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Mike Redmond on his first ejection: "I could definitely be more animated"

EjectedSAN FRANCISCO -- One day after receiving his first ejection as a major league manager, Mike Redmond joked that he probably needs to work on his arguing "style." Redmond was tossed by first base umpire Mark Wegner after arguing a fan interference call even though he wasn't animated whatsoever while making his complaint. (Clearly, he uttered the magic word).

There was no arm waving. No finger pointing. No dirt kicking. No in-your-face, jaw-to-jaw screaming.

"I think we're all learning out here," Redmond said, prompting laughter with scribes during his daily pre-game session with media. "Probably some things I could have done differently. It could definitely be more animated. I know how to do that. I think the first one, maybe....I'll look at the video and pick it apart a little bit, and see if there's a better way to get my point across, that makes everybody happy."

Per protocol, Saturday's starting pitcher for the Marlins, Jacob Turner, was given the lineup card as a memento of his first major league hit. But Turner handed the card over to Redmond as a keepsake for his first ejection as manager (Redmond was ejected once as a player with the Minnesota Twins).

"I didn't realize guys would be that excited I got thrown out," Redmond said of Turner's gesture. "I mean, I would have done it 30 days ago if I would have known it was going to be so exciting for everybody."

Redmond continued: "I'm sure my ejections were better in the minor leagues, but nobody got to appreciate them because there were no fans in the stands. I think you've got to have your own style. I'm still working on it. I've got to find out what my style is."

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Marlins dont deserve any fans,loria is scum and if anyone goes to a game and gives yhat hustler a penny ur a fool


Sory, cant decade ur ncripshun.


dear Diary.. Went to get gas. Stopped on the way, hit a homer off of Heath Bell.

Stan M

Why are people bragging about hitting a HR off Heath Bell? After all, everyone and his uncle does it.

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