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Marlins Face White Sox -- Minus Ozzie Guillen

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How much fun would it have been had the Marlins gone to the south side of Chicago this weekend with Ozzie Guillen still managing?

Guillen, fired after one season with the Marlins, managed the White Sox for eight colorful seasons in which he won a World Series but also openly feuded with members of the media as well as players and front office staff.

On Wednesday, Guillen told the Jonathon Brandmeier Show on Chicago's WGN 720-AM it is a little strange being out of baseball. Guillen signed a four-year deal with the Marlins and is still being paid "a lot of money" by the organization.

"If I said I didn't miss it, I would be lying,'' said Guillen, who managed the Marlins at Wrigley Field last year but the team didn't visit the Sox.

"Things are better and simpler without the stress. But you miss the players, being around people, being on the field. My family has made it easier. I've been traveling a lot.''

Guillen also added that when you Google his name, the first thing that pops up "are Fidel Castro pictures. That's stupid, but it is what it is.''

Guillen also said the Marlins told him he should buy a house in Miami -- something that sounds a little familiar.

Guillen, like Jose Reyes, didn't take that advice.

The third-base coach for the Marlins' 2003 championship team, Guillen said he had a house in the Miami area that he sold while managing the White Sox.

"I've lived in Miami, but I'm not a Miami type of guy,'' Guillen said. "You need to be single. Then you'll have fun. .-.-. In Miami, you can walk around and no one knows who you are unless you are Shaquille O'Neal or LeBron.''

-- Friday: Marlins RHP Tom Koehler (0-2, 2.82 ERA) at Chicago White Sox LHP John Danks (3-4, 5.70 in 2012), 8:10 p.m., U.S. Cellular Field.

-- Saturday: Marlins RHP Ricky Nolasco (3-5, 3.96) at Chicago White Sox RHP Jake Peavy (5-2, 3.31), 7:15 p.m., U.S. Cellular Field.

-- Scouting report: The Marlins went 2-7 on their previous homestand and have lost two straight. Koehler had the best start of his career last week against the Diamondbacks when he gave up a run off three hits with seven strikeouts in six innings. Miami lost that game 1-0.

PHOTO: Al Diaz, Miami Herald Staff

Marlins Face White Sox -- Minus Ozzie Guillen


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Rondell White Jr.

Not sure why LeBlanc is still on this team. Am rooting for him but it's almost a given this guy is going to get rocked every time he's on the mound. He had a decent run last year but enough is enough. I'd like to see him optioned to new orleans and have sanabia take his place in the pen and promote turner to the starting staff. Jacob in his last six starts has allowed no more than 3er per outing(Usually 5 to 6inn)

He has also only walked 12 in 50 inn. He isn't striking out a ton of guys but at least his control issues seems to have been worked out. Maybe not cured but at least managed. He has to be at this point the equal of sanabia if not slightly better. He is certainly better than LeBlanc.

Why did Below get called up? Jennings has better numbers.

Rondell White Jr.

I also wouldn't mind Brad Hand promoted to the pen perhaps instead of sanabia.

Stan M

Agree completely about Turner. He's got to be better than Sanabia who has been more lucky than effective. LeBlanc is turnng into this year's Beck. You need 6 outfielders when he's pitching, 3 in the stands. Unfortunately Hand hasn't exactly been a house on fire. His control is now more of a problem than Turner's but I'd damn sure take him over this Below guy. Ouch! I said the same thing as you on the last page. Below's numbers in AAA ball were stinko. The only good news is that things have to get better simply because they couldn't be any worse

Rondell White Jr.

Agreed. Hand has issued i believe something like 21 walks in 42 innings. That is way too much. He is striking out a lot of hitters to say the least. Brian Flynn is also doing nicely except last start.

I suppose if there is a silver lining to this glorified pro team is that there a lot of young guys to look forward to but knowing this franchise they'll just trade 'em all away and break our hearts again.

There's a lot of pitchers from triple a to single a that are having nice seasons.


i pay attention more to the stats on the minors team than majors..so sad.


This injury bug that is hitting the Marlins & in general all of MLB is astonishing. I don't recall this amount of injuries to ball players prior to the steroid era. Correct me if I'm wrong....the players of the 50's, 60's, 70's & 80'S played & pitched more often....& not getting hurt. Is the modern day player which works out year round & have special nutritional diets contributing to these injuries????

Stan M

Spitballer, teams pay more attention to their investments now and players also protect themselves more. Hovever, since the steroid era, there are far more pulled muscles in my opinion. It might also have something to do with too much weight training. There is an old baseball anecdotal book called "We Played the Game" in which players who played before free agency tell about their ML experiences. I'm not a big union man about anything, ever, and this union is much too domineering. But back then, if you read these guys stories, they almost always hid injuries and played through them because they were paid year to year and this years play would help determine next year's pay. In general, the owners were both skinflints and in some cases paternal. But the players were treated very badly for the most part and had no rights at all. It's a very revealing book. If you can't find it and want to borrow mine, you will have to find a way to contact me. Let me know. I just mentioned another book that I;m reding now on the last page blog. Look what I have to say and it will also be borrowable afte I finish it. I have about a 75 book library and anyone who is a regular poster (and tries to refrain from calling me an old fool) can borrow any. Two that I recommend would be "The Days of mr. Mcgraw" and "The Glory of Their Times" both histories of the dead ball era, but totally fascinating. If anyone is interested in learning and seeing and hearing interviews from this time, google "baseball voices from the dead ball era" There is some amazing stuff there. For stuff from the 50s, google "Whats My Line", a TV show of that time and look for players who were guests. I've seen Duke Snider, Sal Maglie, Roy Campanella, and there were others. I eat that stuff up.

Mr. B

George, if Ozzie was still managing the Sox, that would mean he would never have been fired. Hence, he would never have managed Miami, and it still wouldn't be 'fun'. I know there isn't much to say about the Marlins, since it gets old to keep repeating 'worst team ever', but you have to do better than this.


Has anyone other than me fallen asleep watching these games?

I love baseball but this team is the worse I have ever seen when it comes to offense.

Added to that, the manager apparently either does not believe in playing small ball or his guys can't execute.

So once again my Friday night will be spent watching the fights on ESPN........ at least it keeps me awake!


Doctors are telling their insomnia patients to watch the Marlins...a snoring success thus far.


Thx for the offer Stan...I live on FL west coast & still a full time working stiff....I currently have limited time for books right now. IMO...I think the post steroid MLB player has become way too fragile & comes down with way too many injuries. As for the owners & players protecting their investments....the steroid era inflated the players salaries...kind of like a bubble of sorts. Teams such as the Dodgers, Angels, Red Sox, Yankees are starting to realize that they have overpaid for players.


I have always believed the worst union in America----far surpassing teachers---is the Umpires Union. These guys make tenured professors at universities look like struggling anthropology grads. Joe West would have been fired years ago!!!!


Cowboy Joe West, rotund native son of Greenville, don't need no stinking umpiring gig. He's a country music star with two albums to his credit. His music will leave you crying in your beer — just like a lot of his calls do.

Marlin Fan

Great watching game with different announcers . Karris had some good points about Marlins .

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