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Marlins hang #LiveLikeBella jersey in dugout Wednesday to honor 10-year old cancer fighter

Just like Dwyane Wade and LeBron James did before Game 4 of the Eastern Conference Finals, the Marlins have decided to honor the young life and spirit of local cancer fighter Bella Rodriguez-Torres, who passed away on Tuesday after a six-year battle with a rare, aggressive form of the disease.

The Marlins will hang a jersey with the phrase "#LiveLikeBella" in their dugout during Wednesday's game at Marlins Park against the Tampa Bay Rays. Tuesday, Wade and James wrote the same phrase on their sneakers before they took on the Pacers. 

Rodriguez-Torres's fight against cancer made news over the last few the years as her story picked up steam on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Her father wrote a book about his daughter’s ordeal with rhabdomyosarcoma as she went through chemotherapy, radiation and surgery and coined the phrase, “Live Like Bella.” The family created her own popular website.

"You guys obviously know about my experience with cancer and my father," said Marlins manager Mike Redmond. "Being a part of the community down here I know this has been a story that's touched so many peoples lives. I just thought it was appropriate we got a jersey for her and kind of honored her. It has affected my life, cancer, losing my dad. A story like that out of such a young girl, 10 years old, obviously touched me. I know some of the guys know about it too. We just felt it was the right thing to do, the appropriate thing to do to honor her."


After 10 years of fighting through the minor leagues, veteran utility man Ed Lucas finally got the call up he had been hoping for Tuesday when the Marlins designated infielder Nick Green for assignment and selected the contract of the 31-year old Lucas from Triple A New Orleans. 

Lucas, a former eighth round pick of the Royals and the oldest player in the Marlins organization who had yet to play at the big league level, is expected to be used all over the field while the Marlins wait for several of their injured players to return from the disabled list.

"It was a pretty big surprise," said Lucas, who was hitting .304 with five homers and 14 RBI for the Zephyrs. "I'd been doing OK. But it's been 10 years and to finally get that call. At some point you kind of stopped expecting and kind of put it in the back of your mind, hoping it will come."

Lucas said he and his New Orleans teammates were running sprints before their game Tuesday when manager Ron Hassey called the entire team into the clubhouse "and broke the good news in front of everybody."

"Lot of hugs, lot of congratulations, especially in my case just because I've been around so long," said Lucas, who in 925 career minor league games is a .278 hitter with 66 homers and 418 RBI. "I think a lot of people who have put in a lot of time can relate to my situation. A lot of well wishes, a lot of congratulations and its really good to see that kind of support from the team. In this kind of day in age it's dog eat dog. It was nice to get some heartfelt appreciation."

Lucas said his parents, who live about four hours north of Miami in Deltona, along with his sister and fiancee were making the trip down for Wednesday's game. Lucas graduated from Dartmouth in 2004 when he was named the Ivy League Player of the Year. He majored in Sociology and Economics.

"This is the fun part of the job when you get to bring a kid to the big leagues who has been in the minor leagues forever," Redmond said. "Hopefully he'll come up and bring some energy and get some big hits for us."


All-Star right fielder Giancarlo Stanton, out since April 30, is still fighting his way back from a Grade 2 hamstring strain. Stanton said he's been picking up his speed while running on the outfield grass and simulating the cuts he needs to make while running the bases. But he still isn't going at full speed.

"It's really just up to him and to how he's feeling now and when he's ready to start," Redmond said. "He can start anyday. It's really up to him when he feels good to go start on a rehab [assignment]."

Stanton said he no longer feels pain in his hamstring and adds it's "more muscle memory and being able to let it go."

> Logan Morrison went 0-for-3 with a walk in Double A Jacksonville Suns debut Tuesday. He's now 4-for-26 (.154) with three RBI in seven minor league games since beginning his rehab assignment. Redmond said he expects Morrison will stay in the minors until his 20-day stint ends on June 8th.


> Marlins (13-39): 1. Chris Coghlan LF, 2. Placido Polanco 3B, 3. Derek Dietrich 2B, 4. Marcell Ozuna RF, 5. Justin Ruggiano CF, 6. Greg Dobbs 1B, 7. Adeiny Hechavarria SS, 8. Rob Brantly C, 9. Tom Koehler RHP.

> Rays (27-24): 1. Ben Zobrist 2B, 2. Matt Joyce RF, 3. Kelly Johnson LF, 4. Evan Longoria 3B, 5. James loney 1B, 6. Desmond Jennings CF, 7. Yunel Escobar SS, 8. Jose Molina C, 9. Roberto Hernandez RHP.


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A nice gesture on the part of the Marlins.


I had a few smart-ass remarks I was going to make about the tenor of the previous discussion, but smart-ass won't cut it here. Way to go Marlins.


Just got a call from a friend letting me know he's going to tonight's game. Everybody keep an eye out for him — he'll be the guy in the stands.


The inevitability of the Marlins starter to pitch very well with hardly any run support was so predictable after 6 runs were scored in each of last 2 games. You almost couldn't make this stuff up. The Marlins were 2 games behind the 62 Mets going into this game. If you look at old pictures, you will note that crowds at the Polo Grounds were actually often times significantly smaller than they are in Miami. There was literally nobody at some of those games. The cult following only developed with continued antics as they became "special." The Marlins can be "special" as well,however,just that stadium guarantees some people will show up only for the air conditioning.

Clark, i hope you don't mind but i have a question for you. Might be difficult to answer or you may just feel it is not appropriate. I would say that you would be totally justified in secretly wishing for an "Historical" record as opposed to some 59-103 crap. Am I right? i believe Laurel was in the newspaper business and I'm betting he would have rather covered a hellacious train wreck any day as opposed to some hit and run in Georgetown.

Stan M

LB, were those remarks about my general?


A few of them.

Marlin Fan

Went to game tonight . Deitrich, Coughlan , and Brantly all hit the ball well, unfortunately with only one hit between them. Koehler pitched well after the first two. Like the move of pinch hitting with Pierre late:-). Made Hernandez look like Cy Young. .... Can we please get Polanco out of there as an everday player . LET BRANTLY PLAY TEN STRAIGHT GAMES . he has a sweet stroke , that needs at bats. Besides our other two options can't hit .200 even .


Must now go 68-41 to finish at .500. They are now also 3GB the 62 Mets.


Marlin Fan, how many people are really there and PLEASE tell me you are close enough to tell Pierre to retire?

Stan M

LB, go at it. Also liked Nathenial Green, Seth Warner on a smaller scale though not a general, and can't think of frontiersman who led KY riflemen. Important at Saratoga with sharpshooters and in Southern battle where he figured out best way to use "minutemen" type fighters. What was his name? But until he was injured at Saratoga, Arnold was the Patton of his day.


Has there been more than one war between 2 opposing sides where the losing side has continued to celebrate the ignominy of its defeat even more than a 100 years after the fact. I'm sure the Argentinians are no longer celebrating the battle they gave the British over the Falklands. It just seems once you lose a war you would no longer be interested in staging the events that were part of the defeat. What is particularly strange about the whole thing is the fact this war was responsible for the deaths of more people than all the other wars in its history. Isn't this something you would want to move past?

Stan M

In the Great War casualties were in the millions

Lou, in the Great War, casualties were in the millions. Th widespread use of the machine gun changed battlefield tactics forever. Yet a flu hit the world just about the time that the war was over and it klled more people than the damn war. My great fear, and maybe it is just something that has to happen to thin out the current overpopulation, is a drug resistent virus that with air travel, etc., could be as catastrophic as the Medieval plague.


wish the headline was "Marlins hang Loria from HR Sculpture"

Marlin Fan

Lou , the "official" attendance was 16,671 . It was probably around 14-15 . A decent amount of Rays fans. Pricing is excellent , since you can get on stub hub or buy the cheap outfield seats and sit pretty much wherever you want . ..... Heard Eovaldi will be back by mid June . Lomo is 4 for 26 in his rehab .


looking forward to Lomo blowing out his knee for good and doing what he does best...charity work and being an assclown full time

Dionysus Thelxinoe

I'm all for freedom of speech, including any and all criticism of the team and/or owner & management, but hoping for an serious injury to a player is way beyond the pale.

Stan, we share a passion for history. The most interesting aspect of history is that it's study encompasses the development of every other academic subject, from science to law to religion to mathematics to the arts, and so on. I have a particular affinity for ancient history, from the Roman and Hellenic civilizations on back. After then, as they say, history is written by the victors and, as such, it requires some reading between the lines.

Did you know... ?

That the history of Greek civilization and philosophy, the foundation of Western civilization, was buried by the early Church in its archives and forgotten about for centuries. Apparently, the information (Greek history and philosophy) served them no purpose, since it was secular thought and ran contrary to much of their beliefs. Then along came a fellow named Averroes, a Muslim born in Spain, who revived Aristotelian thought and it was his works that are considered responsible for the development of scholasticism in medieval Europe, i.e., the founding of universities. Isn't it ironic that a Muslim is referred to as the "founding father of secular thought in Western Europe"?

A. Lex

What a blowhard...is this the old farts nursing home blog

Marlin Fan

Nick Green sent down, in exchange for Ed Lucas . ALRIGHT !!!!

Marlin Fan

Bring back Cousins, Petersen, Hayes , and
Murphy, while were at it .

Dionysus Thelxinoe

Ageist comments are just as boorish as wishing injury in someone.

I'm reminded of the saying, "Better to remain silent and be thought of as a fool, than to open one's mouth and remove all doubt."

A. Lex

you oughta know

Clark S.

Lou, in answer to your question: yes, I think most baseball writers prefer covering teams that are either really, really good or really, really bad -- one of the extremes. But the bad teams must be somewhat colorful to be compelling, and I can't say that about this team so far. -- Clark

Stan M

DT, I well knew the concept of how medecine and philosophy spread, but not that particular name. I am somewhat of a nut when it comes to medieval times. One need only study the history of the Crusades to understand one major reason for the hatred of Christians by radical and/or young, uneducated Muslims. They know what happened back then and the disparity in cultures back then. Regarding Aristolian logic, I was semi educated by Dominican monks in college and cut my teeth on Thomas Aquinas, etc. The one thing those robed padres did was to teach us logic and how to rationalize.
I was very friendly with a man who was an MP at end of WWII and he was at Neurenberg(sic) during trials and had to spend 8 hours a day with Herman Goering(sic). Talk about victors rewriting history. Had Germany won, Eisenhower, Patton, Bradley and several others would have been swinging in the breeze.
The reason that I mentioned Paul Revere yesterday was beccause of a similarity with The Yankee Clipper in personality and fame. Very skilled in so many ways, but with a serious sense of entitlement.

Stan M

Nice evaluation of Brian Flynn, the "throw in" from the Detroit trade of Sanchez.



And may I add ESPN baseball's latest take on the state of our beloved Marlins:


These guys stink!

Camera Mike

All of these comments on history remind me of the saying that those who do not know history are doomed to repeat it. Though I now feel we must add an addendum. All Marlins fans are doomed to repeat the feelings of anger and depression that accompany the fire sales, incompetent management, and losing seasons, despite their extensive historical knowledge.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

Thanks for the links and info, Stan, Sunny Dee, rbleigh.


Great Info!!!!!!! Keep it coming and the best that silly I can do is report we are now 3GB the Mets(The 62 Mets).

Clark, great point about being "colorful", I'm trying to think of a candidate to demonstrate personality and the best I can do is Morrison.

This is a serious question--and I'll swear on any graves you select that I'm not being a wiseguy--what did some of the more optimistic among you see that allowed you to expect something more than what has transpired. I know a healthy Stanton would have been a force,however, if he does not get hurt Ozuna never gets called up. I'm really serious what were some of the things you were seeing that did not work out. I'm basing this question on the assumption we all knew Morrison would be out until at least the All-Star Game. A healthy Morrison( a real oxymoron) would have made a difference,however, what were the chances of that?


rbleigh,great article. Thank You. I agree with Law about the middle of the pack ranking for the farm system. Right now I continue to see only Yelich and Ozuna as sure things--I mean SURE things, not that others could not develop. Did the 16th ranking include Ozuna and Fernandez?


Lou, I believe Ozuna and Fernandez were included in those rankings because Ozuna was not up yet and Fernandez was a ST surprise making the "MLB" roster.


So that would mean there is no way we are still Number 16.

The Braves just released Juan Francisco(who is way superior than anyone the Marlins currently have to play 3B), you guys know who gets first crack at anyone who must clear waivers to be assigned to the minors. At this time of year--and next 3 months---Marlins could collect some guys who could beat what they are currently trotting out on the field.

Stan M

One of you please correct me if I'm wrong, but that Marlin article says that the Marlins ranked 16th; but the was as an organization. That is, it wasn't just the farm system which I've always seen ranked in the top ten and as high as 4th.

Lou, I predicted 72 wins this year. You asked why, so here goes. I thought that this team in Spring was about 2-4 games better than the group of AAAA players that finished last year. In my defense, it was also before the injuries that decimated the team. I was much too optimistic...period. Regarding your comment that only Ozuna and Fernandez are sure things, I must say the following. Keith Law just came out with his new top 25 prospects and Yelich is #4. I feel confident that not only does he have a major league future as a well above average player, but Headley (2 great starts since off the DL), Nicolino, Brian Flynn, DeStefaniand, yes, even Keys all have a ML future before them. Personally, I wouldn't touch Francisco. We are soon going to have too many outfielders, so try Coghlan there. What's the worry? We might lose a game or something.
What is everyone's opinion of Detrich? Should he stay at 2B or should Solaro that back the position.

My boy, Keys is finally listed+ in the top 20 prospects. Fernandez moved off and Keys became #20. He'll be in the top 10 next year. I wish those prospect rankings were fluid, for there are some who don't belong and others not there that do.

Al Z. Heimers

whats the difference between being too optimistic or just delusional

Stan M

A stanine or two of IQ points which you will never understand.

Al Z. Heimers

snappy response from a delusional optimist..go catch the early bird..

Marlin Fan

Keep Solano and move Dietrich to 3rd or vise versa for now .

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