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Worst Marlins team ever? They've got a chance to be at least in April

At 5-17 they've got the worst record in baseball.

With 57 runs scored they're the worst offensive team in baseball by at least 12 runs. Homers? RBI? Batting average? Also dead last in the game.

Their team ERA of 4.48? Not the worst in baseball. But it still ranks 27th out of 30 teams.

We know these Marlins aren't very good. But are they going to be the worst Marlins team ever?

With five games left in the month of April they've got a shot of at least getting off to the worst start ever.

Until now, the worst Marlins start in club history was 5-20 back in 1995. Those Marlins only played four games in April because the season started late following the strike. But they still didn't win their sixth game until Game 26. If these Marlins get swept by the visiting Cubs this weekend they'll match that feat. Lose to the Mets on Monday too and the worst start in franchise history is theirs.

So what's the worst April in Marlins history? That distinction belongs to the 1999 Marlins who went 6-17. The 2006 Marlins weren't far behind at 6-16.

What about the worst month ever? That should be fresh in your minds. The 2011 Marlins went 5-23 in the month of June. These Marlins can't eclipse that because there are only five games left. The worst they could finish is 5-22. But they can finish second all-time.

So who deserves the blame for this team's struggles? It can obviously go a lot of places, but you've got to point to the offense first. The team's 57 runs are on pace to finish as the fewest ever in a month. The previous record for fewest runs in a month with at least 20 games? Last year's Marlins in April. They scored just 73 runs.

If these Marlins don't combine to score at least 16 runs over the next five days, they'll own that dubious record too.


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Well I'm not going blame the players...I do blame the owner & his FO lackeys that selected the players for this team. Poor trades & the lack in ability to judge talent.


Who deserves the blame? Are you serious?

Stan M

Just some food for thought:
Cishek has lost 3 games for this team already. Make those 3 losses wins, and the Marlins would have more wins than Houston, San Diego, and the Cubs. They would be tied for wins with Cleveland and only be one behind Toronto. Sure they stink, but several other teams are little better. And the Marlins have a bevy of injured players and some top flight prospects to look forward to. Had they not blown that game last night, I was going to ask Lou what odds he would give me if I picked the Marlins to finish ahead of the Phllies. I know it's pretty absurd on the surface, but this team has the potential to get better, and the Phillies can only get worse. This team could/should have an entirely different face after the All Star game. Three starters will be replaced, Yelich, and maybe Ozuna and Cox will be called up. And the way that Stanton is playing, he wouldn't be missed if traded; preferably to Texas. But it's looking more and more as if Cishek is pulling a Heath Bell on us. Lou, I agree with you that the only way that baseball will take notice of Miami's plight is if they do horribly. Realistically, they aren't going anywhere his year, but I don't think it's going to be as bad as some of you are now predicting. And that means more of Loria...dammit!


Lou..You say we can't seem to grasp that our only hope is to root for the Marlins to lose a ridiculous amount of games. But you can't seem to grasp that it is all meaningless. It doesn't matter what I root for or what you root for. What I say or do or hope for in front of my TV won't change the outcome of a game or a season. So I don't root for anything any more when it comes to the Marlins. I watch but I have disengaged. That won't change anything either but at least I don't yell at my little boy as much.


Obviously the blame is on Loria and his minion's. I'm still not sold on the talent that they supposedly have as well. Reading the Yahoo article about Loria stepping in and directing Redmond to start the rookie for the doubleheader instead of Nolasco shows that Red doesn't have much of a backbone either and risks losing part of the clubhouse.

Maybe the real blame is on the city and county for ever considering doing business with a man like Loria? Like rachel said it doesn't really matter. Baseball simply isn't as much fun with this cast of characters in my sports soap opera called the Miami Marlins.

Stan M

I agree that Red should have stood up to him. This will not be the end of Loria's bullying him now that he knows that he can.I kind of disagree about blaming the city and county. He held them up with the threat of moving as so many other owners have done. And I could be wrong here, but didn't Loria actually pay more toward ballpark construction than the majority of other owners? What is most sad, is that the revitalization of the area never has taken place, and here we can throw a great deal of blame at our esteemed owner and what he has done to the team and indirectly the surrounding area which is a result of fan apathy in the first place.


Stan, I disagree with you. The Marlins are going somewhere, somewhere that has never been gone to before.


Everybody knew this was a blow-off season, give these guys time I would rather watch them, then the same thing last year with guys getting paid millions to lose I think Stanton wants to be traded and poor hitting will get that for him. Marlin Fan for ever no matter who is on the field.

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