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Miami Marlins own worst record in all of baseball -- majors, minors and Mexican

     CHICAGO -- Never mind the Houston Astros, the major league team everyone keeps comparing the Marlins with in terms of utter futility. The Marlins have more than just the Astros to contend with as far as having the most abysmal won-loss record in North America.

      That's right. When it comes to comparing pro teams with the worst records, I'm even including our friendly neighbors in Mexico. Because even the Mexican League doesn't have a team with as lousy a record as the Marlins, whose .265 winning percentage now gives them the distinction of being the absolute WORST PROFESSIONAL TEAM ON THE CONTINENT.

       Keep an eye on the Nashville Sounds of the PCL, as they've been on a big losing roll that has them breathing down the Marlins' neck. The Sounds could be tough to shake. Even though it's early, it's shaping up to be a DOG fight to the end. 

       Check out the standings, which are arranged in inverse order:

       Team (League)                            W             L            Pct.           GB

       Miami Marlins (MLB)                    13            36           .265           --

       Nashville Sounds (PCL)                 13            34           .277            1

       Houston Astros (MLB)                   14            35           .286            1

       Greenville Drive (Sally)                14            34           .292        1 1/2

       Toledo Mud Hens (Intl.)                15            35           .300        2 1/2

       Northwest Ark. Naturals (Tex)       14            31            .311           3

       Lake Eisinore Storm (Calif.)           15            32           .319            3

       Lake County Captains (Mid.)         15            30           .333            4

       Petrolenos de Minatitla (Mex)       18            34          .346         3 1/2

       Pensacola Blue Wahoos (South.)   16            30           .348      4 1/2



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121 Losses or Bust

As an aficionado of history, I much personally prefer to compare our lovable Bad-News-Marlins to the 62 Mets. And with that in mind...

In their 49th game, the 62 Mets actually beat the also-hapless Chicago Cubs (18-36) by a 2-0 score in the first game of a double header.

The Mets' record stood at 13-36, identical to our hometown boys!!!

Maybe not quite as much fun to follow as being in a pennant race, but hey, it's all we got - thank you Jeffrey Loria.

121 Losses or Bust

I strongly suggest we all take a long hard look at the standings that Clark generously posted above. It will be the last time during Loria's ownership that we see the Marlins in first place!

Poo Poo Platter

Loria And His Ponzi Scheme Never Seems To surprise Me

Dionysus Thelxinoe

Apologies for a Heat comment on a Marlins blog, but this is more about the Herald:

I seem to recall reading somewhere that the Heat's loss to Indiana was only their 4th in the last 40 games. And by my count, it's their second loss in ten playoff games. Seems like a remarkable performance by any standard, right?

Yet, today Barry Jackson labels them a team out of focus??? What the ... ???

Why, Barry, because they had the temerity to lose one game to one of the best teams in the NBA? Or was it because Charles Barkley, the Round Mound of Sound, cracked wise about them (nothing new there)? How about this? Instead of letting your opinion be guided by has-been players looking for laughs on TV, why don't you pay attention to the actual games and provide us with some real insight. I think it's referred to in some circles as journalism.


How low can they go? Clark, thanks for keeping us up to date of the abysmality of the Marlins and allowing me to coin a word. No use even trying to pretend these Fish aren't mudsuckers.

Carlos Fernandez Blanco

...In our opinion, they're not a bad team, they've just been sabotaged! You have two management appointees who've run low on gas, while respectably earning their pay-checks, at third base and right field. It's been some weeks since they've factored in a victory, while one started the season as the main offense producer, he's weary now.
Our best natural hitter, who is a veteran , operates better as a pinch-hitter, and when he's given a spite of breath, he comes back like his old self.


sanabia stinks!

Marlin Fan

Love the Sox throwback uniforms . They should go with the blue and white ,shorts with butterfly collars lol lol........ What happened to the Marlin's road grey? I liked them . Thank God they got rid of the horrible orange hats .
Another gem for Sanabia , great hitting by the Fish with RISP .


@121 Losses or Bust
That's awesome! I looked it up on baseball reference to make sure. I've been hoping since before the last season ended that the Marlins would break the 2003 Tigers's record this year, and it's really starting to look like they can do it.


Also, believe it or not, the 2003 Tigers were also 13-36 after 49 games! The Marlins are now 13-37, and the '62 Mets and '03 Tigers were 13-37 after 50 games as well.

Dean Wormer

"In our opinion ,they're not a bad team"...are you stupid or drunk or both..

Peter Woolman

The Marlins are the ONLY triple A team in the major leagues.


I don't know much about triple A teams but I wouldn't be surprised if the Marlins would have a losing record if they were actually in triple A.

Carlos Fernandez Blanco

...Worms warmer ", we sat through our grade school classes, so we're at least " socialized "
and not a member of the " counter-culture ". We think that MLB is a past-time, and not unlike the Cuban Professional Baseball we were fans for in pre-1959 Cuba. We believe in a little respite for older baseball players, which the Marlins' management has made a virtue of offering us Miami fans this second year of Marlins' Park, and since the least abundant sense, is " common-sense ", we try to make the best of our time watching those Marlins players who are nurturing a most desirable MLB career.

Dean Wormer

blah blah blah bullllshittttt

Former Season Tckt Holder

When Stanton, Morrison come back and Yelich gets called up this will be a much improved team and that's not counting pitchers Eovaldi, Alvarez and Turner. Loria still sucks and there's a special place in Hell for that pig

Carlos Fernandez Blanco

..." Worms " you've the Diplomat's calling!

Carlos Fernandez Blanco

...The latest gripe is that Steve Cishek is having problems getting " lefties " out; and " righties ", now that Buerhle, Bell, Johnson, Zambrano, Eovaldi, and Turner are not in front of him anymore.


sounds like the ramblings of a wanna be literate julio

Richard Lepre

When the commsioner of baseball Bud Selig said that all the players the Marlins traded away for "prospects" was fine with him, you had to know that Mr. Selig and Mr. Loria have been close friends for quite a while now. Just check Mr. Loria's previous involvement with the Montreal Expos which made him a nice piece of change. Mr. Loria is saying , why worry about the fans or the folks that pushed through the deal for their "brand new stadium", when he can make more money by having a minor league team playing in a brand new major league ballpark, and saving hundreds of million dollars in salaries. While several major league teams are enjoying some very talented ex Marlin players, the real Marlin fans are in for a very long strtch of losing 3 out of every 4 games they play. Nice job Mr. Loria.

Carlos Fernandez Blanco

...we grew up watching Flash Gordon, and Hopalong Cassidy, and reading the sub-titles, in Cuba's capital, Havana. There's not too much disparity between the culture we acquired at home, and what was assimilated, for instance in Miami. We took two and a half years to
lose our shyness to express the few complete phrases we were composing in English to communicate in public, i. e. we were able to speak passable English. When the Jackie Gleason Show aired from Miami Beach, we still could not understand him during his tavern conversations. We wouldn't go into the " ethnic-prejudice " discussion, because we're inured to know better. When we were younger and more sociable, many Italian-Americans remarked, to educate me, that Italians were not Spaniards. Julio!

Samuel L. Bronkowitz

"Because even the Mexican League doesn't have a team with as lousy a record as the Marlins, whose .265 winning percentage now gives them the distinction of being the absolute WORST PROFESSIONAL TEAM ON THE CONTINENT."

I take massive offense to referring to any team owned by Jeffrey Loria as "professional".


Who cares? This is Miami, we have the Heat for winning.


Stan M is very smart.


Remember how he fawned over "Mr. Loria" for finally spending some money last year? Unfortunately Loria spent the money on players that they either did not need (slap hitting injury prone Jose Reyes) and 5th best reliever available Heath Bell (Papelbon & Houston Street were available; Street for LESS MONEY) and the team went down the drain. In fact if one takes an honest look at those moves and keeping in mind who Loria is based on his devious track record, it is easy to draw the conclusion that he purposely spent the money stupidly last year so that the team would fail. Remember this is Loria, who in 2010 gave Fredi Gonzalez a must win ultimatum and then promptly dismantled the bullpen, guaranteeing that he would lose, giving Loria the pretext he needed to fire him.

Loria is a disaster and this team will not be any good until he sells the team, which I believe will only happen in 2016, when he no longer has to split te profits from the sale with the City of Miami. In the meantime the team will continue to suck and be a farm team for the rest of MLB. Stanton is already gone; his trade is just a formality at this point. Those waiting breathlessly for Yelich and the other youngsters to come up are fools. They will not transform the team into winners before Loria sells the team. You need a mix of young players and established vets and none of the latter will ever sign a contract here unless they are washed up like Pierre & Polanco.

Yet despite this Stan M will continue to pontificate here as if he is The Wise Old Marlin fan. He seems to feel he deserves that title due to being old and having the ability to spell Moose Skowron without Googling it. But "there's no fool like an old fool", and in this case hat saying is 100% valid. I breathlessly await another "Dear Mr. Loria" post; I need a good laugh from time to time.

The Marlins are only worth watching (on TV of course; Lporia will never make another dime off me at the stadium) to see if they will get to loss #50 begfore win # 20. The young players are worth watching before they move on to Detroit or Boston or LA. Manager Mike Redmond? I guess nobody ever told him about the concvept of late inning Defensive replacements; he had Palaika playing 3rd base in extra innings against the Mets with Gold Glove Polanco on the bench. Game lodst on a ball hit to 3rd, and Juan Pierre's weak arm belonged on the bench in extra innings vs. Chicago this past weekend. So far I am not impressed wth Mr. Redmond's managing skills, but really, what difference does it make with this team?

Carlos Fernandez Blanco

...that's 5% cut from his selling profit, we would estimate it to be less than twenty million $$. We think that the haul is too big. One can't get up and leave a pocker game when one is winning, but if the lights go out, and one's fleet of foot...


Miami has professional baseball, Major League? Since when?

Al  Z. Heimers

Alex...youre right about Stan M who is an old blitheriing delusional fool.


I have never seen a team that elects to hit in more double plays, Redmond apparently has never heard of a bunt, maybe suicide but that is it.

Mike Anderson

Loria is a criminal, he should be in jail for the scam he pulled on south florida. He should take Selig with him. You will never see me at a Marlin game again, Tropicana is ok...GO RAYS!


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