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11 hits + 0 runs = New Marlins Record

      The Marlins hit another new low, collecting 11 hits yet failing to score in their 4-0 loss to the Cincinnati Reds. Never before in Marlins history has that happened. In fact, the previous team record for most hits in a game without a run being scored was nine.

1 2013-05-15 MIA CIN L 0-4 39 36 0 11
2 2008-04-12 FLA HOU L 0-5 41 35 0 9
3 2007-06-03 FLA MIL L 0-3 37 36 0 9
4 2002-09-06 FLA PIT L 0-11 34 31 0 9

     The last time any major league team had exactly 11 hits but came up empty was on July 17, 2010, when Washington had 11 hits in a shutout loss to the.....Marlins. Those were the days, my friend. The big-league record for most hits without managing to score: 15 by the 1918 Boston Braves, according to records kept by baseballreference.com

      In addition to the 11 hits, the Marlins also had three other batters reach, two on walks and another on a hit batsman. But they left 12 on base by going 1 for 10 with runners in scoring position.


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Clark, I wanted to warn you that some people are going to be turned off by your expression of all this "negativity", certainly something positive must have happened among the affiliates. Did Real Meat O have a good day. Did Skippy get to .200? Seriously you must stop being such a "Debbie Downer", how about some pie in the sky crapola? I even climbed on the Optimist Express and said the Fish will not lose 120 this year> How's that for optimism?


Just read that Redmond said "Someone MUST step up and get a hit", Really??Michael, please tell us why you believe anyone on this roster is capable of stepping up and getting a hit? Has there been any tangible evidence of that in their past? We read you are fraustrated. Michael, when you take a job with an organization that makes Dante's poetry resemble a Saturday Night Live skit, you maybe should have expected your desire to have ANY "Major League" job ,just might not turn out well. Michael, I'm sorry. I have no empathy or sympathy for you. I believe you are too smart and too good a baseball man to not realize what you were were taking on. I'm sure MLB will not hold this gig against you when it comes to next job. The only problem is when you start out 50-112, it takes a real long time,if ever, to gain a .500 career record. Sorry for the "negativity", I would suggest you not read the Herald, Sun-Sentinel, Post Times and anything in the national media where they are being extremely negative.

Carlos Fernandez Blanco

...We remember an overheard conversation about the buying and selling of commodities,
and it was stated that if one praises his offered goods profusely, it's understood that one's
not intending to sell, because any interested party will recoil from what the asking price will be. With the Miami Marlins, there aren't any movers other than the ones in the front office, and their publicly known value of its commodity. The one in the half billion dollars range!
The rest is trivia, with the exceptions of the on the field actors, who have to foster their baseball careers. We fans are in the doldrums, but they'll pass!


I love baseball, I have been watching on TV since I was 5-Brooklyn Dodgers.

Through the years I've seen horrible teams-years of terrible Met clubs but I have never experienced anything so boring as this Marlin product.

Baseball at its core is entertainment content. Entertainment content is very valuable to those entities that provide it. Just ask Disney with ESPN.

Bottom line is Loris is a failure at providing the consumer with quality content and has killed the value of his franchise.

Selig and the other Baseball Owners need to put the good of the game over automatic wins against the likes of the Marlins.

They need to force Loria out.


Dear RFDTD, I like your post. Post more often. I have come to the realization that Selig(employed by the owners) is going to do nothing. This would not be allowed in a baseball market,however, this is not seen as a baseball market. It will be allowed to wither on the vine and disappear. I would make the suggestion for "entertainment purposes" that you purchase the MLB Package on DirecTV and adopt a team(Preferrably an underdog but now competitive) and follow that team. I have done that and enjoy it greatly. You are under NO compunction to be a FANatic and tenaciously place your goal of vicarious pleasure in the hands of the Miami Marlins. When they begin an effort to regain your respect at that point start following them again. Don't buy into this "good FANatic" crapola. Following a baseball team is a 2 way street and nobody should believe he or she is consigned to rooting for a team because AT ONE TIME the product was enjoyable and he/she became a FANatic. We hate FANaticS in the real world . Why do we strive to be "good" FANaticS in the play world.

Sunny Dee

Lou - I agree with you that Selig will likely do nothing. However, I think he is even more likely to do nothing if Marlins fans purchase an MLB product in order to support another team.

I would suggest supporting the Rays (if you are in Florida you should get all the games). They, too, have a low payroll, but they make the most of it. If you are not in Florida, you should already have another team to follow that is more competitive than the Marlins (unless you live in Houston). If you live in Houston and you are a Marlins fan, I'm truly and deeply sorry.

I also agree with you that nobody should feel forced to support this loser team. If you still want to support them, that's fine and it is up to you. But I don't think anyone can fairly criticize a "fan" for abandoning this team when Loria has abandoned the fans and Miami.

Who's on first

gotta admit that for people like lou, it is soooo much cheaper to come here and vomit his usual b.s. than regularly visiting a shrink to talk about the ups and downs of life... fear not, lou: we understand that when you write a few words of wisdom to redmond in this blog, u really aren't sending him any message. u're trying to show ur usual sarcasm thru smirky comments 'cause as a good baseball person, redmond doesn't read blogs. Try "twitting" him...let's see how it goes...perhaps you are lucky enough to have ur sarcasm re-twitted throughout the internet so u can show everybody how smart u are...
when u're feeling down, we'll be here for u, ok?
so tell us how u really feel, lou? pls have a seat!!


Well, I feel better now with the awareness I can translate gibberish. Also have a better understanding of what high school English teachers feel while reading term papers submitted by students in a remedial class.

See, you think I'm being sarcastic. What did I write that people who follow baseball around America wouldn't think is true? You don't believe people around America aren't thinking "smirky comments?" Now I do write down my "smirky comments" because I haven't mastered the art of telepathy that you have perfected while communicating with those voices. This isa "Marlins Blog", people talk about the Marlins. I have not once mentioned a boycott. I have suggested people buy the cheapest tickets they can and bring entire family to sit in the 3rd row. I have even suggested people who possess a masochistic bent to watch all the games and enjoy the spectacle.

To you, I would suggest a writing primer.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

Who's, I read your post looking for whatevet point you were making but, alas, there was nine to be found. Accusing Lou of b.s.??? Pot... kettle... ?

Stan M

Sunny Dee, your position that everyone has the right to express their displeasure is completely valid and I agree with you. And in case you missed it, I also agreed with your position a couple of blogs ago that the locals could find a way around any penalty imposed on Loria should he choose to sell. However, you haven't been posting here long enough to realize that one individual takes up 1/2 to 1/3 of this blog with the same complaints ad nauseum. Were he to even stick to the subject at hand it would not be so boring, but his verbose rants are more often about himself. It got so bad last year that he finally apologized for his arrogance. This was after calling all Marlin fans idiots and even throwing the entire population of a Southern state under the bus. Remembering his apology and realizing that he had stopped posting for several months, I was instrumental in helping him back on the blog. My complaints have returned not because he criticizes, but because it never ends and is so repetitious. Personally, I abhore Loria, and think Selig is a posturing fool. I never liked Buck or Bell and am not fond of John Rauch ever since he shooed Bradley away from the mound when he was blowing up. I have been very critical of these men in the past. However, if I can find something nice to say, currently there is little except the minor leaguers, I'd rather express that to sort of counter these constant negative posts that seem to lean more toward paranoia than any feelings toward baseball. Please note that I always treat all other posters with respect.

Who's on first

please Lou...don't stop...keep typing a volonte'...
...feel better now?
See? much cheaper than visiting the Doctor's office and laying down on those old and damp lounge chairs...
and feel free to criticize my illiteracy, i'm all ears for you...so, when did it all start? when you were what...9? 10?
oh..i see you have a little friend now...
hello dionysus! ti kanete? do u want to join this chat w/ ur little friend lou?
looks like you two have some anger in your souls...all u do is complain..."loria, loria, loria, loria"...
what did this man do to you? he seems to be pretty mean...did he hurt you? did he steal your money? did he call you names? what is it in this loria person that brings all this anger and ire in both of you?
please, talk to me....i'm all ears...have a seat and open your souls to me...


Boys, let's think of some nice things to say about Loria, the Marlins and our fellow bloggers. I'll start.
Loria is a sweetheart and honest to a fault, the Marlins are loaded with talent and will be in first place by the All-Star break, Lou definitely does not sound like an old grouch and Whose on first definitely does not sound like a pimply-faced 16 year old snot who thinks texts are among the greatest works ever written.
Your turn.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

I think somebody here needs to get back on their meds... STAT!!!

121 Losses or Bust

I don't see why everyone's up in arms about this team. I'm enjoying myself as they set about on their record-setting pace. Folks, we're watching history in the making. Eleven hits and no runs? I don't think they've reached their peak.


Dear Who, Would not surprise me if you "are all ears", and you certainly seem to have an intimate knowledge of the furniture quality in the office of a therapist. And I never called you illiterate. That would be a condemnation of so many individuals from Mississippi.

I also think someone is being cleverly facetious. Nobody writes 23 LONG!! lines on a blog to complain about someone else's verbosity. By the way, I have started saying nice things. They will not break the Mets' mark of 40 wins and they might get to 50 wins. Now anyone else is free to add additional positive commentary, but PLEASE no more crap about the overrated farm system---excluding Yelich and Ozuna---the farm system is "good" but not good enough to compensate for what has been done.

Stan M

Where did this illerate business come from? Not me. You might think the farm system is stinko, but the experts rate it rather highly, well into the top ten. Who besides you has called it overated?And that was before the three "throw ins" started to exceed expectations. Please explain in detail what has been done (your last sentence) rather than make a blanket statement that doesn't jive with the facts as they now stand. Are the players we gave up doing well? Could we have resigned any of them. Even though he has been awful so far this year, I'm still sorry we gave up Bono. He has all of the attributes of Pierre, but is almost a decade younger. I also think that the team didn't realize how valuable Choate was until he was gone. Must everyone stop talking about the farm system because you have categorized the comments as "crap"?


Ozuna a huge hit in the 9th.

Fernandez will be a 15 year Major Leaguer----Somewhere.


I trust that was positive enough.

In the interest of all the readers's sanity, I confess to everything Stan has said. Mea Culpa Mea Culpa!! I am a nasty reprobate who relishes the negativity of the Miami Marlins and refuses to recognize the positive. EVERYTHING Stan has said is true. Maybe we could post this to the page. I'm posting this so that hopefully we will no longer need a recapitulation of all my transgressions--past, present and future----and hopefully anyone who comes to this blog will not need to go through 5 sentences every day. The funny thing the only thing positive or negative I can say about Stan is that he was a Providence Friar. Maybe someone can just put this up so it can be referenced for all who wish to read it.

Now if you continue to wade through the litany of my violations every day or so, it is no longer on me and I can only imagine individual blogger motivations.

Stan M

Juan, where are you? Redmond first started Mathis in the 6th place in the batting order. What? A lifetime .198 hitter in his first game back from rehabilitation? Bad enough, but then to let him hit against a RH pitcher with the bases loaded and only one out with the game on the line...when he had Bradley on the bench, and then used Bradley the next inning to PH at a meaningless time. This manager is making far too many tactical mistakes. So many in fact that I, for one, question his placement as a ML manager at this point in his career.
Glags, you are good at this kind of stuff. Has Cishek ever been successful in a second inning of relief?
The kid pitcher was great again, Hech seems to be coming around ever so slightly, and Ozuna broke out of his funk. And the band played on!


You know what?? I think it was another poster who went to Providence College. That may explain his absence from the blog. He attented a school that I believe is under the auspices of the Dominican Order,quite an impressive group of individuals throughout history. The Blogger has probably turned to more exciting pursuits.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

The criticisms of Redmond's managerial ability are valid up to a point. The added context is that, like much of his roster, he's getting this opportunity without having had the benefit of time to develop and hone his skills in the minors. Think about it... what other legitimate managerial candidate would have accepted the job under these circumstances, working for the worst owner in baseball? Redmond was the choice by default. When all is said and done, Redmond fits right in, really, with the rest of the Not-Ready-For-Primetime MAArlins (note the demotion to Double-A). Get used to it, fellas. It's gonna be a long season.


When will you whining idiot fans admit that Loria is a genius capitalist in the true American way. By using mostly other peoples money,he owns a half-billion dollar eneterprise. He has been proven 100% correct by dumping overated players and their backloaded contracts on somebody else. He took advantage of corrupt,intellectualy overmatched 3rd world politicians to build him a stadium where he gets all the profits. He gets other wealthier teams to pay his bills.He gamed the whole system to make a fortune,the same as the lawyers,judges ,politicians,unions,wall streeters etc,that run the country do ,all day every day. You whiners are just jealous that you havent done the same thing. Given the chance,you would have.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

Milken, you and I see the same things and we arrive at polar opposite conclusions. That's ok, you're entitled to your own value judgments, and it's no skin off my banana that you choose to admire a person who I find repulsive and who I think belongs in prison. These values that you admire so much in Loria has him living with the knowledge that he's the most despised man in Miami, rivaled only by the shell image of another despot who's never even set foot here. You may think he's ok with that. Perhaps he is. I think differently.

Stan M

Milken, there is little doubt that as a man out to make a buck, Loria has been successful far beyond most entrepreneur's dreams. But at what price? DT above points out the cost to his own persona. Whether that bothers him or not is a matter for conjecture. More importantly, he has blunted the interest of a populous section of the country in baseball, not only about this team, but baseball in general as well. Furthermore, his actions have resulted in a total absence of new business within the ballparks proximity. Lastly, through deception and probably outright lies, he took advantage of the predicament that local politicians faced of the club's relocation to a different secton of the country. In short, there has only been one beneficiary of this man's shannigans, and that is he, himself. And that stinks!


With his narcissistic personality, Loria craves admiration and respect. He has failed to achieve what he wants more than anything else in the world and he is not a happy man, despite his wealth.


Marlins minor league pitcher Juan Arias suspended 50 games for PEDs. Another young Latin player clearly getting the wrong kind of mentoring.

Marius Jean

using PEDs and he's only 17....ouch


Loria being the 2nd most despised man in the third world shithole of Miami means he must be doing something right.


Dobbs had 3 hits.

Webb pitched a oerfect 9th.

Nobody got hurt.


Given the current state of the Marlins it's never a good day to go to the ballpark. Today was no exception. I broke a personal record and left before the 5th inning. This team is just unwatchable.

Marlin Fan

Right now , who would win a 7 game series between the Astros and Marlins ??



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