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Justin Ruggiano's lopsided home/road home run split

     SAN FRANCISCO -- Justin Ruggiano has hit 11 home runs this season -- but nary a one at Marlins Park.

     Ruggiano has never once this season made that home run contraption kick into gear. Counting last season, when Ruggiano was traded to Miami, he's hit 20 home runs on the road and only four in the not-so-friendly confines (at least for him) of the Marlins' new ballpark.

     But he still has a ways to go to catch Goose Goslin's single-season record for hitting the most home runs exclusively on the road. Goslin hit all 17 of his home runs in 1926 for the Washington Senators elsewhere.

      Here's a look at the top five, home-shy home run hitters courtesy of Stats LLC:

      17 -- Goose Goslin, 1926 Washington

      13 -- Ken Keltner, 1939 Cleveland

      12 -- Sam Mele, 1950 Washington

      12 -- Eddie Yost, 1952 Washington

      12 -- Jose Cruz, 1964 Houston

As you can see from the above chart, Griffith Stadium in D.C. wasn't the easiest place to hit home runs, especially for right-handers. It was 388 feet down the line in left and 421 to center, making it extremely difficult to anything out to left.