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Coghlan adjusting to pinch-hitter role; Marlins will likely keep 3 catchers when Mathis returns Tuesday

LOS ANGELES -- When he was a regular in the Marlins lineup Chris Coghlan liked to fashion himself as a more patient hitter, someone who had to be selective.

Now locked in as a bench player and pinch hitter more regularly, though, the 27-year old former NL Rookie of the Year is changing his approach at the plate and trying to be more aggressive.

Friday night, he delivered an important double and then scored what turned out to be the decisive run in the Marlins 5-4 come-from-behind win over the Dodgers. Coghlan came out swinging, fouling off his first pitch before connecting on the double.

"It's just something I've got to get adjusted to," said Coghlan, who hasn't started since April 28th and is now 4-for-14 in pinch-hit situations this season. "I just need to be more aggressive with strikes and just trust my eyes. I think it was maybe a week ago where I when I realized I needed to start doing that because I wasn't having as much success as I wanted to. I was trying everything. It's a role I don't have a lot of experience in, but I'm trying to get better at it."

Coghlan said he's gotten the same stay aggressive advice from veterans Matt Diaz and Austin Kearns. When his agent Scott Boras told him he needed to do the same, Coghlan heeded the advice.

"It's a tough role. I've been in it," manager Mike Redmond said. "I know a lot of guys who have been in that. I know he used to getting consistent at-bats. He's made the most of his opportunities. It was a huge at-bat in the game and a big factor in us winning that ballgame. Hitting off the bench is tough. You have to have a short memory and move on."

> Sunday starter Tom Koehler said he won't have friends or family in attendance when he makes his first start of the season. His family back home in Newark is having a barbeque for Mother's Day.

"I think the whole family is going to be there huddled around an iPad," Koehler said. "I'm sure if it wasn't Mother's Day then they probably would be out here to see it. Hopefully it won't be my last so they get to see a bunch. They'll be watching and supporting me the same way if they were here."

Koehler hasn't started since he faced Triple A Round Rock on April 14th. He went six innings and gave up just one hit -- a home run in a loss.


> The Marlins hope to have catcher Jeff Mathis back with the team on Tuesday. He will catch a pair of games in Triple A New Orleans on Sunday and Monday. With three catchers already on the roster -- and no healthy first baseman around aside from Greg Dobbs -- it appears the Marlins will keep three catchers on the team and just send Kyle Skipworth back down to the minors.

"Miguel Olivo can pinch hit, play first," Redmond said. "The scenario right now is [Greg] Dobbs doesn't mind playing everyday. But we don't really have another first baseman with [Chris] Valaika going out. It's been a challenge getting [Dobbs] a day off. Olivo could go over there and play a game against a lefty. It gives us a little more flexibility."

> Outfielder Austin Kearns, out on bereavement, could end up on the restricted list if he isn't ready to return soon.

> First baseman Logan Morrison will start playing defense next week in a game. He's been serving as a designated hitter in extended spring training play.

> First baseman Casey Kotchman will start his rehab in the next three or four days. He's been doing all baseball activities, Redmond said.

> Pitcher Nathan Eovaldi threw a 40-pitch bullpen Friday. He will throw another bullpen on Monday.

> Pitcher Henderson Alvarez played catch for 10 minutes from 75 feet on Saturday. He is just re-starting his comeback trail.


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Why is SloMo playing defense? He didn't do it before. Scott Boras is Coghlan's agent. That is like the most powerful lobbyist in America representing the 3 toed sloth. I certainly hope that Skipworth is at least enjoying the meal money and partaking of some fine cuisine. 3 catchers!!!!!! And soon to have 3 first basemen. And 6 utility infielders. a very strange group.

have become very cynical

Lou, just like alphabet soup, sometimes you get 3 C's, 3 D's, and 6 F's, but no A, E, I O, or U, or even sometimes a Y.

Stan M

Flav, was just looking over the AA roster and there are two starters who appear to be organizational fill ins. That should mean that there is plenty of room for a DeSciafani promotion. It's not as if he'd be shoving another prospect out of the way. He's certainly a guy to keep an eye on.


Whats the big deal with Mathis? He's a lifetime .200 hitter. Should fit right in with these losers.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

Beinfest, PLEASE... PLEASE trade for Joba Chamberlain!!! He won't cost you anything, and I want to see him tell Loria to stfu.


Stan did you see what DeSciafani in a low A league. Good record 11-3, but low K's/inning, and high hits/inning. May not be what you think.


You know this team blows when the low A ball mullets are the topic.


Matt Dominguez got two home runs off Yu Darvish yesterday. How many did Polanco hit?

Stan M

jmike, let us hope he is maturing and getting better. Did you see what Flav said two blogs back? Saw him in person and marveled about his command. Something positive here once in a while is, in my opinion, refreshing. We all know this year's team sucks, that Loria and Samson and penuriuos poltroons, and trading Cabrera turned out horribly. At least we now have some prospects with promise for the future.


Andrew was VERY effective at Florida and had good stuff. I have not seen him since but have learned to respect Flav's judgment. Hell, I'd make Flav the President/GM.

Stan M

Lou, we are talking about Anthony DeSciafani. Look up his stats in high A ball at Jupiter.



Sorry. Meant Anthony and NOT Andrew.

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