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Marlins' 2nd overall pick chooses college after failing physical

Unless he changes his mind between now and July 12, Matt Krook will be headed to the University of Oregon in the fall instead of signing a pro contract with the Marlins. That's because the high-school left-hander didn't pass his team physical with the Marlins, who took him with the 35th overall pick in the draft, and then turned down their reduced offer, sources said.

One way or the other, the Marlins will not be left empty-handed. By subsequently offering the young pitcher 40 percent of the about $1.6 million recommended for that draft slot (or about $650,000), they will automatically receive a competitive balance pick in the 2014 draft to offset the one they'll be giving up if Krook doesn't change his mind about going to Oregon. (By rule, the Marlins must leave their offer to Krook on the table until the July 12 deadline for signing draft picks has passed.)

Krook, who sources say has shoulder-related issues, was selected by the Marlins with a competitive balance pick they received (along with outfielder Gorkys Hernandez) from last year's Gaby Sanchez trade with the Pirates.

Meanwhile, the Marlins are in discussions with their first-round pick, University of North Carolina third baseman Colin Moran, and hope to have a deal worked out "sooner rather than later," according to a source with knowledge of negotiations. The source said the Marlins are confident they can get a deal done before the July 12 deadline with Moran, the sixth overall pick in the June 6 draft.


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Camera Mike

How long do the Marlins own Matt Krook's rights? How many seasons of college ball can he play before he either has to sign with the Marlins or be able to re-enter the draft to try his luck and get drafted by an organization with an owner interested in fielding a competitive team?

Also Colin Moran if you are reading this and you don't sign with the Marlins by July 12 can you please call Bud Selig and the press to tell them the reason was because you would rather not play pro ball then play for Jeffrey Loria? More embarrassing situations for Loria might lead Selig to finally excommunicate him from the game and thus free all Marlins fans from our years of pain and suffering.

Camera Mike

Now that I have gotten my insult of Loria off my chest I would like to compliment to play of the team this month. So far they are 13-9 for June and with only 3 games left are guaranteed to finish over .500 for the the month. After April and May I would not have predicted an above .500 month but the young Marlins are playing better and surprised us all. Way to go Marlins!

All that being said we still need a change in ownership and front office.


Krook knows a real Crook when he see's em. See ya later Loria. Smart move.


Krooks people know a real Crook when they see him. Later ,Loria. Smart move.


Krook had agreed to terms but failed the Marlins physical and they withdrew their offer. It happens. I read where one First Round Pick of another team, a pitcher, upon his physical it was discovered he was missing a ligament in his throwing arm.


I had to look it up but I confirmed it. That pitcher was R A Dickey and he had agreed to a $800,000 with the Texas Rangers. After failing the physical the Rangers withdrew their offer and he then signed for $75,000. He converted himself into a knuckleball pitcher and went on to win the Cy Young Award with the Mets.


Marlins are idiots for drafting a guy they say failed a physical. What else is new. Thats their story and they are sticking with it.


RATMARLINS is the idiot.. the physical comes after the pick is made, not prior to. Baseball has over a thousand prospects picked in their draft. No way to conduct physicals beforehand on so many players.


ratmarlins.com, typical, please know the process before you make yourself look dumb.


So, Clark, is there any way you can find out for us what was wrong with Krook that made him fail his physical? Do the Marlins even want another damaged pitcher? The extent of his physical shortcoming seems to be the glaring hole in this story.


dildorod and jerkoffmike...it's a wasted pick, no matter what,typical for the sorryass Marlins FO


I still would have signed Matt Krook because let's be honest, if he is going to Oregon, the injury can't be that horrific. Get him signed, have him do rehab and/or surgery if necessary, and then get him started sometime next year.


Clark, Isn't Moran a senior in college? What possible alternative would he have to signing? I guess it's possible if the Marlins mess with him he could sit out the entire year and be drafted by someone else next year.

Sunny Dee

Great scouting by the Marlins again.


Oregon supposedly has a very good baseball program. The Ducks or the Fish? I'm sure he'll be better off in college than doing time in pro baseball hell.


Clark, thanks for the info about Krook's shoulder. Don't know whether it was there all the time and I missed it, or whether it was added recently. Either way, thanks.


Some are saying the marlins don't get a replacement pick because the updated CBA says that if you don't sign competitive balance picks you don't get a replacement pick next year.

You usually get a replacement pick the next year if you lose a pick in the first three rounds but the new CBA updated in 2012 doesn't allow that for competitive balance picks.

If they were allowed a replacement pick it should be 36th.

Stan M

Lou, I think Moran was a junior and would be a senior next year. Could be wrong. Also think he's only 20 and that is awfully young for a graduate.


The pick is never lost . We just have an extra one next year . No big deal !!! I think we'll be ok with out Krook.


Dutch Daulton with brain tumors. Very sad development. Always loved watching that guy play (especially as a Marlin) and he seems like a stand-up person.


Stan, Thanks. Happy to see team playing well. Actually they would probably win a series with the Tigers at this point.


Fortunately, the Marlins are deeper in "very close" to major league ready starting pitching than any team in baseball. Nicolino, Heaney, DeScalfino, Conley and of course Alvarez are progressing nicely. Teamed with Eovaldi, Turner, and Fernandez, that's a pretty amazing group.


Whats amazing about them? They havent won anything yet

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