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Valaika likely headed to DL with wrist injury; Sanabia said he doesn't expect to miss next start

On a night the Marlins were hoping would be a special homecoming for starter Alex Sanabia, injuries continued to pile up in a 5-1 loss to the Padres, a game played in front of 16,263 fans at Petco Park.

The Marlins -- already with 10 players on the disabled list -- lost Sanabia in the fifth inning to a tight right groin, and then utility infielder Chris Valaika to a small fracture on the tip of his left wrist.

Sanabia said he doesn't expect to miss his next start and called the injury "a little pull -- nothing serious, just minor." But Valaika, who made Tuesday's start for the recently injured Donovan Solano, appears as though he too will be heading to the disabled list.

"I just got my hand in there and it kind of got bent back, a little hyper extended," said Valaika, who was injured trying to make a catch and tag on Padres first baseman Yonder Alonso while he was stealing second.

"I knew right away something didn't feel right. [Trainer] Sean [Cunningham] and them came out and saw what it was like and decided to take me out."

Will he need surgery? "I don't think so," Valaika said. "But again we just got x-rays and the preliminary stuff -- just a little fracture. Once we see Doctor Kaplan back home we'll go from there."

Making his first big league start back home in front of more than 30 family members and friends a mere 15-minute drive north from his old neighborhood in Chula Vista, Sanabia was hoping for a much better night. But the 24-year old right-hander gave up four quick runs on nine hits and dropped his fourth consecutive start.

He lasted just 4 1/3 innings and left after he struckout Alonso with a runner on in the fifth. He said he didn't feel any discomfort until he made the final pitch to Alonso, his 76th of the night and 52nd strike.

"We did a couple tests it was smooth and felt fine, didn't have any problems," Sanabia said. "I should be good for the next start."

With Valaika and Solano out the Marlins are now down to veteran utility man Nick Green as their only other experienced middle infielder outside of starting shortstop Adeiny Hechavarria and third baseman Placido Polanco.

Chris Coghlan, who hadn't played second base since his major league debut on May 8, 2009, saw his first action there as an emergency fill-in when Valaika went down. He immediately took a ground ball and flipped it to Hechavarria for a quick out, but the Marlins couldn't turn what might have been an inning-ending double play.

"I got no problem playing there," Coghlan said of second base. "Besides short, pitcher and catcher I feel I can play anywhere. I have confidence in the abilities I've been given. I take grounders every day for stuff like this. You never expect its going to happen. But that's why it pays to be ready and practice for whatever."

Marlins manager Redmond and Marlins President of Baseball Operations Larry Beinfest will likely have to make another move on the 40-man roster to provide more infield depth. They were meeting late into the night Tuesday.

Some potential options: shortstop Wilson Valdez (.235, 8 RBI in Triple A New Orleans), utility infielder Matt Downs (.220, 3 HR, 16 RBI in New Orleans) and Derek Dietrich (.282, 4 HR, 16 RBI in Double A Jacksonville). 


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Stan M

Please let it be Dietrich. He is #8 on our prospects list and just might have a future at 2B or even 3B.
I'd also like to see Hand replace Sanabia or LeBlanc, he's also a top 20 prospect and did well enough in AAA ball to be called up. Speaking of prospects, what is the story with our #1 draft pick? Heaney hasn't pitched all year. My guy to watch this year is a 23YO catcher in high A ball (Austin Barnes)who is knocking the cover off the ball as they say.
Boy, Lou, I just saw an old post of yours and I seem to have really hit a nerve. Sorry, they were just facts from your bad "old days" before you apologized. And I don't detest you at all. You often have interesting posts, although I would like to see something other than negativity once in a while. I hope you didn't lose your father at a young age. I was two years younger than LoMo when my dad died and please believe that it can be a devestating exprience. I looked up your quote about "Patriotism being the last vestage of scoundrels" in my authentic Polish tome of great quotations. It was actually said by Jane Fonda while sitting on a cannon in Vietnam. FYI, I did use "precience" correctly, although as usual, I misspelled it. On a lighter note,what do you know about a RH pitcher named Randy "Jay" Jackson. He has made 3 impressive starts in AA ball and comes from a place called Greensville, SC and attended Furman. You should have the last laugh on me anyway because I'm the old fool who predicted 72 wins this year. In my defense, that was before we lost two of our starting pitchers.
In case any of you missed it, Yelich went crazy last night; 5 for 5 with 2 triples and a HR. Over the past 10 games he is hitting .391 with an OBP of .440 and an outrageous OPS of 1.223. That's Ruthian!
As I think it was Glags who pointed it out, the 5th player we got in the Toronto trade, DeSciafani is doing extremely well. It's interesting that the two "throw ins" in the Dodger (McGouth) and Detroit (Brian Flynn) trades are also showing excellent promise.


Another option is Lucas, playing fairly well for NOLA. Valaika is likely headed for 60-day DL.


If this was Japan, Loria, Samson and Beinfest would depart this world through their own hands.

Of course they won't:instead they will continue to make South Florida the laughing stock of MLB.

Selig are you paying attention? Why can't you and the other owners forced Loria out?

Why can't we have an owner(s) that have the money and will to win? Or at the very least not be an embarrassment to the game?

Sunny Dee

Valaika out!

Check the "Solano scratched; Kearns returns home" thread to see who called it. I'm the Ken Jennings of Name That Gimp! Care to wager who is next? From my understanding, there are still boatloads of free tickets available - lower bowl this time since the upper bowl is tarped off.

For round three, I'll go with.... OZUNA.

Flav C.

I posted this in another blog, I hope you guys enjoy it:

"How bad is this season? Let's put it in perspective:

- 1st time in Marlins History the team has less than 100 runs by the 34th game. So far the team has scored 99 runs. Closest call was in 1996, when the team scored its 100th run in its 32nd game. In average, the Marlins has historically scored around 135 runs by its 34th game.

- Tied for 2nd worst W-L record after 34 games (10-24). The Marlins had the same record in 2006, and worse record in 1999 and 1995 (both years 9-25). So, there is hope the team won't finish with less than 60 wins. In 2006 the final W-L record was 78-84. In 1999 it was 64-98 and 67-76 in 1995.

- 1st time in Marlins History the team has a starting rotation where every starting pitcher has less than 3 Wins after 34 games. Actually, there is no pitcher in the entire staff with more than 2 wins. If you look around the MLB right now, there is only one other team whose pitching rotation has every single starter with less than 3 wins. That team is (drums rolling....).... The Marlins # 2 !!! Yes, The Toronto Blue Jays !! "

Stan M

Interesting and all too true, Flav. Only consolation is thinking about the teams with great expectations who are also in the hole. The Angels, Dodgers, Phillies, Tampa, Toronto as you mentioned, and even the White Sox are all playing far below expectations. At least, in my opinion, we have hope for the next few years. Some of those teams above have decimated their farm systems and have horrible payrolls as well. I wonder if Toronto could take even a worse hit. They have two Latin players who suddenly became big time all stars. Could they be involved in the PED mess?
How in the devil does Baltimore win with what appears on paper to be a mediocre team. I'll take their manager any day. Maybe just to see how he would get along (not) with our beloved owner.
They've got to bring Yelish up. He has nothing more to prove and would be another boon to our offense. Too bad about Valaikia. I liked him defensively and when he did get a hit, it seemed to mean something. Solorno was obviously not the answer at 2B; he hit decently, but it is an empty average, and this team needs more. Bring up Detrich along with Yelich.


Think how embarrassing it's going to be when they try to pick a Marlins representative for the All-Star game.

Marlin Fan

I actually like Solano , call me crazy , although i haven't seen the aformentuined player . Can we get Yelich at first maybe .??? Anything to get his bat in the lineup . Pierre has turned it around somewhat , Polanco should not be an everday player . Coughlan is done , so let's start bringing guys up, OH WAIT , they'll accrue MlB tine and become eligible for arrbittation faster , my mistake . By all means keep Diaz , Green( although he has been hitting) , and Kearns playing . Leblanc needs to be out of the starting rotation .

Flav C.


The Orioles have a pretty good scouting, coaching, and intelligent baseball people working there. The team on paper is actually pretty good.
- Three 1st round picks (Wieters, Markakis, Machado) that actually play like 1st round picks.
- They fooled the Mariners years ago, by sending a damaged good (Erik Bedard) and getting back an underutilized young promising player on Adam Jones and a (then) 2nd round pick, minor leaguer Chris Tillman.
- Brought Hammel from the Rockies and sent Guthrie (when he was about to hit free-agency).
- Found a gem on Wei-Yin Chen who was pitching in Japan at the time.
- Showalter, Presley, and Adair as manager and batting/pitching coaches. Can't get better than that.

Stan M

That's a good question above. What Marlin should go to the All Star Game. Right now I guess Slowey, but if he keeps doing well Fernandez is the only other possibility, in my opinion. Love to see Ozuna keep it up and be the one. His history says, no.
Sanabia has been incredibly lucky. His record should be even worse than it is, and it isn't very good anyway. He has put 72 men on base in only 39 innings and the opposition is hitting .311 against him. LeBlanc is no bargain either. In 35 innings, he has put 62 men on base and the leagues are hitting .318 against him. Do any of you out there think that either of these players will improve? I seriously doubt it. Let's try some younger pitchers, guys who have a future.
Thank god, Pujols went elsewhere. Does anyone actually believe he's only 32? I still say that this team's biggest mistake was not signing Cespedes. We still have that other Cuban we drafted from the Dodgers and who was in the car accident. He's on the 60 day DL. There might be promise there. His minor league stats were excellent. Was pleased when the team signed Aardsma to a ML deal. He still needs time to get the kinks out, but he could be an excellent situational LF reliever. We need one badly.

Stan M

Was just checking yesterday's box scores. Look at the mighty Yankee lineup. With Stanton in there, it's really no better that ours, and that's saying something.

Flav C.

I know this was reported here in the Miami Herald, but somehow I prefer the spin that Deadspin.com puts on things, specially on stuff related to the Marlins:



Agree that Slowey has been the most impressive Fish this year, but it would still be embarrassing to send a pitcher to the A-S Game who has only one win in three years. And it's hard to imagine he will get enough wins before July to make his record look respectable. Just one more way the Marlins will be a laughingstock.

Flav C.

Dietrich in the lineup.

Sunny Dee

AP reporting shoulder surgery for Halladay after MRI revealed he gave up 9 runs to the Marlins.

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