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Alex Sanabia headed to DL

     CHICAGO -- Alex Sanabia injured his groin Sunday and told reporters afterward he's headed to the disabled list, where he'll find plenty of company. The Marlins already have 11 players on the DL. Sanabia said he felt the injury early on in Sunday's outing but remained on the mound to spare the bullpen.

    Sanabia is not scheduled to pitch again until Friday against the Mets, and it appears they'll plug his spot in the rotation with either Duane Below or Wade LeBlanc since there are indications the Marlins plan to call up left-handed reliever Dan Jennings from Triple A New Orleans.

    Below had gone 2-2 with a 3.38 ERA in four starts for New Orleans before his promotion to the Marlins. LeBlanc took over for Sanabia on Sunday and pitched three perfect innings against the White Sox.

    Whether it's Below or LeBlanc, their stays in the rotation would likely be temporary, only long enough for Nathan Eovaldi to make another rehab start or two for Single A Jupiter before emerging from the DL and re-joining the Marlins rotation. That could be as early as the first week of June. Eovaldi made his first minor-league rehab start on Saturday for the Hammerheads and went five innings.


    Don't look now, but the Marlins could be careening toward a historically bad month. They're 5-18 so far in May. Their worst month: June of 2011 when they went 5-23.

    By losing Sunday, the Houston Astros remained a game behind the Marlins for the worst record in pro baseball (see standings from my previous post). But the Triple A Nashville Sounds won Sunday to drop two games behind the Marlins.


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Clark, It's kinda fun having inverted standards. I remember when I was-----and I'm not aggravated about it because I understood it---villified for being only "Negative." I never really understood what that meant because there was absolutely nothing to be REALLY positive about. Now there were some prospects to find solace in, but that is not about THIS year, it's about the future. And as thousands will vouch every day, sometimes the future does not make an appearance. When I was really in "bad mouthing" mode it was because I was borderline incredulous that people were finding ant positive in this. I'm a little surprised this has not received more national attention,however, the Heat may be deflecting some of it. IF they are around 22-78 after a 100, maybe we will get the credit we deserve.

Stan, Laurel, ANYBODY, can you imagine this happening in Boston or New York?

Do you realize they must go 68-44 to finish at .500. That is incredible. I have a whole bunch of people kicking themselves who i alerted to what was about to happen and they ignored it. And it's not like I'm a "tout" because I basically NEVER guarantee anything. My English buddy kept telling me to bet on the election--I trusted him to place the bet in London--where you can bet on anything---but I backed out Chicken Stuff on my part.

Oscar Greenberg

All of a sudden, Juan Yanes is writing a much better English. Things that make you go "hmmm"....


Fell asleep watching the Marlins Tuesday and woke up today with the game on.

Funny thing is nothing changed: they can't score, or hit. The so called manager is moribund and the owner, well he is a pig of the first magnitude.

And what about we the fans: we should just go back to sleep and hope when we awake that Loria will be nothing more than a bad dream.

Name That Gimp

Marlins are trying to have more players on the DL then they have games won. Who will be next on Name That Gimp?

Fed Up

Nobody on this roster deserves to be in professional baseball on any level. Not even the independent Northern League, or some semi-pro league in Portugal. They're all awful. And I will NOT give them a pass because they shouldn't be here.


Enjoyed watching the Marlins on WGN with their announcers,instead of the clown vaudville act of the Marlins announcers.Much more professional with less attempts at sophomoric humor and the useless input from a dingbat female to fill air time.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

Family dragged me to the mall today. I can think of about 20,000 other things I'd rather do at home before going to the mall.

The highlight of the trip was when I spotted some Marlins shirts and merchandise. It had cow webs.

Marlin Fan

Loved the boched bunt , infield pop up, falling asleep on an intentional walk and having runner steal third . Beautifully executed baseball. In the immortal words of Tampa Bay Bucs coach McKay , " what do you think of your teams execution?" .. " I'm all for it "


Marlin Fan, They will be 1/3 of the way through season in 3 games and they will have no more than 14 wins.I would call it incredible but you can archive my comments--I don't have the brains to do it---and see I predicted this. This was not intelligence, knowledge or anything else really positive on my part, it was only looking at the roster and seeing a minor league baseball team and figuring out a Triple A team should win no more than 40 games in the Bigs. They MIGHT get to 45-46 but no more than that. The Mets and Tigers and Cleveland Spiders appear safe.

Marlin Fan

Lou , you are right , Unfirtunately it would be a shame to come so close to history and not get it . I thunk at the same point in the season, we have an identical record to the 62 Meta . However they had some impressive losing streaks down the stretch .


Not counting the Astros---who actually have some Major League talent on the 25 man roster---I believe the Marlins are 7 games behind the next closest team in both the AL and NL. Do you realize how bad those Mets and Tigers teams must have been to win 40 and 43 respectively. I forgot what famous baseball man said--"The best team and the worst team in baseball will both win and lose at least 60 games,it's what they do with the other 42 that matters." Obviously he never saw Mathis, Olivo, Polanco,Pierre, Ruggiano, Green,the Marlins bullpen, a majority of their starters and Mike Redmond. Major League guys with value on the current 25 man roster---Brantly, Dobbs, Dietrich, Coghlin, Ozuna,Hechaverria, Fernandez and Nolasco. Stanton is of course on the DL. You can't only have 8 guys who have any value to anyone on a Major League roster. Even when Stanton and Morrison return that would be 10 guys of any real value to another team.

Carlos Fernandez Blanco

,,,If we had intended to win this afternoon's game, we would have formed our battery with Mathis, and used Branly as designated.

Stan M

I don't know about anyone else. But I was happy to see the aggression on the basepaths, even if it didn't work. Anything but just waiting for the hit that doesn't come. I have mixed feelings about all of these mounting losses. On the one hand, there is sympathy for the players. On the other, with each mounting lose, it exemplifies Loria's stewardship of this franchise and this cannot be forever ignored by others within the game. In the long run it's simply got to hurt our esteemed owner.

Carlos Fernandez Blanco

...with a piece of property worth five-hundred-twenty million dollars, waiting for a prince, in our opinion, he's not " feeling-any-pain ".

dumass julio

waiting for a prince? WTF does that stupid shittt mean?

Stan M

Julio, if Carlos was speaking over your head, and you couldn't understand his metafore, why don't you take your scatological smut somewhere else?

Flav C.

Tough to see the young guys learning at the major league level.

You can see Ozuna having a hard time recognizing sliders out of the zone: That's the 2nd pitch-type most thrown at him, and he's whiffed at it 20% of the time. Even worse is that he's swung almost half of the time to sliders down and outside. Pitchers have noticed that and are making him pay for it. On the fielding aspect, a few times he relies too much in his strong arm and completely forgets the cut off man, like yesterday, where by throwing to home plate, not only he couldn't stop the man on 3B to score (which was evident by how deep the fly out had been hit) but also the other runners on 1b and 2b advanced to scoring position.

That comes to show how important it is to develop themselves in the minors.

And Yelich is learning this the hard way (but the right way). He's been 2 for 24 his last 6 games, but here are some stats that are more telling:

Yelich is batting .270 overall, with 26 RBIs and 24 Runs (6 HRs). Which is not bad, but not great either. However, when we look a bit deeper at his numbers, this is what we got:

- Looking at starting pitchers only, he is batting .258 against starting pitchers with ERA of 4.00 or less, and only 4 of his RBIs were scored out of those starting pitchers.
- Looking at his performance against good draft picks (1st, 2nd, and 3rd round picks), his numbers look even worse: Batting avg of .181 and 5 RBIs (most of those early round picks are also included as pitchers with ERA of 4.00 or less).
- 15 of his 26 RBIs were scored against relieve pitchers.
- Batting avg against lefties: .163 vs bat avg of .326 against righties.

So, bottom line, these numbers show Yelich still has a lot to improve and learn, and he's doing it the right way. Adjusting and fine tuning it in the minors.

Stan M

Excellent, Flav. I noticed Marisnick isn't hitting well either in last few game. Something like 2 for 16 or thereabouts. Cox is off the disabled list or whatever he was on and , as I guess could be expected, hasn't hit much either. What I can't understand is why they don't move that V. Rosa from low A to high A. He's got 10 HRs and a good OBP. Also, the AA team has 2 fill in type pitchers and Nicolino has has 4-5 good starts in a row. He should be promoted to AA as well.


Looking at the majority of the Marlins draft picks, most have been mediocre at best. Their trades have been all one sided & favoring the other teams. Once Loria's ownership is over... I doubt Beinfest/Hill & the entire Marlins FO will ever be put into a talent decision position with any other MLB team. This is as good as its going to get for them. These guys have a very good chance of going down in baseball history of putting together one of the worst MLB teams ever. They already have ownership of the worst trade ( Miguel Cabrera) in baseball since Babe Ruth was traded to the Yankees.


Notice the Marlins have JP as their designated hitter tonight. Isn't that a little like making Lindsay Lohan your designated driver? Or hiring John Wayne Gacy to babysit the kids? Maybe Redmond has a secret plan of attack that we're not privy to.


The fish aren't biting and the Fish aren't hitting, so I'm sitting at home tinkering with my analogy. (Yes, I know.) Perhaps having Juan Pierre as your designated hitter is like asking Helen Keller to help you cross I-95.


How about the President of North Korea being in charge of the armory or Wilbur Mills being in charge of HR??

Marlin Fan

Lou, you are right about Ozuna . With that said he's STILL hitting .300. He will make the adjustments , he has less than 100 MLB at bats . Yes , he may rely on his arm too much , but if Echevarria makes the play , the guy is out . Also he had a throw home that would have probably gotten the guy , but it was off line alittle ( it happens) . Yelich is in a slump. EVER player goes thru them . I'm not worried.......nice to see Coughlin hitting again . Also great to see Mathis still in the lineup with one hit .

Flav C.

Marlin Fan,

Yelich batting .163 against lefties and .187 against early round draft picks is not a slump. Those are his totals for the season. I'm glad he will have enough time to adjust and improve while still in the minors.


I forgot what I said about Ozuna that was not praiseworthy.

Pierre and Mathis should have both been released about a week ago. i don't really care how early pierre arrives at the park to prepare. He can not reach base, he can't throw and even fielding has become fair at best. Mathis is just Mathis being mathis. Neither one of these guys who be claimed by any team in baseball if released.

is there any doubt after scoring 6 runs in each of last 2 games that they will lose next 2 at home by scores if 1-0,2-1 or 3-2. They will find a way to lose--not because they aren't trying but water reaches its level and cream rises to the top. Dorry for the hackneyed expressions but there is no other way to describe this. I will repeat that i will watch when this happens:


If playing in an AL park,hit Dobbs 7th.

Mathis, Olivo,Pierre, Green, Brown, Ruggiano and the others must be dispatched. Solano can stay as a utility infielder. Will need a back-up catcher and another outfielder. Have no idea who they will be but as long as they are young with a modicum of potential, I don't care. The lineup I listed above would make games fun to watch again because you would have matchups involving potential vs. proven commodities. Mathis, Olivo, Green, Pierre, and Ruggiano sap everything you have. AND there is a reason Ruggiano kicked around the minors for so long. Name the last guy his age who became a real contributor for the first time at his age. He had a good year in 2012 but the party is over.

I want to believe like Stan and others, but I still don't see where the pitching will come from. I really want to be wrong so bad that it hurts, but I really believe he must sell to correct this and I believe he has a bunker(silo) mentality. he will just be hardened by the criticism and this ain't Boston, New York, Philadelphia or other places where you would have the populace storming the gates.


Extremely sorry for errors in last post. I only got 4 hours sleep. Will be in Baltimore this weekend and will see games on Saturday and Sunday against the Tigers. First time to Camden Yards.

Marlin Fan

Lou , my apologies about Ozuna , I meant Flav c . I personally would keep Ruggiano . He's our best defensive OF and has some power and can steal bases . At 31 he's far from being over the hill. He definately does need more plate discipline . I love the rest of the lineup you offered .

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