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Kevin Slowey to join list of Marlins pitching on three days' rest

     By now, everyone is familiar with Josh Beckett's winning performance in Game 6 of the 2003 World Series, one in which he went the distance on three days' rest. Jack McKeon hasn't stopped talking about it given that his decision proved many doubters wrong. Beckett was spectacular that night at Yankee Stadium, and the Marlins celebrated a Series title because of him.

     While that was the most celebrated of all Marlins' pitching performances on three days' rest by far, it wasn't the only one. With Kevin Slowey set to take the mound tonight on only three days' rest, it's worth a look at how other Marlins' pitchers have fared under identical (or nearly identical) short-rest circumstances. Slowey will become the 10th Marlin to return on three days' rest in a regular season game after appearing in at least five innings in his previous outing. Slowey worked seven innings out of the bullpen in New York on Saturday. He is also the fist starting pitcher since Bryan Rekar of the Devil Rays in 2000 to have a turn in the rotation interrupted by a relief outing lasting at least 5 innings.

     This will be the first time a pitcher for the Marlins has thrown that many innings in relief, then been handed the ball for the start four days later. The cumulative record of the nine Marlins pitchers who made consecutive starts on short rest is 6-3 with a 4.00 ERA. Those who did it (in chronological order): Charlie Hough (1993), Brian Meadows (1998), Kirt Ojala (1998), Livan Hernandez (1998), Dennis Springer (1999), Josh Beckett (2004), Carl Pavano (2004), Dontrelle Willis (2004) and Wes Obermueller (2007).


Logan Morrison is not in tonight's lineup because, counting his minor-league rehab assignment, he had played the previous four days. Manager Mike Redmond said he is trying to ease Morrison back in gradually and no risk further injury.


Giancarlo Stanton's home run in last night's eighth inning was the 97th of his career, but the first one that turned a defciti into a lead in the eighth inning or later.



Marlins: 1. Pierre, lf; 2. Lucas, 3b; 3. Stanton, rf; 4. Ozuna, cf; 5. Dietrich, 2b; 6. Dobbs, 1b; 7. Hechavarria, ss; 8. Brantly, c; 9. Slowey, p.

Brewers: 1. Aoki, rf; 2. Segura, ss; 3. Gomez, cf; 4. Ramirez, 3b; 5. Lucroy, c; 6. Schafer, lf; 7. Francisco, 1b; 8. Gennett, 2b; 9. Figaro, p.


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Marlins fans think Coghlan, Stanton and Morrison are fragile, but they can't hold a candle to Cameron Maybin, who's back on the DL with a serious knee injury just days after returning from a wrist injury. Seems like he's been hurt ever since he came up. Poor guy needs to go to Biogenesis for some r and r.


Once again the Marlins make a mediocre pitcher look like Grover Cleveland Alexander.


I don't know about that one, the guy was throwing 97 98.

Stan M

When things fail to make sense...
We all know that a good manager places his players in a position where that can make the most of their abilities and hide their faults. It seems to me that our entire outfield fails at this in all 3 positions.
Ozuna has proven to be a superb RFer and has been playing with what appears to be a high degree of confidence. Why move him to an unfamiliar position that could not only hurt his confidence, but also weaken the team's defense in both RF and CF. Pierre, whom I'm sure we all respect, is a shell of his former self. Not only is he hitting poorly, but his notoriously weak arm has repeatedly hurt the team on defense. Ruggiano has many flaws, but he fields CF well and shows good speed as well as occasional power. It just stands to reason that our best chance of winning would have Stanton in LF, Ruggiano (and Coghlan when he returns) in CF, with Ozuna in RF. Is this so hard for the brass to understand?

Marlin Fan

Agreed Stan with the OF , also please let's keep Polanco out , he offers no offense . It may sound crazy bring up Solano at 3rd and move Lucas to SS. Both can hit and field. Would we rather have the pathetic offense of Polanco and hechavarria continue ?

Eddie S

Please do not play Polanco Friday night when you have the Marlins best hitter Lucas hitting 333 and Polanco an injury prone 200 hitter . doing nothing to bring runerrs home. Polanco should retire and stop wasting time with his injuries.PLAY LUCAS EVERYDAY AT 3RD BASE UNTIL HE GETS INTO A SLUMP. SO FAR LUCAS HAS BEEN WONDERFUL!!!!!

Flav C.


The reasoning behind leaving Ozuna in CF is exactly because he has much more experience in CF than Stanton has in LF.

Ozuna played plenty of games in CF and a handful in LF while in the minors.
Stanton played (if i'm not wrong) 5 total games in his minor league career as a LF.

Besides, any manager would trust Ozuna's arm anywhere in the outfield.

At this point, it makes no sense leaving JP as the everyday leadoff man. Even though he has a better bat avg than Ruggiano (.245 vs .219), their OBP is basically the same. JP has been on base 66 times and Ruggiano 62 times. Granted, JP is fast and can steal bases. However, Ruggiano hits much more extra-bases than JP, so....it kind of even things out, since he doesn't need to steal as many bases by already going to 2B more times than JP.

By bringing Ruggiano to CF it would allow Ozuna to cover LF (position that he also covered in the minors) and Stanton in RF.

Let me just warn you guys: Ozuna went 1 for 11 in this series against the Brewers, and that is no coincidence: i had written before how much he struggles with sliders and changeups, and that is something that has been following him since his days in Jupiter. Brewers pitchers made sure Ozuna saw plenty of sliders and changeups out of the zone, which he chased non-nonchalantly. He will face a plethora of good pitchers in the next 10 games against Cards, DBacks and Giants, all of them with a great repertoire of sliders, sinkers, and changeups.

Don't be surprised if his bat avg drops to .270 from his current .314 (and .330 on June 1st) by the end of this 10-game stretch.


Flav C.,
Non-nonchalantly? I like that. Does that mean that he chased those pitches chalantly?
I do think that O-Zone (I've unilaterally decided to call him that) and the coaching staff have been working on his pitch selection and that with his quick hands, he'll adapt sooner than a lot of guys. But yeah, some of the pitchers the Fish will face over the next 10 days could make him — and the rest of the Marlins hitters — look like they're playing jai-alai with ping-pong paddles. I mean, how long has it been since we've had a 10-day stretch where Marlins hitters didn't look a little silly?

Flav C.

LB, you really made me laugh!

I hate the fact that we can't edit once we post here in this blog, but oh well..the damage was done! LOL I meant "nonchalantly", thanks for noticing!

Flav C.

By the way, I saw this on baseball-reference this morning:

Marlins had the easiest schedule in the entire Major League so far. They played 23 games against teams with record equal or better than .500, and played 42 games against teams with a record worse than .500.

They went 3-20 against teams with record equal/better than .500 and 16-26 against teams with record worse than .500.

Interestingly enough, they will play next 10 games against teams with = or > .500 (Cards, Giants, DBacks). Then they will play Twins and Padres who are very close to .500 (might be at or better .500 by the time the Marlins play them).

Any guesses anyone?


Flav C.,
I thought you coined that term intentionally. Since he chased a number of those pitches with gusto, that would, in effect, make his swing a little "non-nonchalant" at times.


Flav C.,
I think what you're telling us is that the next three series will be for fans of slasher movies only.
If it gets too bad, I can always switch over to Discover ID and watch my two favorite shows, Wives With Knives and Southern-Fried Homicide.

Stan M

Flav, I understand that reasoning, just don't agree with it. LF is less demanding and any way you cut it, CF and RF would be better covered with Ruggiano and Ozuna. Meanwhile, Stanton could cover LF more chalantly. We both agree that the OF should not contain Pierre except when rest is being given.

my 2 cents

Pierre will make a great attitude coach one day. His dedication has to be admired but I think his best playing days as a starter are behind him.

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