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Dietrich becomes latest Marlins prospect to get call-up after injury

SAN DIEGO -- Another day, another Marlins top prospect gets the call-up from the minors to help fill a void created by injury.

Derek Dietrich, rated the Marlins' eighth-best prospect according to MLB.com, got the phone call he had been waiting for all his life at 1:50 a.m. Wednesday morning from Double A Jacksonville Suns manager Andy Barkett.

Less than 12 hours later, he's in the Marlins lineup, batting seventh and playing second base for manager Mike Redmond, who has spent his first three months on the job seeing more players go on the disabled list than anybody else in baseball.

By sending utility infielder Chris Valaika to the 15-day disabled list Wednesday with a fractured left wrist the Marlins have now sent 12 different players to the DL this season (11 are currently there) -- more than anybody in baseball. Not counting Wednesday, the Marlins have lost a major-league leading 309 days of player availability. The Yankees are second with 269 according to the Marlins' sports information staff.

"It's been crazy," Redmond said before Wednesday's game against the Padres. "To see so many guys, at so many different positions. And we're not getting them back, which is the tough part. It's one thing to lose guys to injuries, but we're not getting them back on the field. Our pitchers have been down for months.

"We're hoping that eventually we're going to get some of these guys back. We've been piecing things together and playing shorthanded. I'm not going to sit here and feel sorry for myself or the team. Nobody is going to feel sorry for us. It is what it is. We've got to keep going out there and playing, and fighting and battling, and doing the best that we can."

With Donovan Solano and Valaika going to the DL on back-to-back days, Dietrich, a 23-year old former second round pick of the Rays in 2010, will see plenty of action at second base over the next few weeks Redmond said. In his 28 games with the Suns this season, Dietrich was hitting .282 with four homers and 16 RBI. Dietrich said he spent the past five games playing third base, but saw the majority of his action at second this season.

He played all 13 innings of the Suns' loss Tuesday in Jacksonville and then took a 6:30 a.m. flight to Atlanta before getting on a cross-country flight to San Diego. He arrived at Petco Park this morning less than two hours before first pitch. His parents, whom he woke up in the middle of the night to break the news of his big league call-up, are making the flight over from Cleveland to watch his major league debut.

"I remember my Major League debut, I didn't sleep either, and I had a pretty good day," Redmond said. "He can take tomorrow off with the rest of us, and get some sleep and do whatever he wants.

"This is a great opportunity. He's one of those guys we look at as being part of the future. To get him up here and get him the experience is great. We'll see how he does. If he comes up and has success and does well, it puts a lot of pressure on other guys, and us to make a decision. Hopefully, that happens."

Dietrich, who said he got about two hours of sleep on his way to the stadium, joked: "I've probably got enough adrenaline to get me going at least through the week."

As for his play at second, Dietrich said he did get to work a little with shortstop Adeiny Hechavarria in spring training and doesn't expect to have any problems playing alongside him.

"He's a great, great defender, one of the best young shortstops in the game," Dietrich said. "I think he's probably going to make my job easier. With him out there it will definitely make things easy and smooth. I can't wait to play next to him."

> Redmond said trainers told him Valaika's fractured left wrist, which will not require surgery, will keep him out at least four to six weeks. "I don’t know if that’s just straight heal time and then build him back up or four to six weeks until he’s back playing," Redmond said.

Valaika, who was wearing a splint on his left forearm Wednesday, said the Marlins are letting him stay on the West Coast trip. He was looking forward to playing in Los Angeles later this week. He's from the area and had family and friends lined up to see his first trip back home in the majors.

"I was out there on the field last night and he came off the field and he goes, ‘Sorry, Red.’ I was like, ‘Sorry, man? You’re out there playing your ass off trying to make a play.’ It’s just unfortunate," Redmond said. "You feel bad for these guys because this is an opportunity he’s been waiting for forever and some fluke play happens like that and cuts it short. I was very happy with his effort and what he was doing out there. Hopefully he gets back and healthy and we get him going again.”

> Right-hander Alex Sanabia admitted Wednesday he probably would have kept pitching through the stiffness in his groin had it not been for veteran catcher Miguel Olivo, who insisted he get it checked out. With the Marlins having a day off Thursday and another on Monday Redmond said the team is considering going with a four-man rotation and skipping Sanabia's next start to give him time off. That's a decision, though, Redmond said the team hadn't finalized yet.

"It was smart that he came out when he did and probably prevented a long-term thing,” Redmond said. "As much as we can overcome the position player injuries, the pitching would probably be even more devastating.”

> Lost in last night's 5-1 loss and mess of injuries was a five-hit performance by the team's No. 2 prospect Christian Yelich, who doubled twice and homered in a loss. How soon could the Marlins see Yelich?

“That’s probably a better question for Larry [Beinfest], but obviously we like those guy a lot and they’re going to be a part of the future. As to when they arrive, I’m not sure. That’s probably a better question for Larry," Redmond said. "It depends probably on the health of our outfield and how those guys stay together. If another guy goes down, you see how it’s going. We’re running out of bodies. These guys would be next in line.

“He’s doing well. He’s going to be here. It’s just a matter of when.”


> Marlins (10-24): 1. Juan Pierre LF, 2. Adeiny Hechavarria SS, 3. Placido Polanco 3B, 4. Marcell Ozuna RF, 5. Justin Ruggiano CF, 6. Greg Dobbs 1B, 7. Derek Dietrich 2B, 8. Miguel Olivo C, 9. Ricky Nolasco RHP.

> Padres (15-18): 1. Everth Cabrera SS, 2. Will Venable RF, 3. Chase Headley 3B, 4. Carlos Quentin LF, 5. Yonder Alonso 1B, 6. Jedd Gyorko 2B, 7. Nick Hundley C, 8. Alexi Amarista CF, 9. Jason Marquis RHP.


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Flav C.

Marlins Fan, two questions:

- Who's the next going to DL?
- What are the lottery numbers for next Saturday?

Marlin Fan

Don't think I was the one who guessed it . Why not Ruggiano ?


Well, that was fun.


May 8,2013. This may happen soon after Stanton comes back and reestablishes himself. Supposedly--high degree of supposedly--the Tigers want Stanton in LF to insure the 83 year old owner gets his World Series Championship. This came on the fire quickly and the Tigers realize they won't be able to pull the crap they did in the Sanchez and Infante deal. I don't know a thing from the Marlins' side but I would purely guess they would want a REAL young starter (Smyly), and a left handed hitting outfielder and either another young catcher from the Tigers'quality stash(a RH bat) or a quality middle infielder capable of converting to 3B. I'm hearing this will go down--as shocking as that would be to contemplate. It would be a 4-1 deal but you will not be blown away by the 4--even though they are pretty good. For some reason the Marlins keep going down into that basement even though both parents are at the movies and there have been some Freddie sightings. This could get real ugly. This is getting worse than when the Yankees used Kansas City as a farm team.


Sorry. Hunter would move to left and Stanton would stay in right. It's actually harder to play LF in Comerica than RF.If/when this goes down, I would like bylines for Flav and Marlins Fan who really deserve it.


I was kind of speculating that Loria.... being a longtime Yankee lover would just give Stanton to the Yanks for what ever they wanted to give up.

Marlin Fan

Lou, how much of this is speculation, and what is the supposed probability of this taking place ? It doesn't surprise me happening with the idiots at the helm . If it does happen , I'm sure Ozuna will break a leg shorhtly after , amongst other mishaps to keep with the theme of this awful season .


Dear Marlin Fan, I just found out about "archiving" something in the last couple of months. Don't have the mechanical alacrity to even attempt it, but if you go back to the night before the Sanchez and Infante deal, you will find I said the Marlins would trade Sanchez and Infante to the Tigers for Turner and Brantly( was not informed about Flynn). Now that would have been a pretty good guess and I don't believe in guesses. If this doesn't happen by August it means I took the info from people who had it wrong(which means I got it wrong). This is way beyond speculation, and don't know nobody from the Marlins who would give me this type of information. Feel free to mark this date. I will bash myself if it doesn't go down and will expect the same from other bloggers.


"Don't know NOBODY", what kind of English is that? Sounds like I'm a product of the Mississippi school system.


Anyone who doesn't think the Marlins need a right handed hitting catcher should realize Skipworth is now 23 and would probably set an All-Time Minor League record for futility if he actually played until 30. Real-Meat-O is pounding the ball at a .214 clip and all in all this does not look like a position brimming with prospects--SUSPECTS, Yes!!! Prospects, No!!! Brantly is your LH bat and it would be a good idea to provide him a modicum of competition.

How many more guys must go down before Coghlin gets another chance? I actually enjoyed his routes to the ball in CF. He ran the skinny post pretty well.

Stan M

Watched yesterday's game with one eye in a novel. I think I heard Tommy explain that Tom Seaver struck out those 10 Padres in a row during a twilight game in San Diego. If that's what he said, he is mistaken. It occurred in a normal day game at Shea Stadium in NY. I was fortunate enough to be at that game.
Detrich seemed to have a controlled, level swing. So glad he was the infielder brought up. He looked good in 2 of his 3 ABs. It's hard not to like and admire Juan Pierre. He was a good pickup if simply because of the example he can set for his young teammates. However, we are learning nothing in this transitional year with him in LF. Either put Coghlan out there for a month and see what happens, or bring up Yelich.

Marlin Fan

Thanks Lou. I'm not doubting you , I know you have people in the know. I was just wondering how close it is to getting done . I guess A's you said , it depends if Stanton regains his form and stays healthy .
Stan agree with you about Pierre. ....... If you take away three hits from Echevarria , in roughly 70 AB , he has no RBI .

Sunny Dee

Flav C. - See previous thread for the next DL victim from the reigning Name That Gimp Champion (Hint: It's the Marlins' best player).

Your lottery numbers for this week are:

6 12 19 23 29 34

Sunny Dee

Another 0 for 4 game for Hechavarria. Why is he batting 2nd?

Flav C.

LOL, Sunny Dee - Thanks! I mistakenly thought it was Marlins Fan.

As far as Hech batting 2nd...maybe it is the same reason why they put a guy with 30 at-bats at a major league level batting clean-up.


They bat Hech 2nd and Ozuna 4th because they have nobody better. It isn't complicated.


You want hope? how about this?

C---Brantly and young RH bat acquired from Tigers in a platoon
2B Dietrich
SS--Hetch--He will hit eventually, won't he?
3B--Young stud from Tigers
LF--Dirks or another really good prospect from the Tigers.

Surely we can cull three guys acquired in thise deals for a 3,4 and 5.

Just can't let the Tigers abuse you again.


By pitchers acquired in deals, meant all the guys acquired from Jays and others. They really are so painful to watch now. Believe they scored 2 against the Padres in 3 games, 2 on Saturday and was it 2 the other 2 games against the Phillies? That's 6 in 6 games and then they score more than that in 1 inning against Hallady who gets surgery right after performance. If you allow an outburst against the Fish, you are headed to see Dr. Andrews or Dr Yoakum(Yoakum should have been Charlie Manual's last name).

Sunny Dee

How about this for hope? Loria chokes on a stadium hot dog.


Sunny, You don't actually believe that Loria is going to eat any of the food they sell in that park? Anyone who does not avail himself/herself of a good restaurant in the area, actually deserves anything he or she may ingest. It might involve missing an inning and a half,however, you will have a good meal in your stomach and you certainly will not have missed the Marlins scoring a run. Now the opposion may have scored, but we all realize the Marlins starter must realistically pitch a shutout to win or maybe give up one run to get it to extra innings. By the way, Eduardo Perez certainly looks like a fit in the Astros' dugout. He and Cole--I mean Bo--Porter look like they are having a good time.

Is anyone ever going to question Mike Sciosia and what he has received from a lineup containing Hamilton, Pujols, Trout, Trumbo and others? Michael just keeps on skating.

Sunny Dee

I don't know Lou, these days Loria looks like he'll eat anything placed in front of him.

Stan M

I don't know about Detroit as a trading partner. Their minors are not strong at all after the first 2-3 prospects. They gave away a number of early picks by signing free agents. Keith Law rates them at #22 out of 30 and has only one player in his top 100 and he is at #38. He rates the Marlins at #16 and they have 6 players in the top 100 prospects. MLB's evaluation of Detroit's top catching prospect states that he is great defensively but will only be an average hitter with little power and that is if all goes well. I can't see Dirks at all. He's already 27 and, in my opinion, would not be an improvement on Ruggiano. We actually have much better prospects than they. Love to have Smyly though.
I would question Loria's taste in anything but art. Those WS rings were garish, his parading of Mohammad Ali was ill advised and gauche in the extreme. Ditto the showgirls introducing the players. He doesn't appear to be overloaded with class. That tummy doesn't appear to be the result of a careful diet to begin with. I'll bet the guy loves hot dogs.
Yelich hit another HR last night and Turner finally had an "adequate" start.


Beinfest is blaming the Marlins' belly flop on injuries, of course, but the fact is that position by position, the guys on the DL aren't that much better than the guys they've got playing. When and if they get everybody healthy, they are still going to be the easiest lay in the league.


These guys still stink but it would have been nice to have these kids playing last month so maybe they wouldn't stink as bad today.

Trade Nolasco today! There are health and performance questions for many of next season's FAs, his stock for a playoff run is rising.


I never said these were the players the Marlins SHOULD get back for Stanton. The Marlins SHOULD get back Smyly, Castellanos and the catcher who tore up Double A before being promoted to Triple A. Of course they won't get Castellanos as they should and Tigers may actually convince them not to demand Smyly. Guys, this is the organization that brought you the disposal of an MVP, two time batting champion and a guy currently hitting around .520(Not a typo)with men in scoring position for Maybin, Miller, Rabelo, Eugenico Something and a relief pitcher who knew the mascot of every team in the minors. The Marlins will get hosed( I cleaned that up).


The somewhat humorous thing about them getting hosed(hate that word) is the immediate reaction will be "Hey, look the minor league system just got improved." Wait for it!!


Solid post's Lou. It's been a good read.

Stan M

Lou, in which deal were they hosed other than Carbera. Sanchez would no longer be a Marlin in 1 1/2 months and at least for the Marlins, Infante had slowed down both at bat and in the field. If we only got Flynn and Bradley, it wouldn't be a really bad trade, but Turner is the icing when (and granted if) he straightens himself out. Each of his last two starts have shown improvement and remember that most pitchers his age are in AA or even high A ball. Dumping Hanley and his attitude and salary for anything was a blessing. Eovaldi showed tremendous potential and next to Fernandez will be our best pitcher. McGouth has looked great in releaf in AA ball and both are young. Toronto is starting to look like a steal. Hech is a superb defender, Niclino has straightened himsef out and all ML scouts predict a future for him. Ditto Marisnick. Hernandez was and should again be an adequate ML pitcher and DeSciafani seems to be a real find. He is 4-1 and leading all of our minor league pitchers in ERA. On Toronto, JJ has broken down again. Berhlie has been awful. Bono is hitting about .150 and has been terrible at 2B for them. And Ruiz is hurt...as he was very frequently as a Met; constant leg problems. And I don't care how Buck is doing at present, we all know he's a horrible ballplayer.I still wonder about Hernandez and Eovaldi, both in seemingly good health as far as I know, both breaking down on the same day. Was there a fight we don't know about? Lou, from a baseball standpoint, these trades were all understandable and the Marlins took a team with little chance of improvement and created a far more hopeful future. The problem was our esteemed owner and how he refused to reinvest the millions of dollars (and don't forget that when evaluating these trades) he saved. Had he signed Stanton long term and then invested even half of the savings in other players, few would be complaining. As usual, he is the culprit.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

Stan, you pretty much said it all in your last sentence.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

Correction: ... last TWO sentences...

Sunny Dee

Article on Grantland about Marlins sad state of affairs:


Sunny Dee

Not sure why my post was removed, but there is an enlightening article on Grantland regarding the sorry state of the Marlins attendence.


By "hosed" I was referring to the injury problems which have seemed to pop up on some of these young pitchers. The only guy I know for sure was having problems before he arrived was Turner. His drop in velocity was scary. It just seems strange that the percentage of guys acquired, who were counted on to pitch early, all have had arm issues. You never know when a young pitcher will break down, but to me it seems a little strange. Not that the Miami Marlins would not have exercised due diligence when it comes to assets they are about to receive.


Sunny Dee, Thank you so much for drawing my attention to that story. There are dozens of stories along that genre that could be written. I believe the national notoriety possibility has faded as the Angels and a couple of other team are doing strange things. I got a kick out of Samson saying that nobody "had expressed hate", how in the Hell can you really hate Samson. He is a stepson who found a gravy train and is taking advantage of it.

Stan M

Lou, how about discussing the health of the players we gave up. Let's see...Hanley is out for 2nd time. JJ is out again. Ruiz is out. Unfortunately for each club, it has worked both ways. It should also be noted that Burlhie and Bono (whom I personally hated to give up) have both been terrible so far this year.

Planet Earth

Samson is an obnoxious little toad who should get beatch slapped once a day,for the good of mankind.

Stan M

Sorry, folks, I've been writing Ruiz instead of Reyes.

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