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Boras set to watch client "Joe Fez" face the Dodgers

LOS ANGELES -- Super agent Scott Boras will watch one of his newest clients -- Marlins starter Jose Fernandez (or Joe Fez as Boras calls him)-- pitch in a major league game in person for the first time tonight.

Boras, who inked the Marlins' top prospect at the beginning of spring training and visited him in Jupiter, said he took Fernandez out to dinner Thursday night and said the 20-year old right-hander was "very relaxed."

"It's going to be quite a career, quite a ride," said Boras, whose last top-shelf client to play for the Marlins was catcher Ivan Rodriguez, who was with the Marlins for just one season — 2003 — before leaving via free agency.

"The numbers -- I've got a list [of the pitchers to reach the majors at 20] -- [Dwight] Gooden, [Steve] Avery, [Fernando] Valenzuela, all these guys that were very special pitchers. He's off to a better start."

Boras said owner Jeffrey Loria called him personally before the season to inform him the Marlins were calling up Fernandez to start the season in the big leagues. Boras said he had no problem with it because keeping him in the minors might have stunted his development.

"Placing him at the major league level it's challenging him to pitch with three pitches and create a more dynamic perspective," Boras said. "He doesn't have the typical soul of a 20-year old."

Boras said he likes the fact the Marlins are keeping Fernandez on a limited innings count.

"The numbers are not good," Boras said. "If you're pitching a lot of innings prior to being 24 you're chances of pitching past 30 are not good. Whether he pitches 150, 160 here or the minor leagues, it doesn't matter."

Asked if he thinks the Marlins will have to change their no-trade policy to sign free agency in the future, Boras said: "I think the no trade policy does affect franchise players. But the number of franchise players in free agency are pretty rare.

"The Marlins in my mind you've got a number of players who like the geographical dynamic of what Miami offers. You've got a footprint now. It's not a wish and a hope."


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Any of my fellow Marlin fans remember de Aza having this type of power? He hit his 7th HR today. Does this year's team even have that many combined?


"The geographical dynamic", Hey Boras, the very wise Cubans and all the other intelligent Latinos who live in South Florida have long demonstrated they ain't buying this crap. They didn't go in 95, didn't go in 01, didn't go in 08 and 09--Now a few did go in 97 and 03. The only "footprint" of any significance is from one of Samson's marathons.


rbleigh...PEDal to the metal?

Stan M

I don't care if they let the bat boy pitch. Taking LeBlanc out of the rotation is a good move. Now do the same with Sanabia please. It seemed like even when Sanabia wasn't scored on in an inning, he left 2 or 3 guys on base. Why did the team promote Hand if they aren't going to use him? I turned off the game after the first 3 Dodger hitters. It's been my habit to check all box scores daily. This lack of hitting seems to be endemic and extends far beyond the Marlins. Just using a batting average of .250 as a criterion, here are the number of players (not counting pitchers) in the starting lineups below that mediocre point on some pretty well thought of teams. Nationals-6; Reds-5; Pitates-5; Phillies-4; Seattle-5; W Sox-5; Toronto-7. And if we Marlin fans are disappointed, think about the Twins wth Winningham at .208; the Angels with Hamilton at .206 and Pujols at .239, or the Royals with Butler at .236.
rbeigh, DeAsa might be doing very well again this year, but you are forgetting the tremendous return we got for him. We wish! It's not the big trades that have hurt this team the most. It's the give aways of arbitration eligible players and players who should have, but never were given a proper chance. DeAsa isn't alone. The Hopper, Mujica, Dominguez, even Gabby. And it's surprising how many closers are ex-Marlins as well. I think Grilli and Mujica have 22 saves between them alone.


loria and boras, now there is a pair

Dionysus Thelxinoe

How can you tell wen Boras is lying? His lips are moving.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

An early Happy Mothers Day to all moms out there, young and old. You are all what makes this world go around, and what gives life meaning. Especially my own mom up in heaven, whose birthday is today. Miss you, mom.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

Sully, are you from LV?


Redmond need improve his maneuver in the games; example: yesterday game off Dodgers top of inning seventh, Cohland hit as pinch hitter and Pierre follows, when the inning ended Pierre remained in the game and Cohland go off instead of remain in the game for Pierre.
Top of inning eight, no outs, Ruggiano walked off a lefty pitcher, Redmon allow Doggs at bat instead of call Austin Kerns to look for more score runs because the score was tight 5-3. these little things Redmond need learn to be a Mayor league manager

Stan M

Was Billy Martin talking about Boras and Loria when he said ones a crook and the others a liar?

Dionysus Thelxinoe

Actually, Stan, if memory serves, the quote was along the lines of "one's a born liar and the other's convicted (referring to Steinbrenner's conviction for illegal campaign contributions to the-President Nixon).

If there was any true justice in this world, Loria WOULD and SHOULD be a convicted liar, which would then make Billy a prophet for us.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

JUAN, in all fairness, Redmond could have Jesus, Buddha, and Mohammed in the dugout with him, while being assisted in strategy by the younger Casey Stengel, and he still wouldn't be doing much better than he is right now.

At the end of the day, it's EXECUTION that makes a manager look like a genius on his moves and hunches, while the lack of same always makes him look bad.

Flav C.

If I'm not wrong, Austin Kearns is on bereavement leave.

Looking ahead, there are two guys in this roster that will be strongly sought after, comes trade season: Slowey and Dunn.

I was reading an article on Slowey and a couple of scouts saying that the addition of an effective slider completely changed (for much better) his performance.

Dunn's offseason, working on his location and control has paid off so far: Only 5 BBs in 16+ innings.

Flav C.

Went to the game in Jupiter last night, heavy rain stopped the game in the 6th inning and I decided to go home. When I left the Hammerheads were ahead in the scoreboard 2-1, and later I found out the Miracles won the game, after the rain delay.
Anyway, I wanted to talk about DeSclafani, the young "unknown" pitcher we brought from Toronto. He pitched 5+innings before the rain came down hard.
That kid has filthy stuff and his control is mind-boggling. 8 strikeouts, 1 earned run and 1 BB against a strong lineup that the Ft Myers Miracles have. The first game I saw him playing (against the Stone Crabs) was pretty good, but this second time I saw a young pitcher not afraid of pounding the strikezone, with effective slider and curveball. It will not surprise me to see him pitching in Jacksonville by late June, early July.

Stan M

I've commented on him a couple of times, Flav, but only from his stats. Glad to see your 1st hand report. Nicolino seemed a little better in his last start and even Turner had a competent start. Brian Flynn had a start where his results were good, but he walked too many. My pet player, Keys, started slowly but is now approaching .300. Does anyone know anything about a guy named Rosa who has 8 HRs in low A ball? He will be 23YO in July. Has a .250ish BA but pretty good OBP. We might also have another kid to keep our eye on. He's not in A ball yet, but he has 9 HRs and is only 21YO. Name is Washington.

Flav C.

Sorry I forgot to mention Brent. He actually had two singles last night, I was able to see one of them, a bunt-single, before the rain started. He actually bunted really well to reach base.
I was curious to see Austin Barnes behind the plate, but they had a guy called Gimenez catching. Barnes was DH and didn't go very well.
Galloway is a pretty impressive centerfielder. Good power and very good speed. Last night he had a 2-run HR, and stole 2 bases, on the same inning.
Looks like we'll have a crowded outfield in a couple of seasons.


Flav C..The Fish will probably have an outfield of Pierre, Ruggiano and Coghlan in two seasons, assuming none of them ask for a raise. Detroit and Toronto could have pretty nice outfields by then, though.


How do you know when your big club is ridiculously and hopelessly terrible? When you're even mentioning the prospects of a kid named Washington in not quite A ball.

Ladies and Gentlemen, your 2013 Miami Marlins

Stan M

Thank you so much for the followup, Flav. It's really nice to read something positive. As I see things, and granted I am in the minority, this year means nothing regarding wins and losses and everything in what is learned about our future players. I can understand Polonco because Cox needs more seasoning. But as much as I really like Pierre, he should now sit for one of our kids. I hope they keep him, however. He would have definite uses as a pinch runner, pinch hitter under certain circumstances, and how he deports himself can never be anything but a plus.


maybe he will deport himself to somewhere else

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