loria and Samson. Nobody will believe you are being unprofessional in your coverage because it would be foolish to cover this team as you would a normal Major League entity. I really believe they will threaten the Mets record of 40 wins. How could they not? Name Marlins who would start for any other team in baseball? Name a Marlins bench player who would make any other team's bench. Name a reliever who would have a similiar position with another team. They have 2 starters who would make a rotation--Nolasco as a 5th starter and Fernandez if a team wanted to roll the dice this early. This is a horrific Major League team on a par with the worst pro teams in any other sport. The Heat will easily win more games than the Marlins. Hell, the Dolphins may win more games than the Marlins.

Clark, HAVE SOME FUN!!!!!!!!

Sunny Dee

I agree with Lou 100%. This team should be mocked to no end. Manny has been mocking them to some extent with his tweets of photographs of the empty stadium during the national anthem. The TV broadcasters are still treating the Marlins like a regular team though.

Remember when Loria and Sampson said that they could not compete because they didn't have their own stadium? Now they are on pace to have the worst attendence in franchise history. But I'm sure they are still making profits, just like they were all along at Joe Robbie.

By the way, the Astros won again yesterday, scoring 8 runs.

Camera Mike

Good new Marlins fans. They will not lose today.

Stan M

Peter Gammons Dog,
There are many on this blog who are ardent Marlin fans, and I am one of them. We are nearly all both disgusted and concerned. However, we are not, as you state, either ignorant or blind and we do care, very much in fact. You comment is ill conceived and a generalization that belongs in a different setting; perhaps an elementary school.

Stan M

Here is an article that will stir the blood. It concerns the possibility of the Mets offering their two top (supposedly untouchable) prospects, and perhaps more, to get Stanton. According to a source within the article, it is on a slightly higher level than mere rumor.


Who's on first

The Mets don't have the pieces to trade for Stanton. As good as prospects as those two are, they aren't a fit in the Marlins roster.

Sunny Dee

Stan M - I initially believed Stanton would be traded before the season ends but now I don't believe he will. The Marlins aren't paying him anything right now. There's no reason to trade him until he's due a big paycheck. This is the Marlins m.o. - get the most out of cheap players and trade them when they are due to be paid. They'll be able to get top prospects for Stanton anytime (assuming he bounces out of this slump) - I don't think there is any reason to do it now.

Who's on first

Buehrle being "shelled" twice in a row..new ERA 10.24 lol..Boni being his self mediocre utility guy and hitting .233, with 11 strikeouts already...no stolen base, not even an attempt..JJ having a below-average start...Hanley playing mediocre last season and injured before season starts this yeat... Guess the Marlins struck gold trading them..

Anibal however pitching in his prime and Reyes doing pretty good..that guy would do pretty good even playing in Saturn...


I will NEVER again come on here and criticize or verbally abuse anyone for following this team. I will give my opinion as to what the current reaction should be to covering this group. I also try to not denigrate individual players with invective. The worst I will say is they are not Major League baseball players. There are over 320,000,000 people in America who are not Major League baseball players so I don't blame the current Marlins players for taking the salaries and the huge per diems and staying in great hotels while seeing the country. That is not their fault. It is the guy who has put them on a roster who should be castigated. I sent an e-mail to Letterman and Leno delineating what is going on down here. Hopefully we will soon start to see some national coverage of the good ship "Andrea Doria."

Who's on first

LOL....JJ being shelled against the Tigers....7 hits, 6 earned runs in 1 innings!!
oh boy, the BJays must be kicking themselves...they got swindled!!
They let go of ALL their top prospects for:

An old knuckleballer with a 8+ ERA,
A pitbull lover with a 10+ ERA,
A "injury-prone-ace-wannabe" with a 9+ ERA,
A speedy-Gonzalez 4th-5th outfielder, currently 2B with horrible fielding numbers,
A star shortstop with a backloaded contract...

Carlos Fernandez Blanco

...G-C S. Has patiently waited " for the pitches he wants to swing at ", and he should know
that he's not at a soda fountain to order what he likes, he's out there to beat the opposing
team's pitcher, and that's " a state of mind ".


John Buck.

That is all.

Stan M

Some pitcher named Josh Johnson pitched last night. He pitched 1 1/3 innings and gave up 7 hit and 6 earned runs. His ERA after 2 starts is 11.05

Another pitcher named Buehrie pitched the night before. He pitched 4 innings, gave up 7 hits and 5 earned runs. His ERA after 2 starts is 10.24

Thank goodness we don't have players on our team pitching like that. Until Sanabia blew up yesterday, our starting pitchers had the 4th best ERA in all the majors. Of course it won't last but not all has been as awful as our record.


Stan, You are of course correct. However, I can't imagine anything that will be as awful as our "final" record.


still rolling towards that 55 - 107 record.

Peter Gammons Dog

Elementary school children are too savvy and intelligent to fritter their time away on a pathetic organization such as the Miami Marlins. Better left to senile seniors with nothing but time on their hands frittering their last years on earth ,spouting useless nonsense about a charlatan who ran a ponzi scheme and has the rapt attention of blind ignorant fools.


Whooooa Dog.....rather have Gramps spending his time at his computer blogging with others about the Marlins.It sure beats his last hobby. He finally stopped flashing the neighborhood in his bathrobe.

Stan M

The "crazies" are out in force tonight. And that wasn't my bathrobe. It was my specially crafted Victure Mature tenchcoat. And I thought that I saw a grown hermaphrodite following me and peeking. Now we all know! No more flashing for me. Now it's all my time at home perorming scientific experiments. I am now testing all types of alchohol and changing them into urine. It is very time consuming, but I am enduring the consequences for the benefit of the suffering souls in Pugatory.

Camera Mike

At seeing the highlights of today's Tigers-Blue Jays game it appears Toronto truly is the 2012 Marlins. Miggy was able to easily steal third after noticing no one was covering the base ala Bryce Harper on th fish last year. Anyone remember if JJ was on the mound that night? If so it would be a remarkable coincidence.

Also a question for Peter Gammons Dog. If even elementary school children are savvy and intelligent enough to not fritter away their time on the Marlins how enlightened and judicious with their time is a person who fritters away his on a Marlins blog mocking and insulting those blind ignorant fools as you called us?


We can't talk about baseball..... so the hell with it and let's talk hermaphroditism. Lol. Gonna be a long year.

Stan M

I have no problem with hermaphrodites as long as they can play 1st base and not strike out too much. The problem would occur with placing them in the batting order. Would they be better hitting here or over there? It could be a quandry. It's my guess that all would be switch hitters though.


That previous comment although a little mean spirited struck home. Why am I commenting on this crap when there are scores of great books that have not been read and a functioning elliptical at the Sportsclub. After this next comment I am taking a self imposed 10 day sabbatical. We're all saying the same stuff anyhow. Fortunately Laurel and I can speak across the 3,000 miles chasm. My last comment for 10 days---Did you realize the Marlins' Jupiter team is 0-7?? AND when I next post zI predict they will be 2-17 after 4 game series in Cincinnati. I have no idea who they will defeat in next 10 days. Take care. I'll be in touch, Laurel.

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