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MARLINS NOTES V. CARDINALS: LoMo Out, Eovaldi Returns in Arizona

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Marlins manager Mike Redmond said first baseman Logan Morrison has some sort of back issue and won't play Friday night against the Cardinals.

Redmond said LoMo was taking some swings in the cage and came in and said he couldn't go.

Redmond didn't have a timetable for Morrison's return -- although he said he thinks things like this take longer than just one night. So we'll see.

-- Nathan Eovaldi, sidelined all season with a shoulder injury, will make his 2013 debut Tuesday in Arizona.

Eovaldi pitched for Double-A Jacksonville yesterday and is back with the Marlins on Friday.

He said the shoulder feels good and he's ready to get things going again.

Redmond said he liked what he saw out of Eovaldi during spring training -- before he got hurt.

-- Someone asked Redmond if he spoke to the team about the challenges in playing the Cardinals -- a squad with the best record in baseball.

As expected, the answer was no.

"We just worry about what we do,'' Redmond said.

The Marlins, it may be noted, have the worst record in baseball. Like the Cardinals and the second-place Red Sox, there's about a three-game difference between Miami and Houston for last in the MLB.


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Name That Gimp

Once again its time to play Name That Gimp...come on down Lomo,youre the next contestant on Name That Gimp

Karma Chameleon

Must have hurt his back dumping the Gatorade on the reporter after the game on Tuesday. #AssClown.


Wonder if Louisville Slugger makes crutches.


Elmo is a Stiff in more ways than one


Injury typing on Twitter for LoMo?

Cleveland Spider

The Marlins are going to have to start thinking about a new young first baseman. Morrison is too injury prone and can't be counted on. Not sure if we have a young first base prospect in the minors. I am done hoping and waiting for Morrison.

lefty r

Morrison will be working at the cafeteria in 3 yrs or less

lefty r

Morrison will be working at the cafeteria within 3 yrs.

lefty rugg

Morrison will be working at the cafeteria within 3 yrs.

lefty rugg

Morrison will be working at the cafeteria within 3 yrs


Spidey...there's always Joe Mahoney. Not too bad.

Marlin Fan

Like Mahoney , needs a legimate chance to see what he can do .... Went to to see a rare
marlin win last night . Nice overall performance (except for Quaills) , especially Fernandez and Stanton . You almost get that glimmer of hope sometimes lol.
I wouldn't count on Lomo for much . Basically his whole MLB career has been filled with injuries , he is talented ,but when your always hurt or out .......glad to see Lucas playing and Polanco sitting .

Stan M

Was that Morrison throwing a rather large bucket of water/Gatorade on the female reporter? If so, he should suffer the maximum fine possible because he now can't play because of his back. Now that, again if so, is an act of monumental stupidity. Hope you see this, Lou. It reinforces your stance of the past two years...and you know how I hate to admit that. Tell me it wasn't LoMO...please!
Last year we discussed the possibility that the team was losing sponsors. Doesn't it seem that there are an awful lot of "attendance type commercials" in place of those from outside source?

Mr Petersen

Yes ,Lomo is guilty of throwing the Gatorade on Allison Williams. Last nite after the game,Lomo practiced his stroke in his bathtub,while getting a deep tissue massage from one of his tweeps. He also bent over many times. Maybe his "tight back" was loosened up enough for todays game.


The Marlins should be looking to trade Stanton to a team with a stud, young first baseman. That is if they can't sign him longterm, which no one believes they can do. Fill needs. Mahoney has been injured just like LoMo. Wonder if Zach Cox can transition to first from third? He is playing well in the minors at third, but they have talking about Coghlan going to third to keep him in lineup when he returns. The front office has to be aggresive with their prospects to figure out what they have. Fernandez and Ozuna have been great and they initially didn't want to bring them up. Get Yelich and Marisnick up and lets start getting these guys playing time. The team already sucks to high hell. Nothing to lose. People want to see the young guys for hope in the future. Who wants to watch Polanco and Pierre?


Hard to believe that Lucas waited 10 years to get a chance to make the Big Leagues.
Solid reserve player that all teams need. Very pleasant surprise. Good for him and the Marlins. He is only 31 . Good for 5 more years.

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