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Jon Rauch sent packing; Marlins call up Duane Below

      The Marlins designated reliever Jon Rauch for assignment following Friday's loss and called up left-handed pitcher Duane Below from Triple A New Orleans.

       Rauch entered Friday's game in the eighth inning, but  failed to retire any of the four batters he faced in the ninth before being taken out for Ryan Webb. In 15 appearances for the Marlins, Rauch went 1-2 with a 7.56 ERA. Rauch was charged with two runs in the 9-2 loss.

       Below, a left-hander, was claimed not long ago by the Marlins from the Detroit Tigers, where he spent parts of two seasons, going 2-3 with a 4.06 ERA in 41 appearances, including three starts.

       Below had been starting at New Orleans, where he was 2-2 with 3.38 ERA in four starts.


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Stan M


Marius Jean

Below....somehow, with this name, looks like he will fit perfectly in this bullpen....

Jarius Mean

Look Out Below...this team sucks and cant score runs..whoopee... 20 games under .500 at only 42 played.

Marius Jean

those players should stick with what they do best,,,,,,

----- charity events -----
> (.) (.) <


Now that we know Slowey won't be an All-Star, who on this joke of a team will get selected? Webb? I can't think of a single player.

Beloooow Fish

Rauch sent packing with a million in his suitcase ,thanks to Beerfart and Blueberry Hill. Another great signing.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

In their 42nd game, the 1962 NY Mets lost at home (The Polo Grounds) to the LA Dodgers 6-3, their 11th straight loss in what would turn out to be a 17-game losing streak. Their W-L record stood 12-30, 6-14 at home.

The 2013 MAArlins are now 11-31, 5-15 at home.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

But let's not forget Loria's words this spring when he stated resolutely "I'm not here to lose."


he means "Im not here to lose money"


The Marlins have AIDS


Hey Loria...
My sons summer team needs a good scrimmage. You interested?
I promise not to throw our best pitcher.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

Hey, I've got an idea! Around the same time the 2013 World Series is being played, why not also have the First Annual "World's Worst Series"? We can assign them Roman numerals every year, like the Super Bowl, and call it the "Bush League Bowl."

Of course, the owner of the losing team in the Bush League Bowl (cough*Loria*cough) has to sell the team and get the *#%! out of the game.

121 losses or bust

I read where Ireland says he got the players he wanted.

Didn't loria say the same thing, in so many words?


Had to be the most embarrassing and revealing Cuban-American Heritage Night at any ballpark ever. Cuban food, Cuban dancers, Cuban Music, Livan Hernandez on hand to sigh autographs, fireworks scheduled after the game, and nobody shows up. It was a Friday night and the Marlins had about 7,000 people at the game (13,000-something announced, but that was counting ants looking for crumbs from Cuban sandwiches). How can Marlins expect to draw anyone from Broward or PB County when the Cubans won't even walk across the street to attend a game on their "special night?"

Stan M

I have a suggestion. We fans are helpless to do anything about this dire situation. Selig is hiding behind his horrendous hairpiece. May I respectfully suggest that we all write e-mails to national sportswriters asking them to report on this calamity. Perhaps enough national publicity would get Selig off his dupa.


Stan...Like the sentiment but I've seen a ton of articles blasting Loria and the Marlins as well as Selig and Selig seems oblivious. Anybody have the email address for the commish's office?


Allan H. (Bud) Selig, Commissioner
Address: 245 Park Avenue, 31st Floor
City: New York, State: NY Zip Code: 10167
Phone: 212-931-7800
Fax: 212-949-5654

Ask for AL!!


I've called that number several times but can't ever get past some poor secretary who's taken about all the sh*t she can handle over something that she has no control over. I'm sure my messages aren't even getting passed along. I was hoping if we could get an email address, a barrage of emails might make some kind of impression. Probably not, but what else we going to do?

Carlos Fernandez Blanco

..." Dyonisius ", we remember that " strange " Mets team. We were teenagers, and paperboys, and we learned a large part of what English we knew, through reading our
" home-copy ". I think that other than the novelty, of an added franchise, that's a rare expansion team, they were mostly " ignored ". We just learned this year what the reason was for their being so futile, in the 60's we thought that there were not enough players available to supply an expansion team, and that may be partially true, given that not anyone could just pick-up his bags and come to the U. S. But now we know the real reason is that they were formed by very aged " former-name-players", but at a clear disadvantage.


This blog has become way too negative for me. There was even a reference to the 62 Mets and a comparison of records. The only thing I can say is the farm system is ranked about 8th and even though most of the acquired pitchers now have diminished velocity or injuries, there is still Yelich and---Let me contemplate this for a second. As far as true difference makers still in the system there is Yelich---Okay, Someone help me here. I know we still have Real Meat and Skippy Peanut Butter as future catchers. I'm drawing a blank as far as the "Difference Makers", those guys the rangers and Royals have getting ready to step in and be forces. Please no references to guys repeating 2nd year at Jupiter or 3rd year at Jacksonville. Don't forget Slo Mo will be back in November and Kotchman is due back sometine before Halley's Comet returns. Much to be optimistic about. We have 1 1/2 reliable starters, a RF, another RF due to return, a good fielding SS who may or may not ever hit and a guy we can fondly call "Double D", also a young catcher and a pinch hitter who unfotrtunately must play. Much reason for optimism.

You will see in the next few hours more reasons for optimism that I may have missed. Wait for it.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

Lou, all due respect but there's a great leap between negativity and reality. Negativity implies what's referred to as "selective abstraction," which is taking into consideration only those facts that conform to what one chooses (or wants) to believe, while ignoring the pertinent facts that do not conform.

You point out the "experts" ratings of the MAArlins' farm system. Seems to make sense. But I've made a career out of financial projections that eventually produce definite results for comparison, results which are black and white, no gray. Either I was right or I was wrong. With that in mind, you should google Baseball America's Top 100 Prospects for 4, 5, 6, or 7 years ago. Look at the results, they're clear to see. For example, 2006 saw our own Jeremy Hermida as the #4 prospect and, even better, Brandon Wood at #3 (he hit .146 for the Angels when he finally got his chance). The "experts" had those stiffs rated ahead of such unknowns as Justin Verlander (#8), Prince Fielder (11), Ryan Braun (49), Gio Gonzalez (73), and my favorites, Jay Bruce (76) and Dustin Pedroia (77). You should see some of the other guys rated ahead of them. So much for the science of prospect ratings.

I think it was Tommy Lasorda who pointed out that the very definition of "potential" (as in prospects) means they haven't accomplished anything yet.

Stan M

There he goes again. It never ends. He missed his calling. Should have been an executioner, especially in the days of beheadings.
Carlos, do you remember when the announcers started to consider it a moral victory if the Mets were able to get the tying run to the on deck circle? How about when the Mets won and there was a clip of Casey Stengel clicking his heels together or if they lost he would scuff the dirt with his shoe. We can't try that because Redmond would wear out too many perfectly good shoes.
Those of you who have been around for a while might remember how I sort of adopted minor leaguer Brent Keys. Well this year he came off the disabled list and started slowly. Over his last 10 games he's hitting .431 with an OBP of .511, 5 walks, and get this, zero Ks. Overall he's up tp .364. I hope when Yelich is promoted, that Keys is also advanced to AA ball in his place. The guy can flat out hit. But then again, this is all "crap" isn't it, Lou?

Dionysus Thelxinoe

I know you're comments were somewhat tongue in cheek, though :-)

Carlos Fernandez Blanco

..." Dionysus ", only because Miamians have so many other outdoor activities to entertain them can they laugh this off good-naturedly. Reminiscing the Mets initial season, boy, that I was, fawned over the strong, and gave little thought to the weak. I recall that N Y fans filled Shea Stadium, because they were so glad to have acquired a baseball team. The pregnant gestures instantly recognized among the fans, were still out of reach for me, while watching
newscasts on our black-white portable G E, audio and picture were not completetly understood. But there were very colorful newspaper columnists in that era, and Americans were very happy with themselves.

Stan M

DT, organizations, when rating prospects, often have different criteria. I don't know how BA does it, but some base their evaluations on how soon the minor leaguer is expected to have an effect within the major leagues. Thusly, an excellent prospect in low A ball might score lower than a pretty good prospect in AA or AAA ball. I wish more would do as Keith Law does and rerate their evaluations at mid-season.
Personally, when I look at a minor leaguer, I first check his K's vs. walks, next his home and away stats, and later in the year his pre and post All Star game stats. Above I praised Brent Keys. In 55 ABs this year, he has struck out twice. To me that is significant this early in the season when there are no longer term trends to consider. With pitchers, it's much the same thing. How many hits per inning pitched and walks vs. strikeouts. After seeing Hermida for about a week, it was obvious that his bat was slow, that he might have had an excellent OBP in the minors, but his pitch selection and/or reluctance to just let his bat fly as they say made me wonder how he was rated so highly. By contrast, LoMo has, in my opinion, a beautiful swing, expecially for this ballpark. His pitch judgement was also well above average for his experience level. If, and it's an awfully big if, he can play at ML standards after his two operations, we should have a .280 to .320 hitter with moderately good power, especially to the alleys. We'll see.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

CFB, the thing with the hapless Mets was that the OWNERS wanted to win and also please the fans in the worst way. How bizarre is this in today's context... after Maris' 61st, the next curtain call I remember was when Roger Craig earned a victory to snap a personal 18-game losing streak.

They were rabid fans, blessed with an honest, sincere owner in Joan Payson, and were rewarded for their loyalty in '69.

Stan M

DT, it was after Mrs. Payson died that the fit hit the shan. M Donald Grant just might have been worse than Loria. By ML standards, Loria is not a rich owner, but Grant had Dupont's riches to call on, and never did. I despise Lolia, but he didn't trade Tom Seaver and for that, Grant must be tasting the fires of eternal damnation.
I cut my teeth on The Boys of Summer, reached maturity watching Seaver and Co, entered middle age in the days of Gooden and Hernandez, and approached old age watching the Marlins win 2 WS. Not too bad for a baseball addict. Now, before they put me down. I want to see these Marlin kids compete.
What do you folks think of Detrich's swing. I really like it. It's level and the guy seems to have a purpose when he bats. For all his power and hoopla, I really don't like Stanton's swing and his pitch selection after 3 years is abysmal. Keith Hernandez, an excellent analyist on Met telecasts, says that Stanton has a "slider speed bat". I can't comment on that, but he is definitely a mistake hitter who is meat for a top notch pitcher with control. Then again, isn't everyone?


Ozuna hit the ball hard twice.

The pitching was great.

I can do this.


More Positives

Egress from the stadium should not have been difficult.

Game ended so quickly still plenty of time to head over to South Beach.

There was again no wasteful use of energy by the Home Run Thing in left center.

I have not heard of SloMo suffering another injury.

Heath Bell did not have opportunity to earn a save.

Okay. That is all I can think of at the moment. Feel free to add additional ones.

Who's on first

Is this all, lil' Lou? No more positives?
C'mon boy, you can do better than that...try a bit harder...you have it in your heart....

Marlin Fan

Great job Lou , did you mention Khoelher's performance or that the Marlins didn't t get no hit :-)

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