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Turner expected to make 2013 Marlins debut Friday versus Mets

Jacob Turner, the 22-year old right-hander the Marlins acquired in their trade with the Tigers last season, will make his 2013 debut for the Marlins on Friday against the Mets. The announcement is expected to be made by the team after Thursday's game.

Turner went 0-3 with a 9.69 ERA in 13 innings of work and four starts this spring, and struggled initially when he began the season in Triple A New Orleans, giving up 11 combined earned runs in his first three starts.

But since then, he's gone at least six innings and given up three earned runs or less in his last seven starts for the Zephyrs. He's now 3-4 wit a 4.47 ERA, 35 strikeouts and 14 walks in Triple A.

Turner, a 2009 first round pick, went 1-4 with a 3.38 ERA in seven starts for the Marlins after being acquired in July and called up in late August.


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Marlin Fan

Hope Turner does well. ........ Another disaster of a game , wasted starting pitching, can't hit with RISP. ..... last two games runs have scored on throwing errors and past balls ... Olivo pinch hitting for Hechavarria , GREAT .185 for .183 . A disgrace

Flav C.

In the meantime, Matt Dominguez (the future gold-glove who was rushed up by this organization and traded for washed-up Carlos Lee), hit his 8th HR and scored his 26th RBI tonight against the Rockies. This would put him as the best Marlins hitter, if he were still playing in Miami. It is worth to mention that he hits # 8 in that lineup. It is also worth to mention that in that same trade the Marlins not only gave up Matt, but also former 2nd round pick Rob Rasmussen, who is now thriving playing AA for the Dodgers organization and there are talks of him being called up later in the season, to be a long relieve bullpen arm with the Dodgers.


Loria's Losers continue to be an embarrassing disgrace. Where to begin discussing this train wreck?

1) Why is Dobbs playing every day? The guy is a pinch hitter. He is not an every day player, especially not at 1st base, a position that you need some power from.

2) Why are Polanco & Pierre here? They are just taking away valuable major league playing time from young players that need it and besides, they are pretty much washed up.

3) Redmond is lucky the team is so bad, otherwise people might take a look at his managing, which has not been very good, to say the least. But hey, he works for short money, and like Fredi and Edwin before him he's just happy to have his first managing job, and thus won't say mean things about Mr. Triple Chin, Jeffrey Loria.


Once again I refer all to the Japanese culture: if this was Japan (even though it is just baseball) Loria would depart either through a sale or the sword.

Frankly since this isn't Japan he should take a sale but as the losses mount and his honor (assuming he has any) shrinks, the sword becomes more of a possibility.


Other than a monetary interest,why does any mature adult care about or pay any attention to this team?

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