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Kevin Slowey to bullpen; Chris Coghlan improving

PHOENIX -- With Nathan Eovaldi set to make his season debut on Tuesday -- in the same place (Chase Field) where he made his major league debut, ironically -- Kevin Slowey becomes the odd man out in the Marlins' starting rotation.

Slowey slides to the bullpen, where he'll be used in long relief.

"Slowey's going to be kind of that swing man, that long guy, to come in and throw multiple innings," said manager Mike Redmond. "That'll be how it goes now for a while."

Asked why Slowey, and not Tom Koehler, was displaced, Redmond replied: "I just think, right now, Slowey has kind of pitched in that role before, and right now I think he's better equipped. It doesn't mean it's going to stay like that."

Redmond noted that Henderson Alvarez is scheduled to make his second rehab start on Tuesday for Single A Jupiter and may be no more than two outings away from coming off the DL and joining the rotation.


Chris Coghlan saw a spine specialist in Dallas on Sunday and was instructed to continue resting his injured back. That was good news for the Marlins and Coghlan, who avoided the need for surgery.

Redmond said he spoke with Coghlan, who told him he is already feeling much better.


Logan Morrison returns to the lineup tonight. Morrison had missed the Marlins' previous four games with lower back pain.


Tonight's lineup:

Marlins: 1. Pierre, lf; 2. Lucas, 2b; 3. Stanton, rf; 4. Ozuna, cf; 5. Morrison, 1b; 6. Hechavarria, ss; 7. Polanco, 3b; 8. Mathis, c; 9. Turner, p.




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Camera Mike

It finally happened. Heath Bell actually managed to help the Marlins win a game! After suffering through Heath's play and throwing everyone possible under the bus last season getting the win off of him was truly great to see.

Not to mention it's not everyday you see a team win a game and score three runs while going 0-0 with runners in scoring position.

Stan M

Marlins are only team in NL East with a winning record over past 10 games. Rumor has it that several players sprayed water from Lourdes on themselves.
DeSciafani promoted to AA. Watch this guy.


If nothing else happens this year, watching Heath Bell wave off his catcher and trying to slip one of his flat fast balls by Stanton, only to watch it sail over the right field wall made my year. I'm going to the game tonight and hope to see Heath again in the 9th!!


The minute I recognized Bell's sleek physique on the mound, I knew the Fish had a fighting chance, no matter who was coming to the plate. Setting the stage for the confrontation between Bell and Stanton, an announcer on MLB.TV said, "Here we have a guy who looks like he belongs on the cover of Health & Fitness magazine facing off against a guy who could be on the cover of Field & Stream." And then — BOOM! Thank you Heath Bell for a beautiful moment.

Stan M

It was indeed a beautiful moment. The only thing that could have topped it would have been if Loria was on the mound. I was at the game in Atlanta last year when the whole team rebelled against good ol' Heath and played the radio full blast as he threw Ozzie under the bus and he had to sit and listen to it and experience the ill will that virtually all of his teammates had toward him. It was obvious to all who exited the clubhouse after that pre game meeting that Bell was a goner. I don't know about the rest of you, but every evening I look up the Arizona box score to see if Bell blew another. Like to hear his excuse this time. He always seemed to have one.


Who will the Marlins trade to the Tigers in July? Cishak next to go...maybe Dunn...

Hyman Roth

Loria doesnt have to pay Chishek or Dunn above the minimum,so they will stay.

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