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A 20-loss month for Miami Marlins, and May not over

    ST. PETERSBURG -- Could it get any worse for the Marlins? Well, as a matter of fact, it could.

    The Marlins return home from their dismal road trip with a record of 5-20 for the month. It's only the sixth time in the history of the franchise that they've lost that many in one calendar month.

    And, with three games still remaining in May, they have a chance to equal a franchise low-water mark. The record for worst monthly by a Marlins team belongs to the 2011 bunch, which went 5-23 in June of that season. Lose twice more to the Rays, as well as the series-opener on Friday to the Mets, and the Marlins are there.

    Here is the complete list of 20-loss months by the Marlins through the years: 5-23 (June 2011); 5-20 (May 2013); 7-20 (May 1995); 7-20 (August 2011); 8-20 (May 1998); 8-20 (August 1998).


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Sunny Dee

Come on Fish, you can do it! As the season goes on, I find myself openly rooting for the Marlins to fail miserably. I feel bad for the young players, but I cannot help my emotions. A historically bad season is the only way to get Selig's attention, and even that may not be enough.

Marlin Fan

I believe we are still on pace with the 62 Mets


Dear Marlin Fan, The Mets were 15-37 after 52 games after Roger Craig beat the Cubs. Remember the Mets only played 160 that year and went 40-120. The Marlins will have 2 extra games to get to the 40 mark. The Marlins close at home against the Tigers(and you know who!!), would be hilarious if the Marlins were sitting at 37 wins and the Tigers needed to sweep to clinch the home field advantage. Maybe Samson would again say--"Everybody is afraid to trade with us."

Right now, I'm thinking 47-115. Since the Braves will probably go 98-64 that would leave us a tidy 51 games out.Can't believe I'm typing this stuff, it's not even fantasy.


Fan, Remember that "Retrosheet" web site where you can go to find out what the Mets were doing back in the days of Richie Ashburn, Jay Hook, Roger Craig, Marv Throneberry, Rod Kanehl, Felix Mantilla, Frank Thomas, Charlie Neal, Gil Hodges, Al Jackson---You know what? The Mets had more talent albeit they were old, but still more talent.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

The Mets also had the advantage of playing in a ten-team league, with no divisions, and going against the almost equally bad Cubs team as well as their fellow expansionists, the-then Houston Colt 45s (who were actually no so comparatively bad, sitting at 22-30 after 52 games).

I totally understand Sunny Dee's emotions, even though I still want to see the TEAM succeed (albeit to empty ballparks, so that Loria can feel the maximum impact of his crookedness). But the reality is that these games will get tougher and more difficult as the long hot summer wears on. And if that holds true for this year's Marlins, it will be an epically bad season, since they are currently sporting a .250 winning percentage, matching exactly to the 62 Mets final result. 121 losses is a distinct possibility.

But I maintain that nothing will make Selig take notice and correct this situation if it doesn't involve staggering financial losses.

An SEC investigation into the stadium's financing wouldn't hurt, either.


Sorry about this diversion from the topic of baseball, but your allusion to Wilbur Mills and sweet Fanne Fox triggered memories of another of history's greatest bimbos, Elizabeth Ray, who admitted she'd been on the House payroll for years, with her only duty being to bob for Rep. Wayne Hayes' apples. "I can't type, I can't file, I can't even answer the phone," she told the Washington Post. (The year was 1976, thus the reference to the long-lost art of filing.) While a few of her fellow secretaries on Capitol Hill were outraged, most were soon sporting buttons that boasted, "I can type, but I scr*w, too." (The buttons, of course, had no asterisk, and many of the secretaries probably had no asstorisk, if you get my drift.)

Stan M

LB, din't Miss Ray also admit to an encounter with Joe DiMaggio. I believe one of the bimboes of around that time did

Carlos Fernandez Blanco

...Anyone! What figures to be a year's worth of depreciation on Marlins' Park? An accounting figure, please?


Stan M,
There was a time when they ALL would have admitted fielding joltin' Joe's fungoes.


Who cares


Joe D was a cheap,greedy wife-beater and an all around piece of crap as a man


He always spoke very highly of you.


Stan and Laurel, Keep it coming. You do realize there are a few who read these blogs who belive Aaron Burr was the star of those old Ironside episodes. My most provocative "chanteuse" of that time remains Maureen "Mo" Dean. I would really like to see how time has treated Mo. I always thought she had Barbie Benton beat by a furlong--and I LOVED Barbie Benton. Barbie's great line when Hefner picked her up in the limo for first date and she responded--"Mr Hefner, I've never dated anyone over 21." And Hugh responded--"That's Okay. Neither have I."


Has anyone else taken notice that this blog is far more entertaining when Stan and I are existing in harmony and Laurel is there to augment the written intercourse?

I see that "Nobody" dislikes the conversation,however, I'll just assume he is having a bad day.


Barbie Benton is now 63 years old. Mo Dean is 67. And suddenly it dawned on me that I must be very, very old.
But at least Barbie, Mo, Hef and I are all still on the green side of the grass, which is more than we can say for Aaron Burr, Raymond Burr, Joe DiMaggio, Wayne Hayes or Woody Hayes. Not sure about Fanne Foxe, Elizabeth Ray or that Nobody guy.


Barbie does NOT look 63. Joey Heatherton, on the other hand, looks way older than 69. Was I the only naive enough person to not know about Raymond Burr? Does everyone in Hollywood find out this stuff before me. I do remember how they always asked poor Liberache about his marriage plans. Now even I figured that one out. By the way, "Behind the Candelabras" starring Michael Douglas as "lee" and Matt damon as his "friend' is brilliant.

Stan M

I read DiMaggios biography and according to the author he was a truly great ballplayer and an egotistical man who epitomized the self centered ballplayer. Incidently, I have a numbered signed plaque of him along with an 8 by 10 photo of him and Ted Williams signed by both. Lou, I also have a ball signed by the entire 1951 Brooklyn Dodgers and another with the 1951 Philadelphia Atheletics. On it is Chief Bender who pitched a shutout in the 1905 WS against McGraw's Giants. Have a ton of baseball stuff and want to sell it all but don't know how. Much too expensive for the local card store. Have about 10K in all.

Stan M

Lou, next to baseball, history, especially military history, is my passion. Got hooked as a teenager with Kenneth Roberts and Northwest Passage and Rabble in Arms. As you know, I tend to be a rebel and often take the contrary view just to stir things up a little. Can you guess who my favorite general was in the Revolution?
And I know all about Aaron Burr via Gore Vidal.


Henry Know or Lafayette???

I have a baseball that Ryan Dempster threw to my 6 year old daughter while walking in from the bullpen for his first start in the Bigs. Is that worth anything?


Sorry!!!! Meant Henry KNOX!!!!!!!! Made Dorchester famous before the Kennedy Library.


The Gore Vidal-William F. Buckley confrontation in 64 was a classsic. You don't call Bill Buckley a "Crypto Nazi."

Stan M

Benedict Arnold, our greatest fighting general until Congress screwed him so many times that his huge ego came into play. Just before he went over, Washington was going to put him in charge of the place of honor within the Continental Army. There is no doubt that his exploits at both Valcour Island and Saratoga saved and prolonged the Revolution. A much misunderstood man. Paul Revere, long considered a hero was a self centered man of very limited military skills who was so bad as head of artillary during anphibious attack on British stronghold that he was brought up on charges. Declared innocent, but he really screwed up big time.


wish the headline was "Marlins hang Loria from HR Sculpture"

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