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Marlins to work Coghlan at 3B, Ozuna in CF; McKeon recovering from successful heart bypass surgery

PHILADELPHIA -- Mike Redmond hasn't really had the chance to manage the team he thought he would have this season. But nearly 60 games in it appears he's getting a lot closer to it. 

With All-Star right fielder Giancarlo Stanton playing in his first rehab games Tuesday in Jupiter, first baseman Logan Morrison nearing the end of his rehab stint in Triple A New Orleans (it ends June 8th) and right-hander Nathan Eovaldi scheduled to make his third rehab start in Double A Jacksonville Tuesday, it's becoming more and more likely the Marlins could have as many as three huge pieces back on the team sometime next week when they return home from their current road trip.

In anticipation of those arrivals, Redmond said the Marlins will be working Chris Coghlan  at third base and rookie Marcell Ozuna in center and left. Coghlan, who has been red-hot at the plate, posting a .390 batting average with eight RBI since being inserted into the lineup on May 18th, said Tuesday he's been taking grounders in the infeld all season with infield coach Perry Hill before games and during batting practice in anticipation of a possible switch.

"Looking down the road we want to try to keep [Coghlan's] bat in there -- somewhere in that lineup," Redmond said. "That could be a spot where we could get him some at-bats. We're going to start working on that and then possibly moving Ozuna into a center lit bit, taking some fly balls in center and left for when Stanton gets here. We want to have some flexibility there. Now is the time to start moving guys around and preparing for these guys' arrival."

Coghlan hasn't played third base regularly since 2009 when he was in New Orleans, but said Tuesday the hot corner has always been his natural position. He played third for three seasons at Ole Miss and then his first year of rookie ball before the Marlins moved him to second. It wasn't until he got called up to the big leagues that Coghlan became an outfielder. Coghlan spent this past winter playing second base in the Dominican.

"I've played it longer than any other position by far," Coghlan said of third base. "Honestly I look at it only as a value. I saw what [Alfredo] Amezaga did, what [Emilio] Bonifacio did. You're just thinking you can help the team when you can play different spots. That's kind of how I envision myself -- to play wherever to get my bat in the lineup."

Ozuna has said in the past he has no problem playing center field and believes he has the speed to do it. He certainly has the arm. 

As for his bat, Coghlan said the change in his swing is simply "biomechanical."

"By the naked eye you wouldn't be able to tell," Coghlan said. "But anybody who sees slow motion film they would be able to tell. It's basically being ready to hit and smash a pitch every time. I'm slugging the baseball. My mindset is different."


Former World Series-winning manager Jack McKeon, 82, had successful heart bypass surgery on Monday and is recovering in the hospital.

"From what I've heard his surgery went well. It was a long day for him yesterday and the family," Redmond said. "All of us who have been around Jack are relieved his surgery was successful and that he's doing well. We just hope and wish him a speedy recovery. He's such a great guy. We miss Jack and can't wait for him to get back."

> How much time will Stanton need in rehab? "I don't know how many games it's going to take for him to feel like he can come up and play," Redmond said. "I'm hoping two."


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Gee, where is that MORON Frisaro now? He claimed that Coghlan is an outfielder and will always be one because that's what the Marlins envision him as.


Uh, oh. He's baaaack.


Redmond proved his managerial smarts by walking Galvis


Hey Alex...Frisaro is drinking with your buddy Stan M. discussing all their brilliant projections for the Marlins.


The Marlins are known for playing guys out of position and then paying for it later. Coghlan's shoulder injury resulted from having to move to CF and him trying to overcompensate for his infielder's arm. Although he has learned to play the outfield well and gets to a lot of balls, his arm is still an infielder's arm and he should have been given a shot at 2nd or 3rd a long time ago.

Same with Logan Morrison who was a horror show in LF; another guy who should never have been playing out of position and whose body broke down. Memo to the CHEAP Marlins: there's a REASON guys have been playing certain positions their whole lives; making guys play unfamiliar positions just because you are too cheap to go out and get a player to fill a need is bad for the team and bad for the player.


But hey, in a little while we will have Stanton back! Hopefully he will play well enough before the trade deadline to get traded to Detroit for some more Burke Badenhops and Andrew Millers!


Stan M? He's very happy and is probably now busy composing his next "Dear Mr. Loria" post. His last one was priceless: "Dear Mr. Loria, thank you for spending money in 2012...."

What a CROCK. The Marlins' needs were for a slugger and a bona fide closer...so Loria went out and got a slap hitting SS in Jose Reyes and a washed up fat boy reliever that even the Padres didn't want! Papelbon was available, Houston Street was available, Madsen was available...but Loria spent 27 million on Heath Bell. Before the season even started I said that I was unimpressed by those free agent signings, and man did I get RIPPED by geniuses like Frisaro & Stan M.

Loria spent the money on those guys because he KNEW they would not be the answer and he could then say "see? I spent a lot of money and it didn't work! I'm going back to being CHEAP."

And guys like Stan M write sickening crap like "Dear Mr. Loria".


Whoopee!!! Marlins and 62' Mets have same record after 59 games both 16-43...


This team will continue to suck until Loria sells them in 2016 when he can do so without splitting the profits with the City of Miami.

All of you who are holding your breath waiting for Yelich and the other minor leaguers to come here and join Ozuna & Stanton in saving this team are crazy. Good teams have a mix of young guys and veterans, and Loria will not spend any money on vets unless they are washed up guys like Kotchman and Polanco and Pierre. In fact, as the young players get good and start demanding MONEY (like Stanton), Loria will trade them.

The Marlins are fun to watch for one reason: you can say you watched all these great players when they just came up. Like Cabrera, for example. You can say you saw them get their start before they moved to on to their REAL major league team. That's what we will be saying someday about Stanton....


I can't wait to laugh at Stan M's upcoming posts about how SMART the Marlins would be if they trade Stanton. But hey, he's a great baseball mind, that Stan M. He watched Gil Hodges play! LMFAO

richard lee deanno

Dear Alex...Did they just let you out of the psyche ward?I was truly hoping that you were gone from this blog for good. Your constant boasting and ugly rants get old after about two sentences. As for Stan M., I would take over his opinion over yours any day.


just proves youre an idiot,too

richard lee deanno

Alex, FJeff, Frisaroito...use any name you want. We all know it's the same fruitcake posting under different names. And fortunately it looks like everyone but me has decided to simply ignore your psychotic ramblings, which is what I should have done. But the authorities have been notified in case it turns out that you got out by removing your straitjacket and slithering through the bars.


whatever blows up your skirt ,Kathy Lee

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