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Did Alex Sanabia spit on baseball?

     Did Alex Sanabia slobber all over the baseball last night after giving up a home run to the Phillies' Domonic Brown? Based on the video from the Phillies broadcast (click here to watch it), it sure looks like it.

     The video appears to show Sanabia spitting on the ball (about the 15 second mark on the video), then rubbing it with his hands after Brown's second-inning homer. Umpires obviously didn't notice it. Otherwise, they likely would have asked for the ball and warned the pitcher -- at the minimum.


     (Here's the applicable rule: 8.02 (a) (2) The pitcher shall not expectorate on the ball, either hand or glove.)

     According to MLB, the rule "gives the umpire the discretion to either eject the pitcher immediately if he thinks he is attempting to alter the characteristics of a pitched ball or warn the pitcher against doing this if he does not see any intent to do anything sinister with the baseball."

     According to a source I spoke with, crew chief and first base umpire Joe West was apparently alert to Sanabia and eyeballing him with extra scrutiny throughout Monday's game.

     "He was staring holes through him," the source said of West.

     The source said that, at one point in the sixth inning, West became suspicious and ordered Sanabia to throw out a ball he was holding. Sanabia obliged and tossed it into the Marlins dugout before being given a replacement.

     While Sanabia ended a five-game losing streak with the victory, it wasn't like his pitches were dancing and weaving all over the place, fooling the Phillies hitters. He struck out only two batters of the remaining 15 he retired.

     Since Sanabia's alleged spitting episode went undetected by the media, he wasn't asked about it after the game. You can bet he'll be asked to talk about it when the clubhouse opens this afternoon.


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Sunny Dee

"Appears to show?" "Allegedly?" He clearly spit on the baseball. There is no dispute about it. "Expect" a suspension (pun intended).

Sanabia Slobabia

Big Deal..Sanabia could drop his pants and piss on the ball..wont make him any better than he's shown

Stan M

I don't care if he spit on the all or not. It doesn't help him, that's for sure. To say he stifled the Phllies is an exaggeration. It took double plays and diving catches to save him this time. He isn't the answer, even on an interim basis. He puts too many men on base.
Maybe, just maybe, Coghlan has found his former hitting groove. It's good to see that he's at least being given a chance. For a while there, even his outs seemed to be hard hit balls.
Our#1 pick, Heaney, finally pitched this season, and pitched well. 4.1 innings with 2 walks and 9 Ks. That's a lot of K's. Nicolino has also had two very good starts. Both pitchers are probably a classification below where they belong and at least with Nicolino, he will probably be moved to AA soon. Turner, our much maligned 21 YO big time prospect has finally started to show definite improvement. One or two more such starts in his AAA ball posiion and he will hopefully take Sanabia's place in the rotation.
We have heard nothing but positive things about Yelich and he looked like a world beater this Spring. However, there are two disturbing trends behind his otherwise encouraging numbers this year. First, he has been horrible against LH pitching and second, he is striking out too darn much. Love the guy and want to see him do well, but those Ks have to improve and he might need to be platooned for a time...but he won't be. What is going to happen when Soriano is healthy again. Detrich has looked just fine and has a much higher upside. The manager has been criticized for hitting two rookies #3 and 4 in the order. Why not? No one else was doing anything. But to hit Detirich #3 against a tough LH pitcher makes no sense. Why didn't Red squeeze with Coghlan on thrd and no outs with Green and Mathis hitting...or not hitting.


The young guys----those with potential AND well regarded by the people of importance in baseball---MUST play.Dietrich(Sp???) stays at 2B. I don't give a rat's bottom when Solano gets off the DL. When Stanton FINALLY gets back he goes to RF, Ozuna goes to LF and I'm willing to give the Marisnak(Sp???) a crack in CF. Yelich is a 1B. Don't stick him in CF. Let Coghlin play 3B and see if he can come out of whatever he has been in. Of course he will soon be eligible for free agency and will be gone about the time he starts to hit IF he does hit. Morrison's body can't be trusted except to send tweets, and unfortunately all of baseball knows this so he has no value. Brantly MUST play against right handers and left handers because he is all they have and he must be given a chance. Believe we acquired some arms that were already ailing but we shall see. Turner had been losing velocity for 2 years prior to deal. Sadly none of this matters because rest of club requires some augmentation and we know it's not coming. The eventual deal of Stanton to the Bengals BETTER include at least 3 of their best young players. One being Smyly. Have a chance and in the hands of anyone with an interest it would be a good chance but I'm afraid, not with these guys in charge.


Lou, I appreciate most of your insightful comments but must we keep putting Coghlan anywhere and everywhere on the field? Is Yelich really a 1B? This team doesn't need any more of those types, athleticism please. Though if Yelich shows the ability he displayed in ST and in the Minors then I'll take his bat any which way on the field.

Stan M

Lou, it is a documented fact that many young pitchers lose a little off their fast balls as they leave their teens. By no means is this universaly true, but it is not uncommon. I wholeheatedly agree that Coghlan and Detrich should be tried before Solarno is reinstated as a regular. But why move Ozuna to LF. He's a far better fielder than Stanton. I'd put Stanton in LF. And before I'd station Yelich at 1B, I'd give Morrison every opportunity to succeed there. Personally, I'd platoon Yelich with Rggiano in CF. I like Ruggiano's attitude and defense, but he swings through too many balls to suit me. It seems like an excellent platoon arrangement to me, until Yelich gets his feet wet. Lou, don't forget that Morrison was an excellent prospect and he played out of position and on one leg for two years. Give the guy a chance and if he fails, so be it. We've got a few 1st basemen in the wings. One thing that surprised me. Dobbs is totally unsuited to full time duty, and was certainly not reknowned for his defense at 3B, but to his credit, he performed well at 1B defensively. Things just might start to get interesting around mid June.

Rondell White Jr.

You guys aren't being fair to Donovan at all. By the way, it's Solano. NOT, SORIANO or SOLARNO. Spells the damn name correctly. According to Mlb.com solano had a fpct. of .992 in 488 in 2012 with only 2 errors. He also batted .295 in 108 AB. When he went down with any injury he was batting .278 and had a fpct. of .961 with 6 errors in 259 inn. He in my opinion has thus far shown himself to be competent on the field and at with the bat. Is he a world beater or even an all star? I would have to say no. But he does look like an every day player especially on a sorry ass team like miami. Dietrich has shown to have a good glove at 2nd base as well and a better arm. (Dietrich also plays 3base) Derek also has more pop in his bat. I think his upside is greater than Solanos but like i just said he also plays 3rd base. POLANCO is not the future 3rd baseman of this franchise. When solano becomes healthy, transfer dietrich to third and he can split with polanco. I would like to see dietrich and solano starting at 3rd and 2nd with dobbs and valaika as the backup infielders going into next season. theres also still cox at third. I agree with stanton being moved to LF and sticking ozuna in right. Split cf with rugg and yelich. coghlan as the number 4 of.


I'm not going to try to figure it all out, but when Morrison, Stanton, Kotchman, Solano and Diaz are all healthy and Kearns returns and Yelich is called up, things are going to be really crowded in that Marlins dugout and some of the guys we've come to rely on are going to have to be sent packing. What the hell is happening with Kearns anyway? Is somebody close to him dying? Is he going through a divorce? Maybe somebody could update us.


Oh yeah, I forgot Mahoney or Maloney or whatever his name is. Sorry RK.


Boozer, Nothing will be forthcoming on whatever is going on with Kearns. It would be a severe violation of the bargaining agreement if anyone released ANYTHING.

I'm okay and AGREE with Ozuna being a better RF than Stanton. I just don't want to give Stanton anymore reason to pout by changing his position. Also just don't have any confidence in Morrison. I agree that both sides have responsibility in his injury situation but now believe too much damage has been done regardless of the primary culprit. Saw Yelich play quite a few games with Greensboro at 1B and I know he can play that position. Once again, a move to CF by a 1B violates every rule of baseball where you place most fluid and talented guys in CF and SS. I'm assuming there was a reason that Yelich started as a 1B.Very few Biggios around


Lou...Kearns is supposedly on the "bereavement list" and most times when a player goes on the bereavement list teams DO release info about the reason. Normally it's because of a death in the family and the team will announce who in the family has died and there is absolutely no mystery involved. It is very unusual for someone to go on the "bereavement list" and for weeks to go by with no explanation. There would be no violation of anything unless the player requested that info be withheld. Trust me, this is not a normal bereavement list situation.

Stan M

RK, if one is to spell the player's names correctly, isn't it a given that their names should also be capitalized?
Lou, you make a good point about Stanton's ego and position on the field. But why play Yelich at 1B over LoMo until either LoMo fails or Yelich proves himself. He is familiar with OF play so why confuse matters when he first arrives? Should LoMo fail, and I'd give him a month, then Yelich to 1B makes perfect sense.

Rondell White Jr.

At least i can spell his name correctly. Unlike you Stan.

Try spelling hechavarria. good luck to you.

Rondell White Jr.

This is my impersonation of Stan spelling hechavarria.


May the gods be with us all !!!

Rondell White Jr.

I've noticed some say if stanton is traded to det they should send us smyly. They should include victor martinez or hometown kid alex avila. Also tuiasosopo for his versatility(LF/3RD/1ST) and a mid level propspect.

Not nick castellanos. this team already has too many prospects. we need proven guys. martinez or avila are an upgrade over olivo or mathis. tuiasosopo is unproven but who else do they have? don kelly?? no thanks.

Rondell White Jr.

How about the ex detroit hoser duane below.



I'm not sure. Was Yelich selected as a 1B or Centerfielder? If as a CF, I have no problem with him playing there. If selected as a 1B, there was a reason he played 1B in high school.CR's or SS's as they age might go to a corner outfield position or 3B or 1B. There are exceptions. If you are Craig Biggio or you run the Marlins.

SS-CF-RF-3B-2B-LF-IB. Of course a catcher either catches or plays 1B--see Biggio Exception. Ernie Banks SS-1B. Lou Brock CF-LF. I'm not going to list all the examples.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

Rondell, maybe you didn't get the memo... Loria HAS his new stadium, the valuation of his team has already gone up at public expense, so he's not spending any money on real veteran players, and never intended to. Only has-beens and never-was.

The Miami Habaneras (HAs Beens And NEveR wAS)

william hamel

Games measure the skills and abilities of each of the players and not fair to the players to do things that are forbidden by this can harm the whole team.

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