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Solano scratched; Kearns returns home

        PHILADELPHIA -- The Marlins will be short two players tonight when they try to snap a three-game losing streak.

        Austin Kearns has returned home to Kentucky to attend to a family matter. Manager Mike Redmond said Kearns could miss the next few days and will likely be placed on the bereavement list on Sunday.

        In addition, second baseman Donovan Solano was scratched from the lineup due to tightness in his left side. With Juan Pierre sitting tonight due to the presence of Phillies left-hander Cole Hamels, Chris Valaika will lead off and play second.

        Here's the Marlins' lineup:

        1. Valaika, 2b; 2. Polanco, 3b; 3. Ruggiano, cf; 4. Diaz lf; 5. Ozuna, rf; 6. Dobbs, 1b; 7. Olivo, c; 8. Hechavarria, ss; 9. Fernandez, p.

        On a side note, there are indications first baseman Logan Morrison could be out even longer than expected. Sources said he might not be ready to return until mid- to late-June.


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Solano out! Check the last thread to see who called it. Where do I pick up my free tickets? Who's next? I'll go with Valaika. Lomo sound like he's never coming back. We've got AAA players - how much do you link Loria is paying his trainers?

We'll see you next time on....NAME! THAT! GIMP!


Valaika will never go down!

Name That Gimp

Did Solano go on the DL,like Hanley the Mutt?


Why dont they move Stanton to first base?

Flav C.

Sunny Dee, you got that right! Good call!

As far as LoMo, his days are numbered since the moment he had the second surgery on the same knee. I posted here several months ago the severity of that procedure and there isn't a single athlete in any sports that has ever returned to be productive after going through 2 of those surgeries.

Great to see Fernandez getting his first W and Ozuna his first HR.

Marlin Fan

Fernandez pitched great . Great command of his pitches . Valaika played well, Ozuna continues to tear it up. We are now , I think a half game ahead of Houston .

Dr, Doolittle

Is it true that Loria hires his trainers from the Miami Seaquarium ? Or is it the Parrot Jungle?


Flav, I'll give you credit for posting "First" about SloMo but I know I was a close 2nd. Ever since he decided to go on some silly Asian trip while his leg was still dinged up, I professed the belief he was done. The msn acts like a clown , is a clown and I believe shares much of the responsibility for what is going on now due to the early nonchalance directed towards what always loomed as a serious situation. IF I'm wrong in this assessment, please correct me. This is an instance where one of the parties involved must be deemed culpable. Everything I've read said this should not have been that big of a deal--ONCE AGAIN, PLEASE!!! correct me if I'm incorrect.


Flav, another question. Why if this is seen as a career ender were we receiving all those timetables that had as much chance as being correct as the train schedules in lands ending with an "ian.?"

Flav C.


Lou, that was very good.

And yes, I remember very well your comments about his trip to Asia and also he rushing to be back from his 1st surgery. I also remember you saying Coghlan would not be the same ever again and Skipworth never getting a hit at a major league level. And you were right in all levels.


fact of the matter is that Lomo's knee is not responding to rehab as expected,and if lucky,will be looking at a Sept. call-up

Stan M

Hope springs eternal. Lou, he was one of better prospects in all of baseball at 21-22 YO. Yes, he did some zany things. I would put responsibility on the organization for not realizing that he needed special handling. What was going on with his dad was enough to drive even a more mature person to distractions. He never got much guidance, that's for sure.

Now for the positives for those of us who are foolish enough to still watch this team. I was going nuts with a void in my day when I stopped for 2 days, so I lowered expectations, accept that the team temporarily stinks, and look for tidbits of hope. Valaika is looking better and better and I hope he stays at 2B for a long looksee. Fernandez was a marvel and Ozuna is everything that Stanton wasn't so far this year. Unfortunately our SS, he needs a nickname (Hech?), seems to suffer from Stantonitis. That is, he numbly watches called strikes glide by, then swings at balls low and outside. But the guy can sure pick it!
Good trivia. I forgot all about the Rajah. He ctually averaged .403 in BA over a five year period. Had one of most abrasive personalities ever and was traded accordingly despite his marvelous hitting ability. Once he was having dinner with the team's young SS and a writer approached and asked if the team would win the pennant. " Not with so in so at SS was the reply" and the kid was sitting right next to him. Or so the story goes. Insisted on being referred to as the greatest RH hitter of all time till the day he died...he probably was, too.


Dear Stan, Most 22 year old "men and women"--who are not pro athletes---do not have the opportunity to avail themselves of "special handling." They usually make decisions by themselves OR with consultation from those they trust. I believe SloMo(He really is "Slo Mo" now) was told not to take an inane trip to Asia for a baseball tourney. I really liked the guy and what he provided for his father and then upon that fine man's death, he seemingly morphs into something I have not recognized since. At least NOBODY cares about his tweets anymore. You must excel in something to warrant thousands of followers.


Dear Flav, You have made as many or more salient comments as I have. I tend to be the "eternal" pessimist and I observe behavior and personality and skill levels and decide what is the most likely course. SloMo, Coghlan and Skipworth were all easy for anyone not seeing the Marlins from the point of view of a fan. I am---surprisingly---very optomistic about Ozuna and Yelich--not the kid acquired from the Angels,howeever, Turner was damaged goods before he arrived(people in baseball knew the diminished velocity) and Flynn better turn out or this was another bad deal although I do expect Brantly to make it--he was just rushed. I have started rooting for them again even if I lose my bet----although that ain't happening. Over/under was 69.

Tidy Bowl Man

Marlins bench will have the unpleasant odor of Au de Skipworth to replace Kearns for a few days....definately toilet water.


Marlins were undecided whether to call up Skipworth or just use the visiting teams batboy for this road trip. Flipped coin. 100 times. Oh well.


The Philadelphia Inquirer beat reporter was clearly wowed by what he witnessed from the Marlins last night.
This morning's lead:
"Somebody has to lose to the Miami Marlins.
"Even if you play 162 games with a single-A lineup in the big leagues, you're bound to win a few of them."
Looks like the Fish have the entire NL East running scared now.

Stan M

Lou, most 22YO still have their parents to offer guidance. What in hell did you want from the kid. He always played hard; maybe too hard. He played hurt much too often. This is the area when the team let him down. He should have never been out there, particularly in the OF. If he tweeted a lot and was somewhat of a fee spirit, so what. Between the line he acted like a ballplayer and I'm surprised that you can't see that. And if you want to criticize him for going overseas to visit our troops, that is your problem, not his. And as a small boy, my mother always preached that "self praise stinks". Come on, Lou, you're better than that!

Wounded Knee

Same old Lomo defender/excuse maker...one of the few left ,that cant accept the fact that Lomo was a flake/wannabe from the getgo,besides being over-hyped and over-rated because of the pub he got at the timing of his call-up and untimley death of his father.Say bye-bye to Lomo , a has been that never was.

Stan M

With the major league team so difficult to feel confident about, it's interesting to check out the prospects.
Brian Flynn, the "throw in" or third player from the Detroit trade did so well in AA ball that he was promoted. In AAA his first start was awful, but his last start was excellent. He's a 23 YO lefty.
Scott McGouth, also 23 and a righty, has pitched very well in relief in AA ball. He was a "throw in" in the Hanley trade and is really looking good.
Anthony DeSciafani, was really a "throw in" from Toronto, and has been excellent in high A ball. He's also a 23 YO righty.
Unfortunately, both Nicolino and Conley, both top 10 prospects, have really been knocked around. Heaney, our #1 draft pick this past year hasn't pitched yet.
Kevin Mattison, he of the fanciful facial hair, has been on fire in AAA ball. He's almost hit .400 over his last 10 games. Why wasn't he called up?
Realmuto, our top catching prospect, has been awful in AA ball. He's hitting less than .200 over his last 10 games...BUT...some kid named Austin Barnes is also on fire in high A ball. He too is a catcher and has hit .487 over his last ten games.
Both Cox and Dietrich are doing well in AA ball, but Cox missed a few games. He's hitting over .300 and Dietrich has excellent power numbers with a BA in the high .200s.
Yelich started very lowely, but over the last 10 games he's hit .318, with 9 runs, 11 RBIs, 5 doubles, 2 triples, and a HR. He's ready, Beinfest, rotate him with Ruggiano or temporarily stick him at 1B.
Marisnick is now in AA after rehabbing in high A, but is still a work in progress.
And last, Brent Keys, the kid I was in love with last year, has resurfaced in high A ball. Kid can hit!


Stan, I don't know where that came from but you are entitled to your opinion. I have known many highly successful people who lost a father at an age way younger than SloaMo lost his dad. They had already learned something from father and lived life in honor of the father. If you really believe SloMo took that trip to "entertain" the troops, I can only believe it is time to reprise a present day Joey Heatherton to entertain the troops properly. I would like one member of the Armed Forces who was entertained by the baseball ability of SloMo to write on this site. In fact anyone who posts here on a regular visit, when were you EVER entertained by SloMO post injury after he had been advised against taking the trip? He could have visited people at Walter Reed or an assortment of places, a visit to Asia was not the only way to entertain servicemen and women.


"Patriotism is the last vestige of scoundrels", believe that was Samuel Johnson, pre Revolutionary War. I am somewhat amazed anyone could construe what I said and make it out to be a slap against supporting servicemen/women. In fact, anyone who believes Logan Morrison is an appealing and satisfying form of entertainment--whose presence made a difference for people supporting this country--probably needs to do a recalibration. As far as "self-praise---believing that Coghlin was done, Skipworth was a bust and SloMO might never come back---was not worthy of ANY praise, it was just a statement of fact so obvious that it defined credulity to not see it. The Sun is rising in the East tomorrow, I bet I'm right, but it certainly does not warrant praise for my prognostications.

just the facts  ,maam

Morrison went to Taiwan with Bonifacio to represent the Marlins after the 11'season ended,to play in the Taiwan All-Star series on Nov 1-6 2011. By doing so , he delayed his first Knee surgery. That trip had nothing to do with visiting troops in China. Just a free vacation . Stanton turned down the invitation. Dont let the facts get in the way of a nonexistent patriotic fairy tale.

Stan M

Lou, I wish I was so precient that I too could know what was in LoMo's mind when he went overseas. You also seem to know the reaction of the service men as well...really? I don't want to get in another mud slinging encounter with you, but I will make a couple of simple statements of fact. In the past, on this blog, you actually praised me for saying that Coghlan would be a good CFer a few years ago. I did object to your self praise on salient points which were and are only conjecture. Should I remind you that it was not a salient point to throw the entire state of Mississippi (or was it Alabama) under the bus last year. Or that you called Marlin fans less than intelligent as well.
As someone else has pointed out, I think it was Glags, LoMo's injury is probably a career ender, but to link that with his frame of mind is downright silly and far from salient. As I said above, you are better than that and remember that apology and new leaf you turned over a few weeks ago.


Dear Stan, Since we are back to our obsessive relationship, as a certain old mind pores over his record of "archives"--thought we were past that---I wouuld remind you that you would need to be seriously lacking in observational skills to confuse "prescience" with conjecture, which suggests a much lower standard of predictive ability. But then only someone suffering from visual impairment would not be able to ascertain that Coghlin has morphed into a cipher and Skipworth can only wish he could be a cipher. See Stanley, the trouble with us is we detest each other in such a way that it is inevitable that our visceral disgust spills over.Wish I could say never again would there be a response to your garbage but the sight of the slop coming from your keyboard is as the sight of Marvin Barnes somehow being allowed to walk around an "institution" of higher learning. Stanley, you started this one and as usual I took the bait. I believe I take the bait because I've seen the old fisherman in person.

Sorry to everybody else on the board, but when I get that pompous hyperbole about "knowing what our servicemen are thinking" when it comes to their great expectation in seeing Logan Morrison, well, I can only think of the banished Glenn Beck who finally realized --"You know I can talk $%$% but eventually the majority of the intelligent people will realize I'm an idiot."

I have issues and Stanley has issues as do we all. It's a shame you guys must be subject to it. I again apologize. Was never going to bring up the Marlins fans again------and I won't, BUT if someone wants to remind me of the state that brought us John Stennis, James Eastland, Ross Barnett and a whole slew of others, I'm more than ready.

Not "prescience", but rather conjecture---Skipworth, drafted next to Posey, will not get a hit in the Bigs. Coghlin is cooked and SloMo should have visited the servicemen/women at Walter Reed and then visited Johns Hopkins. He's probably playing pbaseball right now, even though he still is accumulating time until he's a "free" agent.

Just the Facts,maam, why didn't he give you any crap.

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