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Adeiny Hechavarria matches team record with 7 RBI

    PHILADELPHIA -- I'm not sure what's harder to believe: the Marlins scoring nine runs off Roy Halladay (or any other pitcher, for that matter), or Adeiny Hechavarria matching a club record by driving in seven runs.

     Hechavarria drove in three runs in the first with a bases-loaded triple and followed it with a grand slam in the third. And it's still early.

     Hechavarria, who entered the game with a .169 average, equaled a Marlins record accomplished three times previously: Cody Ross (9/11/2006), Gary Sheffield (9/18/95) and Greg Colbrunn (7/18/95).

     Given the 9-0 lead, it appears safe to say that Kevin Slowey's long winless streak will end today. Slowey, who hasn't won in the majors since 2010, had received the lowest run support of any pitcher in the majors going into today.

     Also today, Marcell Ozuna drove in the other two runs for the Marlins with his bases-loaded double that nearly went out for a grand slam. (Umpires had to review the replay, just to make sure. They did the same on Hechavarria's drive to right).

     Ozuna has now hit safely in his first six games. Alejandro De Aza (2007) holds the team record by beginning his career with hits in his first eight games. Scott Pose hit in his first six big-league games for the Marlins in 1993.


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3 things to take from this game:

Slowey most likely will win the Cy Young this year. Roy Halladay is done for. Marlins will win the wild card.

Marlin Fan

Greatest marlin game ever, save for Ramos.

Poo Poo Platter

Marcus... You My Friend Need To Be Evaluated For dimentia

Carlos Fernandez Blanco

...Adeiny Echavarria, has three triples, and two home-runs, and he didn't hit all today!

Sunny Dee

Has anyone lost their stuff as fast as Halladay? He was one of the best pitchers in baseball two years ago. Now he's giving up 9 runs to the Marlins. Of course he's headed to the DL after that embarrassing performance. It may have cost him the Hall of Fame.

By the way, Ozuna is the real deal. There are a few really good young players on this team (by "few" I mean two - Ozuna and Fernandez). It will be fun watching them for the next three years before they get too good and are traded away (most likely to the Tigers) for prospects.

Marlin Fan

Sunny Dee sounds like Lou :-) . I also think Hechavarria and Valaika will one day develop into solid everyday players , to join the players you mentioned above , to help another team win . Throw in Yelich once he comes up .
Am I wrong , Or have the marlins won 5 of the last 7!!!?!?!

Carlos Fernandez Blanco

...but we're twenty-two in the hole! They're mostly an exhibition squad!

hechavarria malaria

next hechavarria party when he goes over the mendoza line and stay there for a week...maybe cinco de junio


Dear Marlin Fan, Nothing against my compatriot, Sunny Dee,however, I always attempt to display a level of erudition that hopefully establishes a line of demarcation between myself and others who people may believe are me. As far as Doc "Bad Arm", the credit for his rapid deterioration lies in the ample bosom of "Take Me Home Country Roads" Charlie Manual. When you put a gold medallion in the hands of a rube and tell him to watch over it for a few years----Well, bad things will happen. Those pitch counts finally got to Roy and it's fortunate for Hamels and Lee the Phillies management will probably soon dispatch the Phi Beta Kappa back to his rustic mountain hideaway. AND for those who mention the World Series appearances, start compiling a list of cadavers who could have won with that talent and pitching.

I'm actually regaining my enthusiasm for the Marlins as it will soon be Yelich at 1B(his position when he got signed), Ozuna, Ruggiano,Stanton, the Unpronounceable name guy acquired from the Jays, Brantly, Hechy, Solano and maybe Cox. The driftwood must be cast away--QUICKLY---and the days must pass rapidly to when Loria can sell. I suggest all the older folks climb on that elliptical and/or treadmill and start working out--with doctor's permission---because this will take a couple of years.

Coghlin and Skipworth will soon be setting out upon their lifelong work---Skippy's unwarranted signing bonus payout should help----Pierre will become a base stealing coach, Polanco will model Stetsons, and the other flotsam and jetsam will be free to take nature's route.

Marlin Fan

I was wondering how some prospects are doing , AND IF we will see them this year . Marisnick, Nicolino, and Heaney?? What about Dietrich and Conley ?
The powers that be still have Realmuto ranked higher than Brantly and Cox still in the top 10. No word of Turner . I think it's too early to write a 21-22 yr old off A's a bust .


By the way, the Tigers are brimming with prospects, and I no longer want the Marlins being raided. Cabby sitting at .385 with 36 rbi's and they don't even pitch to him. I would prefer the Marlins getting it back together than seeing the Tigers as beneficiaries of a meglomaniac. I believe I spelled my desciptive appelation for our beloved buddy incorrectly.

Yesterday I came up with Stennis, Eastman and Barnett as pillars of racial harmony, may I also add the name of "Colonel Reb" who strolls the sidelines in Oxford while the football team takes the field to the strains of that losers lament--Dixie.

Carlos Fernandez Blanco

...We'd like to dangle a morsel for the " Solons " that people the Fish Underground, now that the " Touch-stone " of this team is lying home with raised feet to promote the " healing " process. Doesn't he lack some " finishing " in the arcane of baseball to rest everything of baseball value on his young shoulders? Psychology says that the most practiced responses benefit in the view of spectators, while the more difficult and less mastered suffer from being watched. The pressure of being the lone survivor of the original Marlins'
Park promised team could exert excessive pressure!

Flav C.

Marlin Fan,

Turner had a decent (not great) start at the mound 3 days ago. But what called attention was his plate appearance that day: 3 ABs, 3 Hits (including a 2B) and 3 RBIs. He was locating his pitches better and gave up some hits, mostly singles, which can be considered a good thing taking in consideration they are playing the PCL.

I usually go to the Hammerheads games in Jupiter and have the benefit of seeing some of those prospects.

Nicolino...I'm not going to say he's been a bust so far, but let's say that he's been way below expected. He came to the Marlins organization as a big strikeout pitcher, almost 9 SO per 9 innings in low A. However, in his 6 starts so far he's barely struck out 3 per 9 innings and has allowed tons of extra-hits.

If I were you, I would keep an eye on the other guy the Fish brought from Toronto, his name is DeSclafani. He's been lights out. Very good control, good slider, good fastball and walks very few hitters. If you look at his numbers you will like it. I saw 2 of his starts and gave him "two thumbs up".

Another pitcher I like a lot from the Jupiter rotation is Jake Esch, who has yet to allow an earned run. He is on the 7-day DL right now.

Andrew Heaney is coming back from injury, hasn't pitched this season yet.

Marisnick got back from DL and has been reinstated at AA JAX, he's been playing alright.

Dietrich has been solid on 2B and on 3B as well. He brings much more pop that any other 2B we've had since Uggla left. However, the 2B I really enjoy seeing play is Noah Perio in Jupiter. This kid has been simply unstoppable.

Stan's favorite (Brent Keys) started the season in the DL, but is back on the field, has only a few at bats so far.

Adam Conley very inconsistent in JAX, has been rattled his last 2 games. However has been able to keep up a good BB/SO and SO/9 ratio.

Cox is on the DL right now. He wil probably be back later this week.

Hope that helps.

Marlin Fan

Thanks alot Flav C , I appreciate it . Do you forsee any of these guys as late season call ups ?

Flav C.

Well, the word is that Yelich is a certain thing. Now, there is word that Marisnick and Dietrich might make it too. And here comes the dilemma:

Yelich and Marisnick come to an outfield that will have Ruggiano, Ozuna, and Stanton.

Ruggiano is arb eligible in 2014 and has no more options. He might be the odd man out if he continue putting good numbers together and might bring some good bullpen relief in a trade.

We still have 4 OFs out there. As it was mentioned by Lou, Yelich could move to 1B, his original position in Westlake when drafted. It would be beneficial for him, since he doesn't have a strong throwing arm for an outfielder.

Dietrich is by far better infielder than Solano, so he might make the team in the second half of the season, moving Solano to what should be his original position: utility infielder. And that only if he continues hitting his way up, because between him and Valaika, the latter is much better infielder and has more power than Solano.

As far as pitching, we might see some late season call ups: Brian Flynn, Edgar Olmos, Raudel Lazo are all in the fast track to make it. Flynn either in the rotation or long relieve. Olmos and Lazo both very reliable bullpen arms.


Great job, Flav. You should be offered a job. Not being facetious. Marlins Fan, Just go to MILB.com for all your prospect info.

I have been fortunate to watch Stanton and Ozuna as well as Yelich pass through Greenville while they played for Greensboro. AND they are all very nice kids!!!!!Perio's talent was also very noticeable as well as the big 1B/DH, Canha. Amidst all this hopefulness I will say that I'm not getting the Perlmuto(Sp???) buzz. Of course this team also liked Skippy. DeScalafini could be good.Of course he is a Florida grad, and by the way isn't college baseball pitiful? Every squad looks like it was put together pre-Branch Rickey and these micro managing managers("coaches" as they are called) play every inning for 1 run. The old saying--"Play for 1 run and that is all you will get.

So much fun on this Blog without the inane and banal comments emanating from resident archivists.

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