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Skipworth sent back down Triple A New Orleans in anticipation of Mathis' arrival Tuesday

LOS ANGELES -- Barring a freak injury or step back on Monday, catcher Jeff Mathis will probably make his Marlins debut Tuesday when the team returns back to Miami to open a nine-game homestand against the Reds.

As expected, sent former first round pick Kyle Skipworth back down to Triple A New Orleans after Sunday's game to make room for Mathis, who was acquired in the big Blue Jays trade in the off-season.

Mathis has been red-hot in the minors. He homered Sunday in his first game for New Orleans. Before that, he was 7-for-25 (.280) with a homer and 10 RBI in seven games between Single A Jupiter and Double A Jacksonville. 

> After Sunday's loss, which dropped the Marlins to 11-27, a lot of talk in the clubhouse was about Marcell Ozuna's rocket throw to get the speedy Carl Crawford out at third base in the first inning. 

"It was a great throw. We're talking Vladimir Guerrero type arm," manager Mike Redmond said. "I think Carl was surprised he got to that ball and got that throw off that quick."

Justin Ruggiano said he's been impressed with Ozuna. In the 12 games he's played with the Marlins he has three outfield assists and might have had a couple more if not for being a tad late on a pair of bullet throws in San Diego.

"I think our outfield has been playing well all year," Ruggiano said. "Ozuna stepping in and doing what he's doing right now offensively and defensively is a great plus. He's got a great arm and plays his spot very well. It's nice when you have one unit out there working together and covering the ground that we're covering. It makes for a good outfield and a good defense. We need that for our team to be successful."

> Ruggiano's solo home run to left Sunday extended his team lead. He has seven home runs this season -- all of them have come on the road. He came in tied with Chase Utley for fifth in the National League in total bases on the road with 39.


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Kyle, We barely knew you. I don't know if the original Spago's is still in West Hollywood, if it is, I trust Skippy ate there at least once. Of course the food is great in New Orleans and how can you not respect a city that worshipped Huey Long.

Was Manny being facetious in saying that "Mathis has been red hot in the minors(.280)?" I have no doubt that Mathis would continue to perform at a high level in the FSL and the Southern League


Love Ozuna!! Would it SHOCK anyone if they send Ozuna back to the minors when Stanton returns so that they can keep "Pierre's veteran leadership" on the field?

Stan M

Here are a few positive things we can take from todays games. Conley, one of our top prospect and left handed, had a terrific outing in AA ball. Only one hit, no runs and no walks. Yelich had at least 2 more hits and while hiting over .400 in his last ten games, in half of them he has had at least two hits. While Koehler wasn't great, he sure as heck was better than LeBlanc. Ozuma and Detrich did fine. This is especialy important because Ozuna looked awful at bat in his last two games. Ozuna has an arm that few, if any, major leaguers can match. Brent Keys is now well over .300. Our old friend, Bono went 3 for 4 with a HR. Arizona's pitcher, McCarthy pitched a shutout over 8 innings with a very low pitch count so naturally the game was turned over to the "closer" because that is just what everyone does. This closer's name was Heath Bell...do you think he got a save? Realy? Nah. He gave up 4 hits and 2 runs before being take out.


Lou 2 Skipworthless 0


rbleigh, To be fair, I predicted that Skippy would NEVER get a hit in the Bigs. Taking that into account, I would say there is no 2-0 advantage for myself. My only real chance is that he never plays consistently in the Bigs--a big assumption,however, one worth taking--now if Brantly, Ozuna and Mathis all get hurt, will stick with my prediction, but probably gets dicey if he gets a 100AB's. There is always the possibility of a check swing bloop.

Stan M

Lou, what is more important? That your prediction is correct,or that this kid makes something of his career. You spend half of your posts knocking this 23YO kid. Enough already. If he stinks, he stinks, we get it. Maybe keep your eye on that catcher in high A ball who is hitting quite well. His name is Austin Barnes. I'm truly sorry that you need to continually attack the Marlin players, it's not their fault that we have a horrible owner. Right now Selig and the umpires need a good tharshing, how about giving them some of your attention?

Stan M

Don Mattingly had some nice things to say about the Marlins and Fernandez in particular. Here it is:



trying to make ckickenliver outta chickenshitttt


The Tale of Two Cities played out this weekend in LA with the poor Marlins against the wildly wealthy Dodgers demonstrating that while money can't buy happiness, nor wins, it is sure better than being poor.

While we suffer with the classic Dickens's like cheapskate Loria, the Dodgers are owned by true baseball people: the famous and the wealthy that will spend endless amounts of money to buy wins.

Now I know we here in South Florida can't expect LeBron James et al to buy the team and save us. But I do wish that a middle ground could be reached whereby we had owners that had some money and a will to win.

Folks, as long as Loria owns this team our future will include nothing more than suffering and poverty. Baseball in South Florida will continue to be the land of Scrooge and hum bug.

Old Gator

I think it will be interesting to have Mathis here to compete for the position with Rob Brantley. What galls me is that we'll have Tweeter and his .160 RISP back soon to help kill a few more rallies.

It's fun to watch the Feesh go neck and neck for possession of the sinkhole at the bottom of MLB, isn't it?


My prediction has NO importance whatsoever,however, people can wish upon a twinkling star or toss dimes in a fountain and the result will be the same-----Skipworth's career will have no importance. Therefore I give my prediction no imporance and Kyle Skipworth no importance. But it only took me 20 seconds to type the obvious while it will probably take Kyle 10 years to prove the obvious. I believe anyone who analyzes this would believe,correctly, that I'm not really criticizing the kid so much as the idiots who made him a multi-millionaire for no good reason. I have no sympathy for Skipworth and no venom is directed towards him. I would expect him to have the good sense to just choose his life work if this is going on in 2 more years. The man was paid more in a lump sum payment at the age of 18 b=than 50% of Americans will make in 40 years. i don't blame him for taking the money, but I would assume that over 2,000,000 would be a good buffer against some criticism in a Blog. I'll never mention his name again the day he retires.


If Marlins management truly believe they'll be competitive in a year or two then they need to improve the offense right away. So I'm not Capt. Obvious I'd really like to see them draft the top college bat from any of the following positions: 2B, SS, C or CF - basically someone who plugs a major hole up the middle of the field. Anyone confident about Hechevarria's long term potential?

The last home-grown player I can think of that made it up the middle from the Marlins was SS Alex Gonzalez. That is going back a long time, meaning he came up through the Dombrowski regime. This organization has never drafted well and its fair to say the only guys that have fit this bill altogether are Renteria, Gonzalez, Castillo, Charles Johnson, and shoot I don't know, Mark Kotsay? The 1st three on that list I'm also certain were signed at 16 out of Latin America and were not FA draftees as was Miguel Cabrera.

Please forgo the 6-5" LHP this year and draft a guy who can hit the freaking ball at the MLB level by 2015. Thank you!

Stan M

rbleigh, agree we must sign a bat. I wouldn't care which position, just get the best bat available. Personally, I think 3B is our biggest lacking right now. We only have Cox and a prayer. Unless they move Detrich to 3B and that 21 YO kid, Perio, who was recently moved from high A to AA ball continues to develop. He's a top 10 prospect.

Lou, just to be contrary, I'll offer a differing opinion. But first, yes, he was a horrible draft choice, but he's here now so the team naturally has to stick with their investment for another year or two. I will point out that it is a pretty well established fact that young catchers develop their fielding skills before their hitting skills. And even with your consistently negative position, you can't deny that his defense is considered above average for this stage of his career. Next I must mention that the power, often lacking in good defensive catchers, is already there. Whether he hits for average or not will depend upon his development over the next year or two. That would make him all of a 25 YO or a time when most ctchers seem to reach the majors to stay. Give the kid time and lower your denominator. He's no longer even rated among the team's top 20 prospects. Frankly, if someone said that I can either have him or John Buck, I'd take him without hesitation.
Here is an idea for you. Why not take out your inner frustations on Rauch. Not only has he been ineffective for the most part, but he should have been released the day he showed up Bradly when he shooed him away when he tried to go out to the mound. That stunk...in my opinion.

Flav C.


With the 2 competitive balance picks they have (one in the 1st and one in the 2nd round), the Marlins has a total of 4 picks before the draft reaches # 75 pick. They are in a very favorable position to get some talent (and some busts). Some experts see the Marlins taking HS catcher Reese McGuire as their #1 pick. As per what I read, he is a defense first, with some good power projection. Other experts see the Marlins going for HS outfielder Austin Meadows, more of a corner outfielder, with good power, great speed, not so good arm strength. One thing all experts have in common is that they don't see the Marlins spending their first 2 picks on pitching, rather in position players. Another thing to take in consideration is that those two prospects mentioned by experts/scouts are coming from HS, so we won't see them in a Marlins uniform for at least 2-3 years (and, if, a big IF, they turn out to be any good).
If it depended on me, I would take my chances with Colin Moran, out of North Carolina (maybe Lou and Stan have heard about him during the ACC games). Very good power-hitting 3B. However, I'm quite sure he will hear his name being called within the first 5 picks. Marlins has the # 6 pick.

As far as Hech, he is proving every single scout right: great glove, amazing defense skills, cannot hit at a major league level. I read about 5 or 6 scout reports on him when he was traded to the Marlins and it was amazing how they all said basically those same things about Hech.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

It is not my intent to go against the optimism of posters who explore the team's options, looking for a cause to hope. I want to see the Marlins do well, almost as much as I want Loria to leave (or even better, be locked up in prison). But the reality of championship teams in today's world is that they are put together, almost without exception, through a proper combination of ALL THREE avenues for obtaining talent... the draft, shrewd trades, and FA signings. FA acquisition are to be used to fill the missing (and finishing) pieces of an already contending team, something that is years away. Shrewd trades require a seasoned GM with the authority to pull the trigger on a trade when it's a pricey veteran who also fills a need. And, of course, minor league player development requires an investment of TIME and proper tutelage, neither of which this owner has or is willing to provide.

There is no question that the Marlins have some talent in their organization, talent that unfortunately will likely blossom when they are on the cusp of leaving for greener pastures. And so long as this owner is around, they will prove incapable of supplementing the team's talent through smart trades and FA signings.

That's just the reality of it, imho, and I find little reason for hope with this lying, thieving, carpetbagger robber baron running this team on his shoestring, MLB-welfare budget.

Sunny Dee

The worst part about it is that there are several potential buyers interested in purchasing the Marlins from Loria, but Loria refuses to sell. Why is that? It's obvious he feels he can make more money by owning the team than by selling it.

I don't want to hear that garbage about the contract he has with the City of Miami that requires him to own the team until 2015. You don't think the City would agree to waive this provision and let him get out of town? What benefit does the City have to keeping Loria as the owner? He has already sabataged the Dolphins efforts to upgrade their stadium. The area surrounding Marlins Park stadium will remain stagnant as long as he owns the team. Nobody is coming to the park so no new businesses will open. Loria is hated by the City and they would love to see him go. But Loria is laughing all the way to the bank and therefore has no interest in selling the team.


Flav, thanks for the updates on who scouts think the Marlins will be picking in the 1st round. It would be nice if a HS kid could be in a MLB uniform 2-3 years but those guys are so few and far between. And your assessment of McGuire smells too much like Skipworth 2.0

All I know is this franchise, FO and scouting staff have failed miserably with the "toolsy" high school kids and until he's on the big club the jury is still out on Yelich. And even worse, the more times Stanton makes an appearance on the DL the more I worry that his Bunyanesque physique just isn't meant for baseball and all that talent will be for naught. I really hope I'm wrong about Stanton.

J Jones, Ambres, Hermida, and Dunwoody = fail

Stan M

Very informative post, Flav. I think he goes for HS players because they're cheaper. Personally, I'd like to see those first two picks go for hitters who are as close to ML ready as possible. Then on the two others, gample on high ceiling HS players.

DT, you are of course correct in your 3 pronged assessment. However, I would only suggest using free agency as a fill in and never to go for a multi year contract for an already 30ish star. Below is an excellent column analying free agent signings and the results. It's interesting that of the 9 free agent purchases he graded as an A or a B, 2 were Marlin signings. But, in my opinion, it has become buyer beware with the more expensive guys.



Sunny Dee...As much as the city detests Loria, there is no way in hell they would or could let him dodge the payback provision. First, it's the only way the taxpayers have to recoup any money from the ill-conceived ball park plan. Second, the provision is part of the binding contract signed by the city, and any attempt to vacate the provision would trigger a lawsuit that would drag through the courts until way past the time frame involved in the provision, making the whole thing meaningless.
So, as smart as you think you are, I don't want to hear any of that garbage about the city letting Loria out of his contract.

Sunny Dee

smith&wessonoil - I never said the City should let the Marlins out of the ENTIRE contract. My point was that if Loria sold the team prior to the provision in the contract that requires him to own the team until 2015, that the City would be happy to see him go and would likely agree not to sue Loria for breach of that specific provision of the contract. Whoever he sells the team to would have to honor the remainder of the contract by assignment, and would have to pay back the loan on the terms specified in the contract (unless, of course, the parties agree to renegotiate the contract which they are free to do). Sorry, but to throw your language back at you, you aren't as smart as you think you are.

Sunny Dee

smith&wessonoil - I never said the City would let him dodge the payback provision. I'm not sure where you got that from. My point was that the City likely would not care (and therefore would not sue the Marlins for breach of contract) if Loria sold the team. Contracts are assignable, so whoever purchased the Marlins would have to honor the terms of the contract (including the payback provision). The City is not required to sue (and in fact can agree not to sue) if Loria sells the team before the time he is allowed under the contract.


Sunny Dee...There is no way Loria can pass along the payback provision in the city's contract because the provision is specifically worded to make certain that he's the one who pays up from any proceeds he gets from the sale of the team.
If the city did decide to let him skate that provision or pass along the charges, which they would never do, there would be a dozen taxpayer groups lined up to sue and bog the matter down in court, probably led by our friend Mr. Braman. We can dream all we want, but it just isn't going to happen.
The only way Loria is going to sell is if he gets an offer so huge that it is worth it to him to forfeit countless millions of dollars to accept it. And anybody who pays that much to purchase the team isn't going to have any money left over to enhance the payroll anyway.


Sunny Dee...Just so you know, I'm not trying to sound like a smart-ass. Your posts are normally very good and I enjoy reading them. The only reason I responded to your comment was that you disdainfully tried to brush off your fellow posters' reference to the the payback provision as "garbage." That provision is a major stumbling block to the sale of the team and any mention of it is in no way "garbage." Otherwise, keep up the good comments.


Stan, Let's say you attend a seafood restaurant once every month or so. Each time you dine there the seafood is near rancid. You call the owner/chef over to complain. He informs you that you are "nega tive" and that you should just relax and help the restaurant to get it together, are you going to think you are behaving negatively due to past experiences and observations pertaining to the restaurant OR are you going to believe you are offering a factual appraisal of the situation? There are some situations in life that are just not very good. I believe we all refer to horrific events in a negative manner and in all probabilities a factual manner. If something is really just flat out bad and it shows no signs of improving, indulge yourself in the future and just call it what it is.

Stan M

How can I answer you. In the first instance you are being offered a service that you are paying for. In the second you are at least supposed to be a fan and enjoy the experience as one of life's distractions. As a fan you must take the good with the bad. There is no doubt that Loria is a scallywag, but the team has won in the past despite him, and when it hasn't won, it had gotten a tremendous bang for his paultry buck's investent. To say that there is no hope is simply not the case. Before the big Toronto trade there was only minimal hope. However, now the team has a bevy of top notch prospects. How would you like to be a Phillies fan? Everyone is old, the farm system has been depleted and the team is saddled with horrifying contracts. Ditto the Angels, Dodgers, Toronto and several other teams. At least this team is not in that position. Not only do we have blue chip prospects, but we also have secendary minor leaguers who can eventually be traded. Did you read the article I pasted above? So many free agent signings have turned out badly. Where would we be if Pujols had come aboard? Ouch! Lou, it seems to me that you are always negative, and sometimes your ranting is outrageous. My son gets frustrated reading your stuff and wonders why you just don't root for another team. My point would be that it would not only be good, but probably healthy if you found one positive thing to say once in a while. I try to mostly stay positive for many reasons. My wife of 55+ years is upstairs right now slowly dying from COPD, and congestive heart failure. She is on oxygen 24/7 and needs a walker to get around...which isn't often. Believe me, there are worse things n life than a losing team that you root for.

Stan M

Sunny Dee, I think you are right on target. The locals would come out ahead if they could get Loria out of the picture. And if that weren't the case, I feel confident that any penalty could/would be absorbed by the buyers. Another 5 per cent is peanuts when one is talking about half a billion and no doubt there would be more than one invertor involved so any penalty would be spread around. This is all starting to reflect badly on Selig and he, and his legacy, won't stand for it too much longer. Millions of fans hate Loria, all local politicians can't stand him, and business owners of all shapes and sizes are being undercut by this one man's (I can't think of a word bad enough to describe him...where are you LB?)

Stan M

Sunny Dee, I think you are right on target. All locals, be they politicians or businessmen would benefit from Loria's departure. Even a buyer could absorb the penalty if need be for there would be multiple investers and the loss could be spread around. It isn't the penalty that is holding up any sale. It is one man's selfishness and millions are affected. Selig must take notice for this destruction of baseball interest in an entire section of the countrry will be tied to his legacy.


Marlins could have some more wins but Manager Redmond is uncapable for help. Example: On sunday off Dodgers rookie Dietrick hit a double in the top of seventh, he was the tie run, undeck was Hechevarria who everyone knows is a weak hitter, having in the bench lefties hitters as Doggs, etc. he did nothing. also He never make a double swich to save players at bat.


Most importantly I'm very sorry to hear of your wife's illness.

My previous post was meant to pertain only to Kyle Skipworth and the assessment anyone is able to apply to a player's ability after a period of 5 years. You call it negative. I call it reality.

You should also know that I despise the designation of a FANatic. I refuse to be FANatical about anything except my family and friends. I will give no other entity--and especially athletic teams---my undying loyalty and affection NO MATTER what they do and how frequently it is done. I hate FANaticS, doesn't matter if they are hiding in valleys and caves conjuring up crimes against humanity or blindly feeling it is their responsible to cheer endlessly for a team. They are all FANaticS to some extent. No Thank You, but you feel free.

Stan M

Lou, please show me where I, or anyone else, has referred to you as a fanatic. I used the word "fan". Has the word "fanatic" even been used on this blog? If so, I don't remember it. Your very outlandish comparison of restaurant food to baseball anything made no sense to me at all. Frankly, I don't think your last couple of posts have made any sense. It would be my advise that you just drop the subject entirely and come up with something that pertains to baseball...positive maybe?

Juan, what you have to say gets a little bit lost in translation, but you continually make excellent points.I agree with you that Redmond is a very poor baseball tactician. I'd like to see more "small ball" when the team is so poor at scoring. A squeeze, or a few hit and runs would please me immensely.

Sunny Dee

I certainly did not mean to brush of any of my fellow posters' references to the payback provision. The term "garbage' was a tad harsh, but when I used it I was referring to the excuses I've heard from the media and Sampson (I believe) as to why Loria can't sell the team. I did not intend to belittle anyone on here by my comment. If it came across that way, I apologize. I agree with you that the provision is a major stumbling block to a sale, however I maintain that it could be overcome particularly because I believe the City would be willing to negotiate the provision in order to rid itself of Loria (if Loria was willing to sell, which he is not, apparently).

I'd rather this discussion not turn into a legal discussion, but I'm not sure that Miami taxpayers would have standing to sue the City (or the Marlins) if the payback provision was simply passed on to another buyer, or even negotiated. There either has to be some unconstitutional use of the funds or a specific injury directed at an individual tax payer that is not shared by taxpayers in general. See Sch. Bd. of Volusia Cnty. v. Clayton, 691 So. 2d 1066, 1068 (Fla. 1997) ("The requirement that a taxpayer seeking standing allege a “special injury” or a “constitutional challenge” is consistent with long established precedent."). You may be right that a legal battle would ensue, but I doubt it would be successful and, also, I don't think it would be led by Braman since he despises Loria and would be happy to see him leave.

I enjoy your comments too, and nearly all the comments on this blog. There are a lot of people with far more baseball knowledge than me on here!

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