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Henderson Alvarez has "setback"; Marlins-killer Matt Diaz joins club

    PHILADELPHIA -- The Marlins' mega-trade with Toronto is starting to look cursed -- for both teams. On the same day the Blue Jays placed Josh Johnson on the disabled list with arm problems, Marlins manager Mike Redmond said pitcher Henderson Alvarez suffered a "setback" in his recovery from right shoulder inflammation and has stopped throwing.

     "He was a little sore after his last outing and so they're just going to shut him down, give him a couple of extra days break, and then start him throwing again," Redmond said. "I assume they'll start long-tossing again, start the progression again."

      Of the seven players that the Marlins received in the trade, four -- Alvarez, shortstop Adeiny Hechavarria, catcher Jeff Mathis and outfielder Jake Marisnick -- have spent time on the disabled list. And Johnson joins shortstop Jose Reyes on the DL for Toronto.

      Hechavarria came off the DL on Thursday and was back in the lineup for the Marlins as they opened a four-game series at Citizens Bank Park against the Phillies. Redmond said Mathis (broken collarbone) was scheduled to play five innings in his first rehab game tonight with Single A Jupiter.

      In addition, injured pitcher Nathan Eovaldi (right shoulder inflammation) has just started throwing again, but is "still a ways off," Redmond said.


      After punishing the Marlins for so long, Matt Diaz said it made sense to contact the club once he became a free agent and was looking for work. The Marlins selected Diaz on Thursday and added him to the roster.

      "That was one of the first calls we made because you know they think you're good because you have good numbers against them," Diaz said.

       Diaz has a career average of .360 against the Marlins while hitting about a fifth (10) of his 45 home runs against them, mostly when he was with Atlanta. He's also been a far better hitter against left-handed pitching (.324 with 31 HR against LHP versus .258 with 14 HR against RHP in about the same number of at bats).

        "The Marlins early in my career had two lefties, Dontrelle (Willis) and (Scott) Olsen, so I got to play most of the time (when they were pitching)," Diaz said.

        Diaz, who is from Lakeland and went to Florida State University, said his success against the Marlins reached a point where his wife was once denied entrance to the parking lot at Sun Life Stadium after being recognized by the attendant.

        "My wife tried to park at the old stadium and they said, 'Nope, we're not letting uyou in. He kills us,'" Diaz said. "They let her in ultimately."

        Diaz's natural position is left field, but has just recently begun seeing action at first base while with Triple A New Orleans. Redmond said he'll use Diaz primarily against left-handers.



        Marlins: 1. Juan Pierre, lf; 2. Donovan Solano, 2b; 3. Placido Polanco, 3b; 4. Greg Dobbs, 1b; 5. Justin Ruggiano, cf; 6. Rob Brantly, c; 7. Marcell Ozuna, rf; 8. Adeiny Hechavarria, ss; 9. Alex Sanabia, p.

        Phillies: 1. Jimmy Rollins, ss; 2. Chase Utley, 2b; 3. Michael Young, 3b; 4. Ryan Howard, 1b; 5. Delmon Young, rf; 6. Domonic Brown, lf; 7. John Mayberry Jr. cf; 8. Erik Kratz, c; 9. Kyle Kendrick, rhp.

        UMPIRES: HP -- Eric Cooper; 1B -- Paul Schrieber; 2B -- Chad Fairchild; 3B -- Jeff Kellogg.


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Name That Gimp

Alvarez gets shut down...Who's next?

Flav C.

Ruggiano will be next.

Oscar Greenberg

...and our # 5 hitter hits another one out of the park...only Redmond to keep him as # 5...

definately no LaRussa

Redmond was brilliant having righty Koehler pitch to the lefties in the 8th,turning a 3 run deficit into a 5 run loss. Pure genius. Guess that comes from his years of experience.

Flav C.

By the way, good job by Brian Flynn last night, pitching for NOLA. Going 6.2 IP, 5 SO and only 1 earned run, against a veteran lineup (Willy Taveras, Xavier Nady, etc).

Sunny Dee

My pick is Solano. His been hitting well recently.

I can tell you who won't get injured - Juan Pierre. Only the good players get hurt.


It was a not great decision to hurry Hechavarria back into Philly, instead of getting him some more AA or AAA rehab at bats. The question is whether Beinfest will regret losing Green in the process of getting an extra outfielder into the team.


Beinfest regret losing Greene??? HaHaHaHa..are you kidding? Cant you tell by their idiotic moves that they couldnt give a ratsazz about winning,and are only interested in $$$$$. Who do you think these guys are,by now? Competent baseball people???? What team have you been following for the past few years?

Marlin Fan

When Stanton and Malhoney and others come back from the DL ( if he keeps hitting A's he is) does Ozuna get sent down ????? Fielding i think he's much more natural in right than Stanton . Agreed Green should not have been sent down .

Stan M

Marlins are 9 1/2 games out of 1st place. Toronto, the team that supposedly stole all of the Marlin's good players, is 101/2 games out of 1st place. Go figure!


I take no solace in the antics of the Blue Jays. Maybe it just means the players signed as free agents were not that good and after he got rid of them they are still no good,however, he did sign them with great fanfare. Stan, I try to watch but just can't. When it's Ozuna, Yelich and Stanton and Cox, then I will tune in but this is bad stuff.

I have a trivia question for you if Cabrera wins his 3rd consecutive batting title this year , what other RIGHT handed hitter since 1910 also won 3 consecutive batting titles?


First of all, Cabrera hasn't won three consecutive titles yet.
Second, we all noticed that you conveniently set the parameters so we couldn't include Honus Wagner. Why didn't you say from 1900? You could also have said that they had to play the infield, come from Venezuela and pick their nose with both hands.


Dear Sauerkraut. Excuse Me. Honus Wagner did it as well going back to 1900. Besides Honus Wagner who was the other gentleman who won 3 in a row since 1900. I really didn't have to say "they played the infield, came from Venezuela and picked their nose with both hands." That really would not have skewed the sample size of the feat. By the way, the put upon denizens of Dade, Broward and Palm Beach would take all the nose picking MVP's and Batting Titleists that they could.


Lou...Just picking at you. Don't really know if there were anymore righties who did it or not, but I do know that no one will ever beat Kiner's seven HR titles in a row.
Yes, right now the Marlins would welcome a butt picker from New Guinea if he could hit over .250. BTW, u can call me Sauer.

Stan M

Withut looking it up, I'd guess the 3rd baseman who played on Pittsburgh, probably in the 70s. It's not that I can't remember his name; I can't remember any names!!!He was a black guy and essentially a singles hitter and he also played on another team, I think the Cubs. I want to say Bill Madlock but probably have the name screwed up.

answer man

Rogers Hornsby led the NL in batting from 1920-25.

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