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Eovaldi will make at least one more minor league start before joining Marlins; Slowey talks Biogenesis

PHILADELPHIA -- Nathan Eovaldi is going to make at least one more minor league start with the Double A Jacksonville Suns before he joins the Marlins, manager Mike Redmond said Wednesday.

Eovaldi made his third rehab start Tuesday and allowed three runs in the top half of the first but settled in afterwards, finishing his outing after four and two thirds innings. He surrendered four runs, all earned, striking out four and walking four in the process. But his velocity was very good according to Redmond.

"I felt good, the shoulder feels fine overall," Eovaldi told the Suns' media. "At the beginning of the game I was just a little bit excited. I'm glad to be back out there. I was rushing things a little bit, but that settled down later."

In his three minor league starts, Eovaldi is 0-1 with a 4.61 ERA, six walks and seven strikeouts. Opponents are hitting .288 off him.


Rookie left-hander Edgar Olmos took the loss in Tuesday's 11-inning defeat to the Phillies, surrending the game-winning grand slam to John Mayberry Jr.

Lessons, though, were learned.

"I learned I've got to slow the game down," Olmos said. "When Domonic Brown hit that ground ball I should have slowed down, made sure I got it and get the out at first. If I get the first two guys out it's a whole different outcome."

After his error, Olmos had intentional walk and then a four-pitch walk to load the bases. He had no choice at that point but to go after Mayberry Jr., who homered an inning earlier off Steve Cishek to tie the score at 3.

"I wasn't going to let them walk-off on a walk," Olmos said. "If he beats me, he beats me. It was a two-seamer that should have gone outside. It started on the inside corner and hit the inner half. And he didn't miss it."


As a former player representative with the Twins and one of two active players on MLB's Pension Committee, Marlins pitcher Kevin Slowey often shares his opinions on big topics. But Wednesday, a day after the latest news involving Miami clinic Biogenesis and potential player suspensions broke, Slowey was taking more of a wait and see approach.

"Until something concrete comes of it, it's real foolishness to speculate," Slowey said. "It really is. It's not going to get anybody anywhere. As time moves on and things become more concrete or more obvious that's when you start to formulate opinions on that. Until that time, again I think foolishness is the word to describe guys speculating on things we don't have any idea about."

Still, Slowey said he likes the fact baseball is aggressively pursuing PED users and trying to clean up the game.

" I think more than anything guys in this clubhouse and every clubhouse want a clean game," Slowey said. "I don't think anybody in this clubhouse or clubhouses across the league would tell you anything else. We want a clean game, those of us who are here and know how hard it is to get guys out. We know how hard it is to hit home runs and compete at this level. I think everybody desires an even playing field.

"... I think the league has done a wonderful job the last five to 10 years doing everything they could to ensure a even playing field, to ensure guys who cheat do get caught and get punished. That's really what we would like to have happen."


> According to the team's website, Donovan Solano, Giancarlo Stanton and Joe Mahoney served as Jupiter's two, three and four hitters, respectively during the first game of a double-header Tuesday.

Solano went 3-for-3 and accounted for the Hammerheads' only run, an RBI single to center field in the fifth inning.

Stanton went 0-for-3, but made good contact in all three at-bats. He flew out once to deep left and twice to deep right, including a ball that would have bounced off the fence if not for a spectacular play by Threshers' right fielder Miguel Alvarez.

Mahoney went 1-for-3 and is now batting .364 (8-for-22) in six rehab games with the Hammerheads this season.

> Logan Morrison, playing with Jacksonville, finished 2-for-4 with an RBI on Tuesday. Redmond has said it's likely Morrison will not just the team until next week when they return home from the road trip and will spend all 20 days he can in the minors regaining his focus at the plate.


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Enough time has moved on since Biogenesis broke earlier this year. These guys denied using PEDs from Biogenesis, and had more than enough time to come clean. We have enough of an idea to know that guys like Braun and A-Rod don't care about the rules and will sully the game to get what they want, and they need to be punished.


They should let the Marlins use all the PEDs'they can to gain an equal competive balance with the rest of MLB

Stan M

Agree, Bob.


Bo-Hoo Marlins fans..dont expect to see Yelich and Lomo soon..Yelich placed on DL and Lomo cant hit worth a crap yet.

richard lee deanno

Watching this team is so un-fun, because a late-inning collapse just seems so inevitable. Today they hung on until the bottom of the seventh before the bleeding started, but you knew it was coming. Just sad.


Boo hoo? Logan Morrinson and his .148 BA can stay in Jacksonville for all I care.


Marlins are petitioning the Commissioners Office to play in 6 inning games only,a la Little League.

Stan M

How can we get Loria implicated in the PED scandal? That beautiful body he possesses came from somewhere, or is that his trophy wife behind the curtain? Terrible game, but Turner had another good start. Bring back Heath Bell! We wouldn't be in this fix if John Buck was still around. More pills, I need more pills. Here I am, losing my mind, and it's because I keep watching these damn games. Even Alex is back, briefly, to crucify me. Seriously, this isn't fun at all!!!!!

the Riddler

Stanton,Solano and Mahoney will be activated on Monday. Who stays on the 25,who goes where? Anyone?


Lomo will spend most of the summer in the Big Easy.


Bye-Bye Ruggiano...better learn to play the piano


Stan...this is the LOST season....kind of like that TV show. None of it makes any sense. I'm finding myself following the Rays more than usual...& I do dislike AL baseball. Keep it easy with the meds :-)

Stan M

Riddler, I don't think we can keep Kotchman and Maloney once LoMO comes back. Maloney is much younger (and probably cheaper for Loria) and has more power so he would be the more logical choice. Personally, I would like to see them dump both Sanabia and Slowey. I'll take a staff of Turner, Nolasco, Fernandez, Koehler, and Eovaldi for the short run. Will be very disappointed if they send Lucas down. Rather, maybe some team could use Polanco. If not, I'd release him before ending down anybody with potential. It would be a hard decision if I had to move either Pierre or Ruggiano. Each has his benefits , but what each brings to the team is entirely different. When Nolasco goes, it had better be for some competent relief pitchers.

Stan M

Spitballer, you aren't alone in disliking AL baseball.
I was kidding about the pills. It's just so damn disappointing to have a team with so much potential ruined so that one man can make more millions. I mentioned a couple of days ago that a buyer would love to get this team with a low payroll, new ballpark and great young players to build upon. This 40 percent drop in attendance (and that's based on the absurdity of the announced crowd) has got to have caught everyone's eye. Money talks and let us pin some hope that others , be they the union or the Commissioner, finally decide to do something...anything.


When it comes to pills for Marlins fans, most are taking Midol Extended Relief this season.


What the hell is Midol Extended Relief? Must be sarcasm or a joke there somewhere.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

blanco, you need to find yourself a muchacha.


Stan M, I think the announced crowd figures include the people watching on TV


plus the amount of cars in the parking garages

burberry bags

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