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Marlins lose first 9-inning MLB game in 50 years decided on 1st pitch HR

       Leave it to the Marlins to find a new -- and very rare -- way to lose. They dropped a 1-0 decision to Arizona on Saturday on Gerardo Parra's home run off Tom Koehler on the very first pitch of the game.

       That doesn't happen often.

       Heck, according to Stats LLC, it hasn't happened in any MLB game since 1993 and, wouldn't you know it, the Marlins were involved in that one, too. The Marlins are "celebrating" their 20th anniversary season this year, so why not replay the memories?

      In September of the Marlins' inaugural season, Pittsburgh's Carlos Garcia went yard on Chris Hammond's first pitch at Joe Robbie Stadium, and the 1-0 score held up.

       But there was just one tiny extra detail to that particular game. It was called after six innings due to rain.

        PeteroseThe last 9-inning game to result in a 1-0 score in which the only run came on a first-pitch homer? Stats LLC's records for that particular stat only go back to 1988 and, according to their information, Saturday's game was the ONLY such 9-inning game decided that way over the past 25 years.

      [11:59 p.m. update: ESPN is reporting that, according to Elias Sports Bureau, the last time a 1-0, 9-inning game was decided on a home run hit on the first pitch of the game was 1963. Rookie Pete Rose of the Reds hit the homer off Jay Hook of the New York Mets]. Hook

       "At least I made history," Koehler said self-mockingly.

      Needless to say, Koehler wasn't happy with the first ball to leave his hands, a middle-of-the-plate fastball to Parra, a notorious first-pich swinger.

      "He's a 40-percent first-pitch swinger, which is pretty high, even for a leadoff hitter," Koehler said. "I was trying to throw a first-pitch strike, but I don't think you could put it on a tee any better. He swings first pitch and he got exactly what he was looking for and took care of it. It turned out to be the deciding run of the game."


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Oy vey.

F U Loria

looking forward to the Marleens finding another creative way to lose tomorrow ,and every game after that,until they are sold

To Hell With The Marlins and Dolphins

There isn't a single player on this roster that belongs to be in professional baseball at any level. Not the major leagues, not AAA, not AA, not A, not Rookie ball. Nothing. And Loria is such a gleeful antagonizing troll that I can see him satisfying the fanbase's demands for a higher payroll by trading Stanton and Fernandez for Alex Rodriguez, who will never play again.


Any other team, a first pitch home run is a speed bump that the offense will take care of equalizing soon enough. For the Marlins, it becomes an insurmountable mountain of a score.


Dear To Hell With, You should realize my "former" negativity is a part of the problem and I am the troll.I am a recalcitrant reprobate who has written negatively about the Marlins in a persistent diatribe. I have also criticized Marlins fans who have had patience with the product. Blame me.

Positives for today.

We have a beautiful stadium with many amenities.

All those attending can do so with no fear of a rainout.

All the injured will eventually return.

We will have the 1st or 2nd draft pick for next couple of years.

We have a very athletic marathon runner as President.

Our owner is an intellectual who can recognize the vagaries of fine art.

I'll be back with more positives after the game. Remember--It's not whether your team wins or loses it's how you retain a positive attitude no matter the results.

May everyone have a beautiful and wonderful day.


Clark, I believe your opening sentence was a shade negative. Your quote=="Leave it to the Marlins to find a new-and very rare-way to lose", suggests a budding cynicism on your part. I know many who follow collegiate sports believe it is the job of the reporters covering the team to be "fans" and to write as "fans." Maybe writers who cover pro sports should soften the facts and gloss over reality and soften their critiques. Don't want you to get in trouble with anyone. Next thing you know there will be individuals archiving your columns and reviling you for any sarcastic commentary. Try to be nice.

By the way, You have a great day and say hello to the esteemed gentleman and his stepson who have been the primary movers and shakers in getting this beautiful new stadium built. They have provided us with THE state of the art ballpark in America to watch the endeavors of our youthful team. The best to you and your loved ones.

F U Loria

am throwing up


Dear Bob, As much as I hate to criticize, it is Koehler's responsibility,along with the bullpen, to do their jobs and not allow any runs so we can stay in the game. As you alluded to, that first inning run set our young players back on their heels and made them feel as if the game was over. Maybe Tom can do better on his next trip to the mound. Have a wonderful day.Wish I was still only 40 miles away from the stadium site. Could organize surrounding neighborhoods, maybe get around 200 people and find some gentlemen selling tickets outside stadium and we could all attend for about a thousand dollars. Where else can you do that? We have no reason to complain about anything. That $1,000.00 includes parking but not concessions.


Lou, you idiot. It doesn't take a Jeffrey Loria to recognize fine art. Any fool can do it. Fine art is always, always the picture with the armed guard in front of it.



Stan M

Lou, another big plus to add to your column. Anyone attending a game has an excellent chance of getting 3 or 4 foul balls...maybe more. The odds are heavily in their favor. I'm overwhelmed by your sincerity.

Smith & Wesson, I didn't see your answer to my plea for letters to national journalists until late at night. While it is true that there have been several articles on Loria, most have been local. My point is that if there were several national articles at once, a steamroller effect might be created. An example would be our political landscape right now. The bandwagon has started and now there will be both recognition and results.


national media doesnt care about the Marlins or Loria...only the handful of regulars that post here do. have some cheese with your whine

Cleveland Spider

It seems like the Marlins just keep on setting new negative records. Loria deserves credit for what he has done to baseball in this city. I used to love the Marlins and I could not wait for the season to begin but now I even forget that the Marlins are playing. Apathy has set in S. Florida. Congratulations Loria!

It is funny to hear the Marlin announcers giving high praise to every opposing pitcher that pitches against the Marlins. All those pitchers are doing is throwing to AA and AAA hitters. These are not real major leaguers. Pitchers are salivating when they see that they get to pitch against a minor league team and that they get to pad their stats. I blame Bud Selig more than anyone for not having control of the league and allowing a con artist to exist as an owner in baseball. Selig has allowed his sport to get tarnished in S. Florida.

Cleveland Spider

Shame on you Bud Selig. Commissioners in other sports are trying to make their sports more appealing to other cities and internationally. Selig needs to have the guts to tell Loria "get the hell out my sport, you are killing baseball in S. Florida." He can also tell him "you are black eye to baseball." Instead he stays mum and allows this scoundrel to continue to smear baseball and crush Marlin fans.

Marlin Fan

Good win today . Nolasco , Dietrich, and Ozuna all come thru. Chishek needs to be effective against Lefties to stay as a closer .


Today's terrific pitching performance will drive Nolasco's stock up and put him one step closer to being traded away for a couple of hacks nobody has ever heard of, allowing Loria to pocket most of the $11 million Ricky has coming this year. Congrats Ricky, congrats Jeffrey, congrats to everybody but the poor suckers who bought into Loria's bullcrap.

Cleveland Spider

Marlin Fan,

What do you mean this was a good win? Once again they score 2 runs (I guess that is better than 0). What exactly did this win accompllish. This is a AA team that gets lucky when they get a win. We are the most abused fans in baseball. Until Loria sells the team this will be life as a Marlins fan. There is some young talent that could develop but by the time they are good players, Loria will conduct another fire sale. Next major leaguers on this developmental squad to be traded for minor leaguers: Nolasco, Stanton, Cishek, and Morrison. In 5 years Ozuna, Fernandez, and Yelick will be the next to go. That is life as a Marlins fan. Loria, please do us all a favor and sell the team to someone that cares about baseball and that wants to build a championship team.


Did not watch the game so can only glean positives from box score.

Huge hit by Ozuna.

Solid pitching.

Getting closer to the 40 win mark that will seperate us from baseball ignominy.

Have a beautiful day.

Cleveland Spider


You are right. This is a joke of a franchise. What makes this so sad is that we have a horrible front office too. We keep on giving up top players for crappy minor leaguers. We were suckered in the Cabrera trade and on most of the trades after that. Look at what we got back on the Ugla trade (Infante and Dunn), Braves are laughing. Detroit has made it habit to laugh at us, what did we get for the Infante and Anibal trade, that is right nothing. So not only is Loria cheap with players his scouts and GM suck also! That is proven by their track record in trades. We need and infusion of money and energy from a new owner. What a contrast the Heat and the Marlins; the Heat are the ultimate model of a great franchise and the Marlins are the laughing stock of Major League Baseball.


Up to 12 wins....Marlins need 43 more to meet my season prediction of 55. The June call ups are going to have to rip the leather off the ball to get there.


Dear Spider, I believe you are soon to be assailed for your comments. Looking back I should have chosen a silly made up name(I know yours refers to an early franchise),but I actually put my real name on here. Big Mistake!!! Anyway, you should not have mentioned Cabrera's name and you should not have used words "crappy minor leaguers." Just get ready for the incoming barrage.


Still hard to believe the over/under number for wins in Vegas was 69. All they need do is go 57-61 to close the season. To get to .500 they need 69-49.

Cleveland Spider



You are right about one thing though it is much funner using a made up name. My blog name describes how I feel about the Marlins right now.

I love baseball and hate to see what they are doing to the Marlins. I think that you are on my side about what I think about trading for unproven minor leaguers and this front office's late track record in trades. Perhaps, I will have some blind Marlin fans that are going to be defending these minor leaguers but even worse than the minor leaguers is that the few that may turn into starting caliber players will be traded by this owner (Ozuna, Fernandez, Yelick, Stanton,etc.)

Cleveland Spider


That would have been a safe bet. for sure. No way this team could have ever reached 69 wins. The Marlins will struggle to win 40 games. This is the worse team I have ever followed. They are truly a disgrace to Major League baseball. I don't know how Loria can live with himself. He ruined baseball in Montreal and I am afraid that we may suffer the same fate in S. Florida. Marlin fans have hit rock bottom in S. Florida.

Marlin Fan

Marlins suck. Let Lou and Spider post to themselves . Loria blah blah blah


Remember when Loria traded away Yunel Escobar and promised to use the $5.6 million he saved to bolster the payroll? Who exactly did he spend that money on?

Number 2

He gave the money to Samson to get the sez change op that he's always begged for

Mrs. Samson

Samson must have kept the money because he still has and is a little prick

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