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Veteran Green expected to be designated for assignment when Marlins recall Hechavarria off disabled list

Assuming all goes well in his final minor league assignment, the Marlins will be getting their starting shortstop Adeiny Hechavarria back for the start of their 10-game road trip Thursday in Philadelphia and waving good-bye to 34-year old veteran Nick Green to make room.

Although the Marlins didn't make any formal roster move announcements after Wednesday afternoon's 7-6 loss to the Mets, Green said he was packing his stuff and preparing to head home.

Out of options, Green, who doubled twice Wednesday and raised his average to .321 (1 HR, 3 RBI) in the eight games he's played in for Miami this season, will be designated for assignment once Hechavarria is recalled. If he clears waivers, he can either accept a reassignment to the minors with the Marlins or try to sign with another team through free agency. It sounded Wednesday like Green was leaning toward the latter.

"It’s disappointing," Green said of potentially severing ties with the Marlins. "Everybody wants to be in the big leagues and you got to try to do the best you can when you get a chance. That’s all I could do."


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You have to feel bad for Green. He came up and did a great job and now he's sent packing. Actually at this point I'd rather have him in the lineup than Hechavarria, but you have to groom the rookie and sacrifice the old man.


Ruggiano in left, Yelich in CF, Ozuna in RF for the next month. Let's get cranking. Cox must also play 3B, and let's terminate the "Old and Getting Older" Show. Anyone want to bet the Malingering Tweeter does not make an appearance until August?


the Marlins miss Mr Tweets .250ba and his scorching .180ba w/risp..oh yeah..he was hurt the whole time...he's really an All-Star..with HOF potential

Name That Gimp

Who will be the next Marlin to go on the DL??? Winner gets free tickets to a game , from various sources around town.


Green obviously makes more than league $minimum$

Sunny Dee

Green is playing too well to be kept on the roster. Anyone batting over .300 must be removed from the lineup immediately.

Stan M

Lou, that's the outfield that I want, too. However, I'd move Yelich to LF as Ruggiano is the better fielder. Look back if you didn't see my post on the two throw in pitchers in the Tiger and Dodger trades. Also, the throw in from Toronto has also done very well, but at a lower classification. I've been impressed with Ozuna's athleticism. He looks graceful whereas Stanton always has a sort of awkward/stiff look to him. I still like the trades. The club's biggest mistake was not signing Cespedes, not the trades...in my opinion. I like the way Valakia plays the game.

Oscar Greenberg

The one positive aspect in that loss is what took a whole month for Redmond to figure out: Ruggiano batting # 4.

Oscar Stengel

Red may be slow ,but he isnt a quick study

Sunny Dee

Has Coghlan run out of chances yet? I feel bad for him but it seems like he is done. That pie cost him his career. I doubt he's able to enjoy eating pie anymore. Thanksgiving with him must be depressing.

Oscar Greenberg

I guess I wrote too early...here we go with Polanco batting # 3 again....the team is already bad and Redmond makes it even worse...

Killer Queen

As far as Coghlan is concerned ,let im' eat cake.

Toronto Star

Hey Name that Gimp..do ex-Marlins count?..Blue Jays put JJ on 15 day DL..


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